Life is Better with You

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Some Independence

Levi’s POV

“Morning Levi”, a hand tapping on my shoulder wakes me up. Charlotte is here with my breakfast.

" You slept in this morning!“, she smiles while sitting my bed up.

“Shit! Sorry!... I didn’t mean to”, I tell her.

Why did I sleep so late, I like to be dressed and my teeth brushed before she comes in. I am sure she does not care about what I look like, but I do. Especially in front of her.

I notice she is not wearing her signature tank top look today. She has got a light pink t-shirt on and tight-fitting grey sweatpants. Her dirty blonde hair is up on top of her head in a messy bun, it’s cute!

She notices I am a little upset,

" It’s no problem Levi, really! Plus, this is a big week for you so I’m happy you got some extra sleep”.

Charlotte starts setting my tray up in front of me while I am still in bed. Lately I have been up in my chair already for breakfast because it is easier for me to feed myself.

“A big week for me?“, I curiously ask her.

I can’t seem to get my hand to grab any of the food, usually Nate has done the massage therapy before getting me up. Charlotte starts massaging my arm and hand, focusing on my fingers, and helping me grasp my fork.

“Yes, it’s a big week”, she reminds me. ” You’re having an x-ray taken to make sure your fractures have healed enough, you’ll be custom fitted for your leg braces, and if all works out... we are going to get you practicing sitting up on your own!“.

She catches me staring off, “Is that ok?“, she looks at me, waiting for me to respond.

“Yeah, yeah, that sounds great”, I say with a little excitement in my voice.

I haven’t thought of sitting up on my own, I have only been able to lift my head, arms and mostly my right leg so far. My body has been lifted for me by the machine every time I am transferred out of bed or out of the chair, or to shower.

She squeezes my hand and smiles at me. I hadn’t noticed that my random thoughts caused my breathing to speed up.

" I’m going to have Nate come in and help you get dressed, then have the x-rays done”, she calmly says while squeezing my hand again, making sure I am ok before she leaves.

I am a little excited for this week, nervous as hell, but excited to start doing different things. The past three weeks have been slow, doing the same things every day, and I was starting to think I would never move forward.

After Nate got me dressed and the x-rays were taken, happy Sarah enters my room with a new wheelchair. She is so excited as she shows me that my new chair is electric. I can sit almost straight up in the chair now she tells me, and I can move my right hand enough now to maneuver myself around using the hand control.

This day just keeps on getting better and better, I think to myself.

I spend the rest of the day doing multiple therapy sessions and getting measured for my leg braces, but during my short down times, I am able to freely wheel around the place on my own. A little piece of independence has found its way back to me, and for the first time in three weeks I feel a hint of hope.

Charlotte helped me with dinner tonight and constantly praised me when I was able to feed myself with barely any help. I still need help grasping things, but Charlotte helped me understand how much of a big step this is for me, encouraging me to do more.

I cannot wait for Emma to see me this weekend. I am making progress now and I hope she will be just as excited for me as I am.

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