My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 13: Arrival of the three Alpha's

The three cousins greeted each other as they got off their planes. While waiting to be picked up they talked about how stupid Chris was. "Alpha Cash asked if any of the other two have met Sara Chris’s, real mate?" They said no. "Cash said here comes the car. Alpha Cash said that is one beautiful woman." They all agreed. Sara walked up to them and introduced herself. When they heard she was Sara Doug said, "Sara as in Chris’s Sara?" Sara said yes, but Chris is no longer my mate. "Alpha Cash and Alpha Keith said don’t take this the wrong way but if you were our mate you would be treated like a queen." Sara’s face became red and "Alpha Cash said you are even more beautiful when you blush." Sara said put your bags in the trunk and we will head to the packhouse. Alpha Camron is waiting for your arrival.

"Alpha Cash asked Sara if she planned on remaining in the pack?" Sara said no, I do not. I have been asked to be a long time friends brother’s mate. Alpha Derek accepted me as his mate and I accepted him. I am now the Luna of your neighboring pack to the North. You will be invited to the Luna Ceremony which is to take place this Saturday. "Alpha Cash and Alpha Keith said too bad." Sara looked at Alpha Keith and said to him. I have a feeling that you made a promise to your father to take care of me. "Alpha Keith said I did. You see, I plan on keeping you as far away from Chris as possible. I know Chris is planning on trying to take you to Alaska and I can’t have that."

Sara said, he can try but that won’t happen. she then sat back and crossed her legs looking out the window. Sara could feel eyes watching her "and her wolf Athena said, Alpha Doug, has not taken his eyes off you since you got out of the car. I don’t trust him. We need to worry around him." Sara said I know. She then turned and looked at Alpha Doug and said do you have something on your mind or are you just thinking I am a bitch? Or even wondering why I am not throwing myself at you three? Alpha Doug slowly smiled and "Alpha Cash said, I don’t believe it." Look, Keith, Doug is smiling. "Alpha Doug said I don’t think you’re a slut. I think you are a lady and beautiful. I don’t understand how Chris could let you get away from him. Then again, I can understand why he would try and get you back. I just can’t understand how he could choose a slut over you?"

I leaned forward and said we have just entered Alpha Camren’s territory. We will be arriving at the packhouse in five minutes. Don’t worry there will be plenty of sluts throwing themselves at you three. All three of them jerked their head around and said to Sara. We are not interested in the sluts. We believe in waiting for our mates. "I said sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you." I too waited for my mate. I will never know the true feeling of a mates love. But that is alright. I have loved Alpha Drake since I was 12 years old. I am happy with how this all turned out. Alpha Cash opened the car door holding his hand out to help me out of the car. As I placed my hand in his I felt a shock go up my arm. "Alpha Cash said how is that possible?" I said what do you mean? "He said you’re my mate." Alpha Drake pulled Sara behind him and said that is not possible. I am her second chance mate. Don’t touch her again.

All three cousins looked at each other and watched Alpha Drake walk away with Sara. "Alpha Cash said I did not imagine the shock that went through our hands. He said my wolf wants to go after them and take her away from Alpha Drake." Alpha Keith said don’t do anything stupid. I heard she had three other mates and Uncle Camron has had the elders looking into it. He said he has only heard of a she-wolf having five mates over 500 years ago. Alpha Doug said wait, if that is true then Cash could be the fifth mate. "Cash said we have to talk to uncle Camron about this." They agreed to discuss it when they meet with him in his office.

As they started to enter the house they noticed several females coming towards them. They all stopped and Alpha Keith said, you girls can stop right there. We are not interested in any of you. Alpha Keith said we do not do sluts or sleep around. Alpha Keith then started to sniff the air. He said do you smell that? Cash and Doug said no, we don’t smell anything. Keith said it is getting closer. A girl yelled down the stairs at Sara. She ran down the stairs yelling your back. Sara said, yes, I am back. The girl then said what smells so good. She turned around and saw Keith. Keith had taken his sunglasses off and he said, mate. He walked to her taking her hand. He said I am Alpha Keith who are you beautiful? She said I am Tammy, Sara’s cousin, and your mate.

"Keith said, my father, told me I would meet my mate here. I had almost given up. I have waited 25 years for you." Tammy dragged him to her bedroom so they could get to know each other. "Sara looked at Alpha Cash and Alpha Doug and said if you follow me I will take you to your rooms." They picked up their suitcases and followed Sara upstairs to the 3rd floor where visiting Alpha’s slept. She excused herself and said she had to leave now and head to Alpha Derek’s territory. She stated she would be at the fight as she is still technically part of the pack, She said someone will come and get you in about one hour and take you to Alpha Cameron’s office. She said good-bye and left.

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