My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 10: Sara's Aunt's arrival

I was just getting home from school and got out of my car when I heard the roar of bike engines. I saw my aunt Cammy and her gang pulling up to the packhouse. I ran over and hugged my aunt and the rest of the club members. "Cammy said I told you we would be here for you on your birthday and transformation, and here we are." I said your rooms are ready, and I don’t have to show you where they are. I told her everyone else is outback getting ready for the party, but we have time to talk. I told her everything that has been happening and as I started to tell her about Alpha Chris a few of the gang members walked and sat down.

We were talking when the front door slammed open. My aunt jumped up shoving me behind her. "Alpha Chris walked in and the first thing he said was where is that little bitch?" My aunt looked him up and down, and said what little bitch are you talking about? "He said Sara, I am tired of telling her to stop going to Alpha Drake’s territory and now she will be punished." Her members said you have to go through us to get to her. They are all she-wolves and have protected me since I was born. Aunt Cammy said are you her mate? "He stopped in his tracks and said no, but she will obey me." She then said really, because you sound like a mate who doesn’t want his mate around other males that are not mated.

She told him to leave because the only one by pack law that can punish her for going to a friend when she is not supposed to are her guardians. She then looked at him and said, besides her brothers we are her guardians and we will not punish her for going to a friends territory. Now leave. He left slamming the door and I looked at my girls. "I looked at Sara and said what is up with Alpha Chris?" I said I don’t know. Since a new pack moved in, and Alpha Darke returned home, he has been like this towards me. Ask my brothers. She said we will do just that. She said anyway tonight is the party and we want you to go get ready it is in 5 hours. We are going out, we have somethings we need to do. As they were leaving they said love you baby girl. I yelled love you guys too and went to my room.

I went to my room thinking of Alpha Drake as I relaxed in the tub of vanilla bath water. I can’t wait to see him again. I know that he is not my real mate but I wish he was. I know that he has a second chance mate somewhere. I also thought about how much I wish my parents could be here tonight. My aunt reminds me so much of mom. I am happy that she has always been there for me. She and her club members. I heard my friend Donna yelling for me to get out of the tub and get ready.

As I looked in the mirror I could not believe this was me. I looked sexy. Donna said, dear lord if I wasn’t straight I would go for you. My aunt and brothers were yelling for me to get downstairs. As I walked down the stairs my brother’s mouths dropped open. Even Justin was amazed. He said you look really beautiful today. Bill said I can’t believe you are grown up. "Mom and dad would be so proud of you today." Aunt Cammy and the girls said better be glad the boys aren’t here our you would not be leaving the house unescorted. Aunt Cammy and the girls came forward with a gift and gave it to me. I started to tear up and told them they did not have to do this. Yes, we did they all said at once. I turned around and my Aunt Cammy put the necklace around my neck. I thanked them for being there for me when I needed them. They all kissed me and headed for the door.

I took both my brothers arms and we walked out of the door to the party. My brothers walked me up to the stage and welcomed everyone to my party and hoped they had a good time. I noticed Alpha Chris, and Alpha Drake standing there, Alpha Chris then looked away but Alpha Drake walked up to me took my hand bent down and kissed my cheek and said I always knew you would grow to be a very beautiful woman. Happy birthday and then he said I have a gift for you but you have to come to the packhouse to get it this weekend ok? I smiled and said anything for you. My face turning red. He then said go have fun. He then turned and started walking towards my aunt. Donna and Mike pulled me onto the dance floor.

Alpha Zander and his beta stepped forward wishing me happy birthday. We saw the man ask for Sara. As she walked to him he handed her the letter and keys to the motorcycle. She read the letter and looked at me. I was grinning. I said aren’t you going to go look at it? She grabbed her aunts hand and ran to the front of the packhouse. She was jumping for joy and gave me a hug. Sara then said I can’t accept that. I said done deal, the title is already in your name. I then kissed her cheek and walked back to the party.

