Changing Rose

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Moving to a new country takes its toll on a lot of people and it was no different for the seventeen-year-old, Rosalyn Aldaine. The seventeen-year-old had to give up her life and move to John's Creek, Georgia to attend Northview highschool. Attending the school she encounters challenges that dictate her life and it changes her. She is the kindest, sweetest, and the most forgiving person you'll ever meet, her smile and light brown skin make you fall in love with her and that's exactly what a lot of persons have done. To everyone, she's unproblematic, happy, and perfect. To herself, she's annoying, depressed, imperfect, and too skinny. Her slim features are easily mistaken for being anorexic which only adds to her description. She's broken and there's no one to pick up the pieces ... she thinks. That's until Cameron King comes along on that very first day of school and he turns her life upside down with pranks and random kisses, she thinks that everyone will leave her at some time, but will she let Cameron into her heart along with the other friends she's made? 'Everyone has something going on in their life,' She says and Cameron King fits the description. What is the egotistical bad boy hiding? And will it be the end of them? This book contains important problems such as loving yourself, skinny-shaming, loving&forgiving others, anger issues, depression.

Romance / Adventure
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Later on, a part of me wished I had disagreed with my mother, resulting in us not coming here, which would again result in me not meeting him; not meeting Cameron King. That very smirk was where it all began; where my life had completely changed.

Because of that damn smirk.

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