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Elves have always been creatures of fantasy; made up for movies, books, and even video games. But what would happen if you found out they actually existed? Just imagine watching TV and a news report comes on saying they found a real-life elf baby. Well, this is that story. This story follows the life of the only elf living in the modern-day. This story is full of humorous, awkward, even some dramatic situations. You get to watch as he grows up, makes friends, even falls in love. This is the first novel I have ever written. I really hope you enjoy it, and tell me what you think.

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Elves are real?

Deep within the Amazon Rain Forest, hundreds of miles from the closest city. An explosion goes off sending all the forest's creatures scattering in fear. Far beneath the surface, a cloud of smoke and debris fill a corridor of an ancient sunken temple.
As the cloud slowly begins to dissipate, a group of long time-friends cautiously make their way up the corridor. This group consists of three men and an obviously pregnant looking woman that is following a few feet behind.

The tallest and most muscular of the men, Carl is walking slightly ahead of the others coughing and waving the remaining cloud away. Behind him, the other two men both slim in stature, one with glasses named Johnathan and one without named Harold, illuminated the way ahead with flashlights. Johnathan glances back to Amber, the pregnant woman, to see if she's okay. She gives him a reassuring smile and nod letting him know she is fine.

In front of them, a massive hole is blown into one of the walls. The remnants of an ornate mural can be seen surrounding the outer edges of the hole. Filling the hole itself is unnatural darkness. Even the bright beams from the flashlights can't seem to penetrate this void of blackness.

Carl hesitantly reaches out with one hand and slowly moves forward. His fingertips meet the darkness and slowly sink into it like tar. Moving on its own, the blackness quickly begins to envelop his hand, searing his skin with extreme heat.

He winces as he jerks his hand free and quickly backs away. The blackness ripples angrily for a few seconds before returning to normal. The rest of the group hastily make their way up to him checking to see if he is okay. They all watch as his hand that is riddled with third-degree burns slowly heals before their eyes. Once healed, he opens and closes his hand looking at each side perplexed by what happened.

A small disagreement takes place between Harold and the Amber. Harold believes that continuing is too dangerous and they should just leave. Amber gets upset and disagrees saying that they have spent close to a decade trying to find this place. Unable to come to agreement, they both look to Carl.

He just stares at them both briefly, contemplating what to do next. They both make valid points, but he wants to get inside probably more than any of them. He then turns and looks back at the blackness as it begins to undulate menacingly. It's almost like it knows what he's thinking and threatening him to stay away.

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to build up all the courage he has inside. Finally, without warning, he steps forward. Everyone could only watch in horror hearing the sizzling of his flesh and his groans of pain as he quickly becomes enveloped. Once completely absorbed by the blackness it immediately stops moving.

The nauseating smell of burnt flesh and hair filled the corridor. The rest of the group just stood silently unsure of what to do. They had no idea if he was still alive. They knew if anyone was able to survive something like that, it would be him. Several nerve-wracking minutes pass making the men start to panic. Amber just stood silently staring at the blackness as her eyes began to fill with tears.

Suddenly, the blackness began undulating violently once again. They all turn to look with hope on their faces. Amber quickly grabs Jonathan’s hand and makes them both back away. They aren’t sure what might happen, or what might be coming out of the blackness.

Almost a minute goes by before the undulating finally stops. Everything goes quiet, even the group seemed to stop breathing. Another grueling couple of seconds go by before the blackness begins melting away. It slowly began running downward, disappearing into the stone floor.
As more and more of it melted away the big man's smoking motionless form is revealed to them. Every bit of hair is scorched off, and every bit of skin not covered by clothes is riddled with gruesome burns. The strange thing is his clothes seem to be completely unaffected.

Johnathan hesitantly steps forward and places a hand on Carl's shoulder to see if he is okay. He instantly jerks it away with a wince feeling the intense heat coming from his body. It wasn't hot enough to harm him, but it was hot enough to scare him.

Worried about him, Amber also steps forward asking if he is okay. He doesn't respond, he just continues to stare forward into the room motionless. Afraid the worst has happened to him; tear runs down her cheek. She asks if he is okay taking another step closer reaching out to him.

