My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 12: Leaving the pack

Chris and Tara had left the pack and just arrived at the airport. As Tara entered the private jet of Alpha Camron’s she looked at Chris and said, "so if you would have not marked and mated me this would have been yours?" Chris said yes and no. I could have borrowed it if I needed to but my dad owns it. Tara then sighed and said "I should never have rejected my mate."

Chris said what do you mean you should never have rejected your mate? Tara said "he was an Alpha too, but he was a mean one and he had a mistress and did not want to give her up." She looked at the ground and said "he wanted to do the same thing to me you were going to do to Sara." She looked away from Chris and out the window. Chris looked at her and said so you just went with me instead because you wanted to be a Luna.

Chris then said look here bitch. If you were honest I would still have my Alpha title and my real mate. I would be at home with my pack and not banned from the territory. Tara looked at Chris and said"you didn’t have to mark and mate me, that was your decision. You just wanted someone who would take your shit and Sara wouldn’t. She didn’t even give you the time of day. What makes you think she would have accepted you as her mate?"

Chris grabbed Tara by her hair and drew back his hand to hit her. Tara said "go ahead what’s stopping you. That is all your good for. Hitting girls when you don’t get your way with them. Oh, but wait. You knew better than to lay your hands on her. She has too many people protecting her including two different Alpha’s." Chris’s wolf growled at him and said you really had to fuck up, didn’t you?

Now I don’t have my mate because of you. You thought you were the big shot Alpha and you don’t know shit. You better find a way to get rid of this bitch and get me, my mate. "As long as my mate is not marked and mated we still have a chance to get her back. You also lost our right to be called Alpha and I don’t like that. I am an Alpha wolf I am not a regular wolf."

If I have to I will kill every rogue I find on Alpha Jerry’s pack land and do what it takes to get the Alpha title back. However, that is not going to help us get my mate back because you got us banned from the Red Moon Pack and now one of your fucking cousin’s will be the new Alpha. You know they all hate you anyway.

They hate you because you refused to save yourself for our mate. You are just a man whore. "Chris told his wolf to shut up and closed his eyes." He was shaken awake informing him they were about to land in Alaska. He sat up and buckled his seat belt. As the plane landed and he walked down the steps he saw his uncle’s beta Alonzo and his third in Command Donovan waiting for him and Tara.

Chris saw Tara immediately start lowering her shirt and trying to put her arm through Dovanon’s and telling him, I am Luna Tara. Donavon took her arm away from him and said "I know who you are and you are not Luan Tara you are just Tara. He then said to her don’t ever put your hands on me again I am not interested in what you have to offer. I plan on remaining pure until I find my mate" and he then walked away.

I grabbed Tara’s arm and said d"on’t you ever embarrass me again. You can’t try that on Alpha Jerry’s pack members because those who don’t have mates follow the rule of not dating and those who have mates, well let’s just say you would get your ass beat for messing with the men." Chris then helped put the bags in the lumazine and shoved Tara in then he got in slamming the door.

Beta Alonzo "stated that once they arrive at the packhouse they are to unpack their things and then Chris was to meet his uncle in his office alone." He looked at Tara and said "Luna Diane will be meeting with you in her office." He then turned and looked out the window. I said to Beta Alonzo, so I take it my uncle is not happy with me and my father gave him instructions on how I am to be treated.

Beta Alonzo said "yes, he did and I am sure you will not like what you are told. He then said, and don’t expect the pack members to be very friendly. After all by doing what you did you almost lost the first Red Moon Pack that has been there for hundreds of years." He then said "we have arrived. You will be shown to your rooms and someone will come and get you both and escort you to the Alpha and Luna’s offices in about one hour."

As we entered the packhouse I noticed that several pack members gave Tara and me some dirty looks. A girl walked up to us and started to say Alpha then said my name is Ashley and I will show you to your room. We followed her up the stairs and down the hall then turned left onto another hall and at the last door on the right was our room. She said someone will come and get you in one hour.

You and Tara can unpack and wait here. She then turned and walked down the hall. As Tara opened the door she said at least they gave us a nice room. She put her luggage on the end of the bed and walked to the windows. She said "we have a nice view of all the fucking snow and mountains. She looked at me and said how lovely this state is. It is cold as hell and I bet the summers are going to be just as lovely."

She turned and walked to the bed and started putting her clothes away. She then sat down in the chair and started texting whoever she could until someone came to get us. An hour later on the dot, there was a knock on our door. I opened it up and there were a girl and boy there. The boy said "my name is Kevin and if you Chris will follow me I will take you to Alpha Jerry’s office." The girl looked at Tara and said "my name if Monica you can follow me and I will take you to Luna Diane’s office."