Alpha Chris looked at his beta Andy who said, who knew how beautiful Sara was if she put a dress on and wore make-up? "Alpha Chris said it doesn’t matter, I still don’t want her. I want my girlfriend and she will be marked and mated by me tonight." Beta Andy said you aren’t going to do that to Sara today when she gets her wolf. You could kill her. Alpha Chris said I don’t care. I looked at him and said with her Aunt Cammy here? You do know the club members will kill you for hurting her. Let them try Alpha Chris said. "Alpha Zander spoke up behind them and said why keep it a secret what you plan tell everyone right now." It is none of your business stay out of it.

I was talking with Aunt Cammy when she said to go behind the tree get out of your dress and put the gown on we put there for you. Donna go help her it is almost midnight. I walked out from behind the tree when I felt the first pain. My brothers came running over along with Alpha Zander and Alpha Drake. I fell to the ground. So much pain when it seemed after several hours I felt the first of my bones starting to break. At that time Alpha Chris slowly walked away and pulled his girlfriend away and they went into the house.

Just as the last bone fell into place my wolf appeared and started to talk to me. She was sad. She said I talked to our mate and his human doesn’t want us. His wolf is angry He said his human plans on marking, mating, and making his girlfriend the Luna. I went behind the tree and changed back into my clothes. As I came out I sniffed the air and noticed Alpha Chris standing beside my brothers. I walked up and said to him lets get this over with. "He said what are you talking about?" I said you are my mate and she told me that your wolf told her that you plan on marking, mating and making Tara the Luna of this pack. "I know you are my mate." My brother Justin yelled stop making a full of yourself and go to your room we know that Tara is his mate and not you. "Cammy yelled at Justin and said, You know that he is Sara’s mate but you don’t care." Cammy came up and slapped Justin and told him if you believe that you’re a fool. "Alpha Zander walked up and said I know she is his mate I heard him to Beta Tim he doesn’t want her but he can’t reject her because rouges will take over his pack."

"I then said, I sister of William and Justin reject you Alpha Chris as my Alpha and mate now and forever. I said I will be leaving this packhouse and going to live at Alpha Drake’s packhouse." "Alpha Drake then leaned down and asked if I would be his mate and Luna." I said yes. Alpha Drake then said, I, Alpha Drake take you Sara to be my mate and Luna. Sara said, I Sara take you, Alpha Drake, to be my mate and Alpha. Alpha Chris and Alpha Zander became angry. Alpha Chris said you can’t do that. "Alpha Derek said, I just did and there is nothing you can do about it. Because while Sara was transforming into her wolf you already marked Tara." The pack members and turned and saw that Alpha Chris did indeed mark Tara as the Luna.

"Alpha Chris’s parents yelled what have you done?" You stupid, stupid boy. You have just destroyed our pack. The pack your great, great, great, great, grandfather built up. You can’t get your real mate back now. She evoked a rejection that has not been used in over 500 years. You and Tara, are stuck and the forever rejection says, you can never have your own pups. Alpha Chris’s father then said to Tara. Even if your mate wants you, neither of you can have pups either. You kids don’t get it. You can’t go around and keep rejecting your mate that the Moon Goddess gives you. He then said to Alpha Chris, I would strip that Alpha Title from you and give it to your brother if you had one. But I don’t. However, I can still strip your Alpha Title from you. "He said I Alpha Camrin, father of Alpha Chris hereby strip him of his Alpha Title." Alpha Chris screamed falling to the ground. He looked at his father in tears and said you can’t do that give me back my title. "Alpha Cmrin said no, I can’t do that. This is for the best of the pack." He then turned around and said that he will be calling his brothers and having his nephews come to the pack and fight for the Title of Alpha.

Alpha Cameron also informed his son Chris that he and Tara will be packed and he is moving them to Alaska to his younger brothers pack. Chris’s uncle Jerry’s pack tomorrow.

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