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My Fate Series: Book 1

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My name is Katie. I am 15 1/2 years old an am 5'2" tall. with long black hair that almost touches the ground. I have two older brothers. I was woken up by my bed being tipped over and my brother Justin dragged me by my foot down the stairs. He didn't care if I got hurt. Once in the kitchen he kicked stomped on my stomach. He said bitch for not being up to cook our breakfast you will stay home from school and clean this packhouse from top to bottom. He continued to kick and punch me until there was blood coming from my mouth and nose and a cut on my head. I saw my older brother William walk into the kitchen yelling enough. Justin said you need to make her get up in time to make our breakfast. He got up and shoved William away. William walked over and helped me up. He said I just don't understand why he keeps taking his anger out on you. He helped me clean up and then told me to get breakfast on the table and he walked out of the room. I have not been abused by anyone but my brother Justin at the pack house. Most of the pack members treat me well. I am a loner at school but have two good friends. I am a quiet shy girl who loves to read books.

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Chapter 1: Sara

My name is Sara I will be turning 17 years old in two months. That is when I will find my mate and change into my wolf. I am the only sister of Justin and William. They are very protective of me since our parents were killed in a car wreck.

You see, I almost died with them but I was thrown from the car. I want to become a warrior just like my mother was. I like nothing better than exercising. I practice my fighting skills daily and enjoy kickboxing. I am a bit of a rebel and badass. What my brothers don’t know is that I am their favorite kickboxer. I go by the name Zena and wear a mask in the ring. I am also a street car racer.

My two friends know what I do as they both street race as well. They don’t kickbox but my best male friend is a fighter. I have a lot of money in a savings account that my brother’s do not know about. I am what you could say a multi-millionaire. I am not bullied as I will kick anyone’s ass that tries. My brother’s girlfriends are nice but Justin’s is sort of a slut.

My Alpha, Chris Alexander is HOT! He has that curly hair and sexy brown eyes I am drawn to but I try to stay away from him. I was on my way out the door to meet my friends When my aunt called. She stated she was coming in one month so she could be here to support me for my transformation to my wolf.

My aunt is one badass female and you never want to get on her bad side. She is a wolf and in a motorcycle gang. I used to spend once a month with her and her gang members. They are also very protective of me. I am called their little badass as they are all bigger than I am. I looked up and my two beasties just pulled up to pick me up for school. Mike whistled and Donna hit him just as he said you can wrap those legs around me any time.

I was wearing a mini skirt and crop top. Just as Mike said those words, Alpha Chris’s head whipped around and I heard a soft growl. Now, why would Alpha Chris growl at Mike I said to myself. "He then said to me you should go change into something that doesn’t show as much skin and walked away with his girlfriend."

Mike and Donna said what was that about? You would think he was your mate the way he growled and said you should change. "I shrugged my shoulders and said don’t know and don’t care." I then jumped into the car and screamed lets hit the road and get to the hell school. I told Mike and Donna my aunt, Cammy was coming to stay in a month. Said she wanted to be here to support me when I transition into my wolf.

I said s"he sounded kind of concerned." They are excited to see my aunt as they love her as much as I do. We just arrived at school and jumped out of the car and headed to the door when Alpha Chris stopped me. He said I thought I told you to change. His girlfriend, Regina looked at me funny and then said, "why do you care what she wears?"

Alpha Chris looked at her and said "I don’t but her brothers would throw a fit if they saw how short that skirt was and then he turned and walked away." Mike said "what is up with your Alpha?" I swear he is acting really weird as we walked to our lockers. My cousin Karen ran up to us at the lockers and was talking so fast we had to shake her. "What are you yelling about" I asked?

She said "a new pack moved next to us and they are called The Red Moon Pack and they are starting school today." She said dam they have some nice looking guys. she looked over my shoulder and said "Hot sexy guys behind you and the one looks like he can’t keep his eyes off of you Sara." I said right and then turned and shut my locker door just as a hand shoved my back against the locker with two hands on each side of my head.

I slowly looked him up and down and I must say I find him attractive. He says what is your name? "I said not telling you now get the fuck out of my way." I ducked under his arms and we all took off running to our first class. Looking behind me I saw them standing there especially the one who asked my name with a shit eating grin on his face.

Alpha Zander looked at his Beta and second in command and said "I will have her as my mate." and his Beta said "she would make a good Luna and besides we could look at her legs all day long." Alpha Zander growled and said no you won’t. He said "I need to find out what her name is so get on it."

Beta Tim grinned and said "he would see what their new classmates tell him about her." He went off to his first class and when he entered the room the sluts were all smiling at him waiting to see where he sat so they could sit next to him. When Karan Roger’s walked into the room. He sniffed and was aware she was his mate but she saw the girls around him and walked over to the windows ignoring him.

He mine linked his Alpha and told him he found his mate. He explained that she ignored him and he doesn’t understand why. He went to sit next to his mate when two sluts grabbed his arms trying to drag him to another seat. He growled and they dropped his arms. He said, “do not touch what is not yours ever”. He then walked over and sat next to Robin.

He started to engage her in conversation and said, weren’t you one of the girls standing by the lockers when my Alpha was trying to get that girl’s name? She grinned and said, "I sure was and no, I won’t tell you her name." My wolf said Spitfire, I like a spitfire. She is not going to make it easy for us is she. "I said no, she isn’t but that’s ok, she is worth fighting for and I am glad she is not making it easy for us." I looked at my mate through the side of my eye and noticed that she is very beautiful.

I can’t wait to mark her and make her ours. The girl in front of me turned around and said, "you were with the other hot guy who shoved Sara against the locker." I grinned saying to myself, so her name is Sara, I said "what’s her last name." The slut shrugged and said, Dalla. She has two older brothers who are very protective of her. Sara’s older brother is the Head Warrior, and her brother Justin is second in command of the Blue Moon Pack.

She is also not one to take shit off of anyone so have fun getting to know her. She turned around and I mind linked my Alpha her name. He said thanks now we need to find out as much information as we can about her. He mine linked that he would see me at lunch. I tell you it helps to be hot because that makes it easy to get information from the sluts.

I came out of my thoughts when I heard a slam next to me. I saw my mate slam her chair against the wall and grab the slut in front of her by her hair pulling her out into the hallway. She was screaming something about how she told the slut that she was going to rip her head off her shoulders if she said one more thing about her cousin’s. The teacher was trying to pull them apart as my mate was kicking the sluts ass.

She did a roundhouse kicking the slut right in her jaw. The slut went down and my mate was throwing some wicked punches. I ran over and grabbed my mate pulling her off the slut. My mate tried to kick me and throw her head back to head butt me. I got her calmed down and she yelled "don’t touch me." The teacher told my mate she had detention after school.

She went in and grabbed her stuff giving the teacher a finger as she went out the door. I could have sworn I saw a shit eating grin on her face as she walked out that door. I thought I am going to have my hands full with her. She will make a good Beta female. She is a fighter and doesn’t take shit off anyone.

But I can’t understand why she would tell me not to touch her. I know she knows she is my mate. The bell rang and I got my stuff and walked to my locker. I met Alpha Zander, and our second in command Caiden and our Head warrior, Ryker Brandon, and headed into the cafeteria for lunch.

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