Neither one of them talked to us all the way to the Luna and Alpha’s offices. Kevin turned left at the end of the hall and Tara turned right. As I got to my uncle’s office and knocked on the door he told me to come in. As I entered he pointed to a chair in front of his desk and said sit. As I sat down he said I guess I don’t have to tell you why you are in my territory. He then said this is how it is going to be.

Your father wants you and Tara to have no privileges given to an Alpha’s son. You will attend all scheduled training. You will attend school and you will also pull guard duty just as everyone else does. When you are not on patrol you will train. You will eat every meal with the pack members but will not sit at the family table. You will follow all the rules of me Alpha Jerry and my mate Luna Diane at all times.

You will be working on earning your title of Alpha back. I would say after a few years you can even start a new pack here in Alaska or anywhere else but nowhere in the state of the Red Moon Pack is that understood? "I swallowed and said I understand." I then looked at Alpha Jerry and said "I really have fucked up, haven’t I?" He said yes, yes you have and your father is deeply saddened by that. He blames himself for your behavior and he shouldn’t.

Maybe someday he will be able to forgive you. It will be up to you how long it takes for you to earn your Alpha title back. I looked down at my hands and said "I know and I plan on working very hard." Alpha Jerry said I know you will because you will be watched and kept busy. He then said you can leave. I have Kevin coming back to show you around the pack grounds. I got up and left following Kevin out the door.

Monica stopped in front of a door that said Luna Diane’s Office and knocked. We heard come in. Monica opened the door and said I have brought Tara to see you. Luna Diane said "you can leave Monica but come back in an hour ok?" Monica smiled and said sure well see you later Luna Diane and closed the door. Luna Diane looked at Tara not smiling and "said please sit down in the chair in front of the desk."

She walked behind the desk and sat down. She discussed the rules of the pack and that she expected them to be followed. She stated that Tara will attend all scheduled training, school, help cook and serve meals, and run patrol as well. "Tara started to whine and said but, in my old pack, I didn’t have to train." Luna Diane reminded her she is not in her old pack and that everyone from the age of 10 to 70 attends training and run the pack border.

She also stated they do not have omega’s in this pack, therefore, everyone helps cook and clean. Luna Diane then said you will not be called Luna Tara in this pack. You are a regular wolf and you will respect the other pack members. She then looked at Tara and said I heard what you tried with our third in command. Don’t ever do it again.

In this pack, all unmatted males and she-wolves believe in keeping their self-pure for their mates. If you attempt that shit on any mated males their mates have been giving permission to teach you a lesson is that understood? "Tara looked at the ground and said I understand." Luna Diane then said you will also dress appropriately at all times.

So you will be going shopping with a few of the mated she-wolfs for appropriate clothes. Those will not do here. She then mine linked Monica to come to the office. Monica opened the door and Luna Diane said that Monica will now show you around the packhouse. I will see you at lunch. Monica waved goodbye to Luna Diane and shut the office door behind her.

Alpha Jerry leaned back into his chair thinking about his conversation with Chris. "His wolf Roman said Chris is not happy." I said I know. He was foolish in choosing to mark and mate his girlfriend and thinking he could still keep his true mate prisoner and a sex slave to bare his children and then take them from her.

"Roman said you humans make the same mistakes over and over again and never seem to learn from them. Roman said the kids today just don’t understand what are they teaching them in school nowadays?" I don’t know I sighed but I plan on finding out. "Roman said that should be what all the Alpha’s should be doing. It seems they are not teaching the students correctly." Roman lay down in the back of Alpha Jerry’s mind.

Alpha Jerry got up and walked out of his office and to his Luna’s. Luna Diane was thinking about how this Tara was most likely going to be a problem sooner or later. She lifted her head and smiled as she smelled her mate coming towards her door. Alpha Jerry walked in shutting the door and walked over to his Luna putting his nose again the side of her neck.

He then kissed her cheek and sat down in the chair in front of her desk. Alpha Jerry discussed the conversation he had with his wolf Roman with her. "Luna Diane said that is a good idea. Maybe you should call the other Alpha’s and discuss your concerns with them and have them look at the school curriculum. If it needs to be changed then change it." Alpha Jerry said I will take care of that tomorrow. Let's go eat lunch.

They left the office and walked to the kitchen were they got a plate of food and sat down in the dining room to eat. Alpha Jerry picked up their plates and took them to the kitchen and met his Luna walking up the stairs. Luna Diane said as they entered their bedroom "she thinks that Tara is going to end up being a problem in the pack. She stated we had gotten rid of all the sluts and now we have another one in the pack. I think we should let the mated she-wolfs know that if she makes passes at their mates they can deal out punishment for this." Alpha Jerry said I agree.

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