My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 11: Alpha Jerry's Packhouse

Alpha Jerry, Alpha Cameron’s brother was in his office with his Luna, Beta, and second in command when his phone rang. He picked it up saying this is Alpha Jerry how can I help you? Alpha Camron said this is your brother and I need your help. He told Alpha Jerry what his son Chris had done and how he planned on keeping his real mate as a sex slave.

Luna Diane saw Alpha Jerry’s hand tighten into a fist and knew he was angry. Alpha Jerry said how could he mark and mate a she-wolf that wasn’t his mate? Then he said what is worse is that he planned on keeping his true mate as a sex slave what the hell was he thinking? Alpha Camron said I want Chris to come and live in your pack.

Alpha Jerry then said yes, he will have him at his pack and agreed he would be treated as a regular wolf with no privileges. He said it would be fine for him to work his way back up to his Alpha status, and he could start his own pack there in Alaska in a few years. He then said so you are wanting the second son of myself and our brothers to fight for the Alpha title of your pack?

Alpha Camron said yes, but not to the death. When one submits they will return home. Alpha Jerry said he would send his second son Alpha Keith on a private plan and will land tomorrow. Alpha Camron said he will pick him up at the airport and that Chris will be leaving for Alaska tomorrow as well with his girlfriend Tara.

As Alpha Jerry hung up the phone Luna Diane said how could Chris to that, and think he could keep his real mate as a sex slave get her pregnant and then take her children from her? She said he should be ashamed of himself. She then said to Alpha Jerry to work Chris hard and make him understand from the beginning that he will follow the rules and he will have to earn respect from the pack members.

Alpha Jerry mine linked his son to come to his office. Once in the office, he was told what was going to happen. Alpha Keith said he would pack and be ready to leave in the morning. Alpha Keith said before leaving the office that if he found his mate he would hold her and never let her go. He said I would treat her like a Queen. Just like you treat mother.

Luna Diane kissed his forehead and said, you will make your mate very happy. She also said I am proud of you as I know that you have not slept around because you want to be pure for her. That makes me very proud of you. As she was leaving the office she said I don’t understand the kids today and why they can’t wait for their mates.

Why they think they can sleep around and it is ok. She turned and slowly closed the door behind her. As she was going down the hall she thought how proud she was of not only her son but the pack members. In this pack they don’t believe in dating unless they know they are mates. Otherwise, they just hang out and are friends. They believe that they should be pure for their mates.

Alpha Jerry looked at his son and said that he had a feeling he was going to find his mate at his Uncle Camron’s pack. Alpha Keith looked at him sighing and said I hope so. I have waited a long time and at 25 I am starting to lose hope of finding her. He said well I best get to packing to head to Uncle Cameron’s pack.

He then said that he will ensure that Chris’s true mate is taken care of and then looked at his father and said, do me a favor and make sure the pack members make it hard on both of them, will you. Alpha Jerry grinned and said deal and good luck. He said I know you will do your best and you know your two cousin’s are well trained as well. He said bye and said I will let you know how it turns out.

Beta Alonzo said watching Alpha Keith walk out the door. You do know that Chris is going to insist everyone call him Alpha Chris. I said I know, but he will be put in his place immediately and told that the pack members will not be calling him Alpha. That is something he has to earn back by orders of his father.

Third, in Command said I have a feeling this Tara might cause problems with some of the boys and men in the pack since she is not a Luna now. He said she knew that she was not Chris’s mate, so did she reject her mate and does she have a second chance, mate?

Alpha Jerry said no she doesn’t get a second chance mate. I was surprised that when Chris’s mate rejected him she had a second chance mate. Then again he did mark and mate this Tara before she rejected him so it is possible since Chris did that his mate was given a second chance mate.

The Beta and second in command then said we have to hit the training fields so we will talk later and put a plan together before Chris and his mate arrive. They left the office and Alpha Jerry started on the paperwork.

Alpha Camron then called his two other brothers and explained what had happened. They both agreed to send their second son’s to his pack for a fight to win the Alpha Title of the Red Moon Pack. They were very angry that Chris thought he could mark and mate another she-wolf, and still have his real mate on the side. Alpha Camron stated that Chris is being banned from the Red Moon Territory.

He said I know he is my son and I still love him, but I have to do what is best for the pack. It is better to send him away to another state. I can’t have rouges taking over my pack. He said I will have the boys picked up at the airport tomorrow. He then hung up the phone running his hands over his face.

Alpha Camron then mine linked his son to come to his office. He informed him that he and his new mate Tara will pack all their belongings and leave his packhouse in the morning. Alpha Camron stated you will be going to Alaska to live with your Uncle Jerry. You will also not be called Alpha Chris, that is a title will have to earn, and you will have to work to earn it back.

Because of your stupidity, you are banned from the Red Moon Pack. One of three of your cousins will become the new Alpha of this pack. They will be fighting for it. Whoever wins will set their rules and policies and they will be followed. So go pack and get out of my sight. I don’t want to see you right now. I am so disappointed in you, that you thought I would not find out what your plan was regarding your rightful mate.

You were selfish and did not put your pack first. Chris said I will be called Alpha Chris and Tara will be called Luna Tara. I said and what pack are you from? You don’t have a pack anymore. Now get out of my sight. He watched Chris slam his office door and he thought what has become of the youth today? Maybe I should have been making sure to put rules in the pack that they cannot date unless they are mates.

I should also have a rule that if you reject your mate you will need to go to another pack instead of the rejected mate running away. I then said a little too late to worry about that now. I got up and left my office and went to the gym to take my anger out on the punching bags. As I entered that gym I saw Sara there. She apologized for rejecting Chris.

I said no need to apologize as I was informed of Chris’s plan’s for her, and that she did the right thing. She thanked me and left. I proceeded to punch the bag thinking the whole time how Chris had put the pack and the members in harm’s way. I knew if the rouges found out they would try tearing this pack apart. I left the gym thinking of my three nephews Alpha Doug, Alpha Keith, and Alpha Cash that would all be arriving tomorrow.

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