Suddenly, just like before, the burns on his body magically began to heal and his hair started growing back. Amber gasps in relief as her breath returns to her and a smile forms on her face. At the same moment, this begins to happen one of one of his hands raises and points to the room in front of him.
Amber grabs his other hand as they turn their attention to the room. Awestruck, their eyes widen at the sight of a massive grand hall. All the walls, pillars, and even the floor seem to be made of pure white stone, inlaid and bound with silver or white gold.

Filling the room with barely any space to walk are mounds of various coins and other treasures. Hundreds of human-sized statues line the walls clad with ornate suits of highly polished silver and blue armor. Between each statue built into each wall is floor to ceiling bookshelves full of books, scrolls, and other forms of writings.

Lastly, in the very center of the room is a large, raised dais with stairs leading up each side. Lying at the very top of the dais looks at be an intricate and highly polished chrome sarcophagus. The metal it is made from looked flawless, amorphous, alien-like. Wrapped around the outside where the seal would be is a wide crimson silk ribbon. Inscribed along the center of the ribbon in golden filigree is a phrase in an ancient unknown language.

Everyone begins to make their way inside cautiously, afraid that there may be more traps. Johnathan and Harold spread out to begin investigating the mounds of treasures and bookshelves. Amber and Carl ignore the temptations of the treasures, and head straight for the sarcophagus in the middle.

As they begin to get closer to the sarcophagus and the dais, they notice a few strange things about it. Unlike the rest of the room that has a thick layer of dust covering it. The sarcophagus is completely clean, along with about a foot of space on the dais surrounding it. Also, even though the chrome-like metal the sarcophagus is looks highly reflective, it doesn't seem to be picking up any of the images around the room.

Just before they take their first step up to the sarcophagus, Carl grabs hold of her wrist to stop her. He tells her she should wait at the bottom of the steps and let him check it out. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her, or the babies growing inside her. She nods in agreement.

Carl turns hesitantly makes his way up the steps still expecting a trap to spring out at any moment. With one hand on her stomach, Amber watches him nervously as he slowly takes one step at a time. Suddenly, she begins to hear an unintelligible whispering and feels unnatural draw beckoning her to come closer. Nervously she calls out to Carl as he reaches the top overlooking the sarcophagus.

He ignores her and looks down upon the sarcophagus perplexed. The temperature just around the sarcophagus feels to have dropped significantly causing goosebumps to immediately form on his skin. Even though he is standing beside it, the chrome-like metal isn't picking up his reflection.

Still skeptical of traps Carl nervously reaches out and gently runs his hand across the top. His hand slides across it effortlessly, like it was just gliding through the air. The metal was ice cold and completely frictionless. He walked around it examining it trying to read the inscription on the ribbon. The words were in a language he knew very well but the words were jumbled in such a way it made no sense to him.

After his thorough inspection, he began trying to open it. Everything he tried failed. The metal was so slick that he could not get any sort of grip on it. After a bit, he figures the ribbon might somehow be magically sealing it. So, he tries to remove the ribbon. Once again, he failed. He tried to rip, pull, and even cut it with his knife, still leaving the ribbon unharmed.

Stubborn and not willing to give up, he calls the other two guys over to help him. They tried everything as well, short of blowing it open with explosives. It just seemed impossible; this sarcophagus was not meant to be opened. Frustrated and tired, they finally give up.

The men begin spreading out once again to examine the rest of the room. Still hearing the whispering and feeling the draw to the sarcophagus, Amber begins making her way up the steps. Once beside it, the whispering becomes slightly more audible.

It two was in a language she knew. But it was spoken in such a way she didn’t understand what it was saying. There were three words that were constantly being repeated: fate, love, and him. She hesitates and looks over at the men to see if they heard the voice, but it doesn't seem like it.

