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Road Trip

Charlotte’s POV

I hand Levi off to Nate to help get him and the wheelchair into the jeep while I packed a few backpacks with food and other things we might need.

I’m frantically rushing around trying to find everything, a blanket, baseball cap & sunglasses for disguise. I have a weird yet nervous sensation running through me. Why did I kiss him on his forehead? I’m afraid to know what he thinks about that after I saw the surprised look on his face. I just felt like I had to, in that moment his guard was up, trying to shield his pain and I needed to do something. My head tells me that wasn’t the right thing to do but my heart tells me otherwise. Just get to the jeep Charlie, stop over thinking this ...

Levi is sitting in the passenger side of the jeep, his chair in the back covered by a blanket. I hand him the hat and sunglasses which he gladly puts on. The last thing either of us want is for any photographers capturing any of this, it’s the reason he hasn’t left this building yet.

I hop in the driver’s seat and look over at him. He is uneasy about this I can tell; his knuckles are turning white from gripping the door.

" Don’t worry, as soon as we get around the corner, no one will assume you’re out driving around in a jeep”, I chuckle, trying to lighten his mood.

I sure hope I am right! I’ve only seen one or two photographers hanging around the front of the building lately, so the odds are in our favor.

We make it down the next street without anyone seeming to notice. It’s a gorgeous summer day so the top and windows are down. Levi’s arm is half over the door catching the wind with his hand and he looks content taking in all the sights.

He catches me smiling at him, so I quickly turn my eyes back to the road. I can feel my cheeks flush. This is not good Charlie, just focus on the road, I remind myself.

" Where are we going?“, he curiously asks me.

" We are heading South of Boston to one of my favorite places”, I gladly answer.

“Hmm”, Is all I hear him respond before looking out the window again.

This city really is beautiful if you don’t mind the traffic. Today is Sunday so the traffic is lighter than usual, and Levi’s eyes are gazing, taking in everything around us. I knew he needed this.

Our silent ride to Hingham was comforting. The fresh air, the new sights, just the fact that he was going for a drive seemed to take him away to some peaceful place in his mind. At times he would lean his head back against the head rest and just close his eyes. I wonder what he is thinking about. I can’t stop glancing over at him.

After about 30 minutes we arrived at the park entrance and pulled into a parking spot away from anyone. Lucky for us, there were not many cars here at all.

" We’re here”, I let him know, then grabbed the wheelchair from the back.

I help him swing his legs around and he grabs the back of my neck while I embrace his upper body, guiding him down into the wheelchair.

I grab the blanket from the back and stuff it into one of the backpacks then throw the pack over my shoulders. The other pack I hang on the back of his chair, and quickly turn him around to face the trail we are heading toward.

“World’s End”, he mumbles to himself as he reads the entrance sign.

He starts laughing, ” You brought me to a place called World’s End?“, laughing more now.

I let out a chuckle, “Yeah, I guess I did. Don’t worry, this place is beautiful and relaxing, you’ll love it”.

" And you’re going to push me down 4 miles of trails?“, he asks in a more apprehensive tone while pointing at the sign.

“Is this your workout routine for today?“, he adds.

“No, I’m not going to push you... I’m going to walk with you”, I say to him, then grab to hold his left hand, pulling him to wheel along next to me.

He looks up at me with surprise and confusion.

" Well come on, we’ve got a long workout ahead of us”, I giggle.

" Yeah, relaxing she says... I’ll love it she says”, Levi sarcastically mocking me and laughs.

He squeezes my hand and lets me pull him next to me while he pushes the right wheel, and we head together down the carriage path.

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