Life is Better with You

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Charlotte’s POV

I’m so delighted that Levi enjoyed the park today. I knew it was something he needed, but I didn’t expect that it would go as well as it did.

He was smiling.... a lot! and laughing! I’ve seen him smile a few times since he’s been here but never laugh, I mean belly aching, wanting to roll on the ground kind of laughing.

And he felt comfortable enough to joke around with me. I was amazed that he let me see that side of him, part of his true personality, the part he wasn’t afraid of showing before the accident.

I wish I could get him to let go of all that anger and fear he’s suppressing and help him realize all these obstacles are not what’s holding him captive.

There is just something about him pulling me in closer, wanting to be here for him in a way that I’ve never felt before. Sure, his incredibly handsome face and perfectly sculpted body would attract anyone to him, but it’s more than that. It’s how natural it feels to hold his hand, how it upsets me when he’s upset or how I feel happy when he is happy. The way his accent makes his voice sound softer when he talks with me and how his blue-green eyes have a way of telling me that he needs me. I’m starting to feel like I may need him too, it’s hard to describe.

I know I shouldn’t have any of these feelings at all. He is my patient, and he is here so I can help him walk out of this place and return to his famous life in London.

I need to stop drifting off into my own world, aimlessly walking the hall...Wake up Charlie!... He’s an actor for Christ’s sake. Why would he see me for anything other than his therapist?

I need a distraction, so I head to my office to finish some paperwork. This will keep me busy for a while. I sit down at my desk and open a drawer to look for a pen. Instead, I find an empty journal I bought a few weeks ago. I wonder if this journal could help Levi. He is so guarded all the time, maybe writing down his thoughts might help.

I open the first page and decide to jot down my favorite inspirational quote. I will leave the journal on his nightstand for him to find after he’s done in the hot tub.

Not two minutes after, I’m startled by my phone ringing.

" Hello?”

" Charlie, it’s mom”, a hysterical voice cries out.

" Mom, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“You need to get down here, your father has had a heart attack! He’s on his way into surgery now”, she cries.

I hang up and immediately go online to find the quickest flight out of Logan. I make a few phone calls and rush out to find Nate.

“Nate!” I yell out to him, practically sprinting down the hall.

“Charlie? Are you ok?” Nate nervously asks.

" I have an unexpected family emergency, I’m flying to North Carolina in forty-five minutes”, I tell him.

Before I give him time to respond, I start spitting out instructions and let him know I’ve called Kelly to help him do all the therapy treatments this week.

He looks at me worried but then assures me he will hold the fort down while I’m gone.

“Great! I can always count on you”, I say before turning towards the door.

“Oh ... one more thing... can you please give this to Levi for me?“, handing him the journal.

“I’ll call you when I get there”, I tell him, then run out the door.

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