Just as she looks back to the sarcophagus, she sees a woman’s reflection looking back at her. This female has an unnatural beauty about her. Her skin is pale and flawless looking like its completely formed of porcelain. Her eyes were almond-shaped, and the irises were a bright turquoise that seemed to have a slight glow to them. Her long flowing hair is pure white topped with a diamond-encrusted white gold tiara. It matched perfectly with the radiant white fabric of her dress. The last unique feature about this woman was her ears, they were tall and pointed like a knife. Each of the points of her ears was capped with more white gold and diamond jewelry.
The reflection reaches out with one hand like it is pressed up against the mirrored metal.

Matching the reflection, Amber reaches out to touch the reflection's hand. Just as soon as her hand meets the cold metal, a sharp excruciating pain hits her stomach. She cries out in pain and falls against the sarcophagus bracing herself with both hands.

Hearing Amber's cry of pain, the guys quickly turn just in time to see her hands meld into the sarcophagus. The metal slowly begins creeping up her wrists and forearms just like the black ooze did to Carl. Luckily for her, the metal was not causing her any pain. It just felt like she had her hands in ice water.

The pain in her stomach surged once again causing her to fall against the metal. The pain was so intense it felt like one of the babies inside of her was trying to reach out through her stomach.

Carl calls out to her, as all three men panic and hastily make their way over to help her. Just as they reach the bottom step of the dais a reddish pulse of energy bursts outward from the sarcophagus. The energy passes through Amber and blows each of the men and any treasure nearby across the room.
Amber's pain finally subsides as she leans against the sarcophagus catching her breath. The guys slowly sit up groaning in pain and look towards Amber. The golden writing on the ribbon is now glowing, brightly illuminating the area surrounding the sarcophagus.

Then the ribbon slowly starts to disintegrate, and the metal begins to liquefy once again releasing her hands. She pulls her hands free as she stands checking to see if they are okay. They are both unharmed without a sign of them ever being trapped.

Suddenly, the lid of the sarcophagus begins melting away flowing down each side. The men stand once again to make their way over to her. More concerned for Amber and the babies inside her, Carl runs up to see if they are okay. Amber assures him she is fine.
They all then turn their attention to the sarcophagus as the lid continues to melt away. A strong cool smell of mint fills the air as the center of the lid opens revealing its contents to them.

Inside, the walls and base are lined with pure white satin bedding. All of them were expecting to see either a mummified or decayed corpse of some royal figure. But to their surprise, lying inside was a baby in pristine condition, without any signs of aging or decay.

The baby was wrapped in a blanket made of the same white material that was lining the inside. Written across the seams of the blanket in gold filigree was more of the unique language. They all were stunned by what they saw. This wasn't an ordinary human baby; this baby was something else.
Just like the reflection of the woman in white that Amber saw. This baby had all the same unique features. The baby's skin was flawless and porcelain-like, almost albino in color. Its hair was slightly different instead of being pure white in color, it was more of a platinum white. It even had the same knife-like ears, just not as tall.

"Is this, an elf?" Harry asks as he looks at Carl then to the rest of them.

Carl shrugs with uncertainty as Johnathan and Amber are unsure as well. It looks exactly like the ones from movies and books, but they all believed that elves were made up. After a couple of minutes Amber says that they should check and see if it is alive, Carl agrees.

Carl then turns back to the sarcophagus. As he leans down to pick it up, he notices something sticking up from under the blanket by the baby's neck. It was the chain of a necklace. He gently pulls the necklace out revealing a small unique amulet. Half of the amulet was made of yellow gold in the shape of a sun with a man's face. The other half was silver in the shape of a crescent moon with a female's face hugging the outside of the sun.

Suddenly, he feels a gentle breath from the baby on his fingers. The baby is alive, but sleeping. He lowers the necklace back down and carefully reaches in to grab the baby, hoping to not disturb its slumber.

He wasn't gentle enough as the baby begins to stir. Its body tenses and its mouth opens wide as it lets out the cutest squeak of a yawn. Then its eyes open revealing the most beautiful radiant emerald-green eyes. They connect with Carl's and begin to glow slightly. The baby and Carl both stare at each other briefly then it smiles warmly and lets out a soft coo.
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