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A Perfect Date

Levi’s POV

I try my best to stay in a good mood the rest of the week. I feel like I am treading water, making sure I don’t say or do the wrong thing. I wish I could take back all those things I confessed to her, but I can’t, so instead I keep apologizing to her every chance I get.

Since Charlotte is the most understanding person that I know, she just repeatedly reminds me of how proud she is of me for telling her how I feel.

How can anyone be lucky enough to deserve someone like her, especially someone like me? I am grateful that I have Jake to talk to about everything with. He helps put things in perspective for me and tries to make me realize that I can be with her if I just let go of my fear. I need to stop being such a jerk all the time and start treating her the way she deserves to be treated.

Charlotte comes to get me from the gym after Nate finishes with my therapy. We walk together back to my room and she tells me that we need to pack since we are leaving tomorrow.

" I would like to take you out to dinner tonight ... well you would be physically taking me out, but I would like for us to go on a date”, I beam at her.

My hands fidgeting, nervously waiting for her to answer me. I hope she says yes, I really need to show her that we can go out and do things like a normal couple, not just her taking care of me all the time.

She smiles at me with those captivating multi-colored eyes of hers and speaks in the most endearing tone, “I would love that”.

I open my arms to her and pull her into me. I kiss her sweet lips before she breaks away and starts walking me towards the bathroom.

“Take a shower while I pack your bag, then we will bring your stuff to my place so that I can take a shower before we go out”, she instructs.

I pause to look at her for a moment.

" We will stay at my place and get a ride to the airport from there tomorrow”, she explains.

" And please don’t be mad, but we need to take your wheelchair on the trip with us tomorrow, so we need to bring it with us tonight.... you don’t have to use it on our date though if you don’t want to”, she timidly states.

“No, it’s fine, I will take you out in my wheelchair tonight”, I say which completely surprises her.

She kisses me on my cheek and leaves me to shower.

I ask her if I can take my wheelchair up to her apartment when we get there. She gives me another surprised look, then smiles and agrees. I don’t want her to have to walk me around everywhere or worry about me being stuck sitting in one place while she gets ready. This is my chance to show her I can do things for her.

“Make yourself at home while I get ready”, she says to me, leaving me in the living room as she heads for the shower.

Usually, I’m stranded on the couch waiting for her to help me walk to a different room, but this time I am glad I took my chair, I move about freely and get a better look at her home. It’s simply decorated; I see she likes candles too. There is a small corner table in the living room with pictures of her family and a picture of her with two of her friends. Besides furniture, she really doesn’t have much else to clutter her place with. She probably feels she doesn’t need much because she spends all her time at the rehab center, which makes me a little sad for her. I hope I can be the one to make her happy outside of work.

“Ready?” I hear her voice.

I turn around to face her. She is wearing dark tight-fitting jeans that hug her curves and a pale blue blouse. Her long wavy dirty blonde hair hanging down over her shoulders.

“You look beautiful!“, I tell her.

“I’m only in jeans and a shirt”, she smirks.

“I know, but you are still beautiful”, I reassure her.

She grabs my hand and leads me outside.

“Burr, it’s cold”, she says and rubs her arms.

“Do you want my jacket?” I offer her.

“No, it’s fine, the restaurant is just around the block”, she says and then grabs my hand again.

I roll along beside her, grabbing her hand tighter as she shivers. Why didn’t she take her jacket? I should have reminded her.

We quickly arrive at a small Italian place hidden between two large brick buildings. Inside is warm, only a few small tables with burgundy tablecloths. Murals of Little Italy across the walls. I like it, it’s quaint.

“Do you want to stay in your wheelchair or sit in a regular seat at the table?“, she looks down and asks me.

Not sure what I should do, I am trying not to make her do any work for me, but I would really like to sit in a regular seat.

“Could you walk with me to a regular seat?” I ask her with a shaky voice.

“Of course!” She smiles, then unexpectedly leans down, and kisses my lips before helping me to stand.

Our arms wrap around each other’s side, and I pull her closer into me so I can kiss her cheek.

We sit at a small table in the corner. There are only two other couples here which makes me feel more comfortable.

Dinner was excellent and we talked the entire time. We mostly talked about her though, which was my intent. There was a lot about her I didn’t know. I learned that she played sports in college, her friend Jen taught her how to drive a stick in a cemetery when she was fourteen, she is afraid of swimming in the ocean, and she has never had a best friend because she likes being friends with everyone.... I can totally picture that. I got a buzz off watching her face light up as she spoke about every fond memory she has. Getting to know more of her tonight made me realize how self-absorbed I have been.

When we talked about me, I made sure it had nothing to do with my accident or disability. I told her about all the trouble my friends and I got into when we were kids, told her how I grew up hanging around with my cousins since I was an only child, and how I first got into acting.

We laughed and joked around with each other while we ate our food. For a moment we were a normal couple enjoying a normal date.

When it was time to leave, I gave her my jacket, insisting she wear it on our walk back.

We hung out the rest of the night on her couch, watching comedies, eating popcorn, and laughing some more. I am addicted to hearing her laugh now. She has been happy and carefree all night. I love this side of her! I love every side of her, but this one reminds me how absolutely perfect she really is and how lucky I am that she wants me here with her. This has been a perfect date.

I use my chair to get to the bathroom and get ready for bed. My mouth almost drops to the floor when I wheel into the bedroom and see her standing there wearing only a long grey t-shirt.

My heart starts racing as I quickly get myself to sit on the edge of the bed. Charlotte doesn’t hesitate and climbs on top of me, her knees on the bed, her thighs straddling mine. I grab her hips, holding her close to me and she combs her fingers through my hair. I can feel the heat from her body and see the fire in her eyes. Her touch sends a quivering sensation throughout my body.

I cannot hold it in any longer. I need her. I want her... all of her. I want her laughing, her crying, her smiles, her caring, her stubbornness, the way she believes in me... all of it!

I take hold of her face with my hands and kiss her soft lips with fervency. She digs her fingers into my back and I almost lose control. A magnetic force keeps our lips moving together. I never want to let her go.

" I love you Charlotte”, I profess, in between breaths as I continue to capture her lips.

“I love you Levi”, she whispers back.

We lay back on the bed, our bodies entwined by lust and she gives herself to me. Our passion is strong, and it feels like we are making love for the first time.

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