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Always On My Mind

Charlotte’s POV

It’s already Thursday, this week is flying, I think to myself as I hurry into my facility. Nate catches me at the front door.

“Oh, thank god I caught you right away Nate”, dropping papers everywhere, I look like a mess. Nate helps me gather the papers from the floor and looks at me puzzled.

“I’m so sorry to spring this up last minute, I wasn’t planning on going earlier, but now I have to get to an all-day conference at Mass General”, I apologize to him, but go on, “Are you alright to cover everything here today? I’ve got Kelly coming in to do some PT with my other patients, if you can just focus on Levi today?”

Nate nods, ” Yes of course, what should we work on today?“, he asks me.

“Try getting him to lift the 2lb weights with his right arm, you can try his left, but don’t push it, we know he will just be discouraged”, I instruct.

“And get him moving his legs with his new braces on, I’m heading in there now to make sure they fit before I leave for the day”. Nate accepts and continues to where he was heading before he saw me.

I walk into Levi’s room with the new leg braces, “Morning!“, I greet him.

He is dressed but still in bed, which works out better for me.

“Look what I’ve brought”, I show him.

“Great”, he says back sarcastically while rolling his eyes.

“Oh, I know what you’re thinking”, I fire back.

“These things are amazing! We have all this new experimental technology to make these specifically for you”, I cheerfully say to him, and continue on...“They are so light, you will hardly feel them on, the material molds and can be adjusted to perfectly fit your legs and feet, the only hard parts are the thin hinges that lock your knees and ankles in place when we want to lock them”, I keep smiling at him, showing my enthusiasm about them.

I know he doesn’t believe me when he presses his lips into a firm line and just looks at me. So, I bring the braces over and start placing them on his legs.

He looks down at them and bends his right knee a little sliding his heel up and down the sheets.

“Hmm... I guess you’re right “, he chuckles.

I am relieved that they fit properly and decide to tell him I am leaving for the day and will not be back until tomorrow.

Panic takes over his face as he quickly looks up at me.

” Why?” he asks.

I tell him the reason and then assure him that Nate will be doing all his therapy treatments today and that I will see him in the morning.

He looks down at his braces again and quietly says, “Okay”.

The rest of this day is dragging on, this conference is so long, and I catch myself feeling worried about Levi instead of paying attention to the monotone lady speaking on the stage.

I call Nate during my break to check in on everything. He sounds annoyed when he tells me that Emma called Levi to say she was not visiting until Monday now, and that Levi has been in a non-cooperative mood since. I apologize and thank Nate at the same time and promise to be back there in the morning.

This is not going to be good... there goes any chance of me paying attention to anything taught at this conference today.

I call to check in one more time before I can get any sleep. Sarah answers and lets me know Levi was too angry to eat tonight and nearly all but refused his shower, but was in bed sleeping now.

Ok, I can deal with that I try and convince myself. Tomorrow is a big deal, we are going to finally get him sitting up on the side of his bed, no machine to help.

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