My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 16: Finding Sara

It was around 5:00 pm when I arrived at the original Red Moon Packhouse. As I got out of my car, Cammy, Sara’s aunt, and Tammy’s mother walked up to me bowing her head in respect. "Alpha Cash, I have been expecting you." I knew when I met you that you were the mate for Sara. Sara is not here right now she is out riding her horse. I will take you to her room and you can leave your bags there. I followed her to Sara’s room and then we walked out back towards the fields. She said "I hope you know she is not going to make this easy for you?"

I know, I said. But I plan on marking and mating her and taking her back to the packhouse as the Luna. I said I want you to know, looking at the ground my face turning red. She said, what that you are a virgin, that you kept yourself pure for your mate? Cammy said that is a good thing. Sara is still pure and you will learn each other’s bodies together. She pointed towards the fields there is Sara coming now. Don’t give up on her. She has a really bad temper when she is angry. Don’t let her run away again. Cammy then turned and walked away. She turned her head and said, we will be leaving you two alone now and returning to our clubhouse. Remember, Mark and mate her before leaving here. Be good to her. She continued to walk away until she went into the house.

I turned back around watching Sara ride across the fields, her long hair flowing behind her. Fury said in the back of my mind, she and the horse ride as one. What I wouldn’t give to be the one riding between her legs right now. You and me both buddy I said to my wolf. I want to be cradled between her legs. Sucking on those nipples and thrusting into her warm body. I felt my cock harden just thinking about it. I saw her slow down and then she looked at me. She slowly rode over and stopped getting off her horse walking him around cooling him down before handing him over to a stable boy. She turned around and looked at me and asked how I found her?

I said, Tammy. She said how did you find this place? "I said I grew up here spending my summers here with my grandfather." She said, so did I. That’s why I ran here. This is my safe place. "You need to go away." I followed her to the packhouse to her room. She turned and said, why are you in my room get out. "I said no, I can’t do that." I watched as she grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom. I took off my shirt and lay down on the bed. "Fury said we are going to make love to our mate when she gets out of the shower." I said I know. I plan on letting her know how much we love her. She is not getting away from us now that we are alone with her.

I looked up as Sara came back into the bedroom. I saw she had a towel wrapped around her body. There were drops of water on her neck. I slowed wanting to rip that towel from her body. She looked up and said, I thought I told you to get out of my room. "I said you did, and I told you I can’t do that." I got off the bed slowly walking towards her. He kept moving until he was standing about three feet from her. He crocked his finger at her pointing to the spot in front of him. She slowly walked toward him until she stood in front of him. Her heart was beating so fast she knew he could hear it with his wolf hearing. Blood roaring in her ears, she stood in front of him, trying not to fidget with the towel wrapped around her, forcing her hands to remain at her sides when she when she had this insane desire to cover up the fact that her nipples were hard and aching for his mouth to suck on them, and her core was stirring with desire. She had never felt this way before with anyone.

Cash’s index finger moved toward the towel and brushed along her shoulder from the front up to her neck feeling how fast her pulse was beating. "He said to remove the towel." She was not certain she was that brave, brave enough to stand in front of this man who her body and wolf Athena wants. She stood a moment looking at him, trying to decide if she could stand there naked in front of him or not.

"Sara, when I ask you to do something in our bedroom, I expect you to do it. I know you’re nervous, so am I." Sara thought since when is this our bedroom but that stayed in the back of her mind. He was making her want him. "Cash said you have to trust me to take care of you in all thing especially here." His fingers caught my chin, slowly forcing her head up until again her gaze was held by him. Do you trust me with your body? I trust you with mine and that’s what I want from you. Your trust, your full surrender as I will trust and give my full surrender to you. If we give that to each other then we will give each other pleasure as neither of us has ever known. I am Alpha, I am dominant you know that. You are my mate, you respond to that in me. Your body is flushed, your nipples are hard, your breathing is ragged, and I know you’re damp for me. I can smell your scent and my wolf and I are going crazy with wanting to feel every inch of your body under us.

I’m not submissive, I denied. He bent his head and brushed his lips against mine at the same time taking his finger and slipping if between the towel and my skin. My breath caught as I felt the tinges. Those dam tingles made me want more. He unhooked the towel and it fell at my feet. His fingers slowly tracing the swell of my breast and moved lower to feel my nipple harden more at his touch. No, you’re not, not outside of this room. And I’m quite sure you’ll make a few demands of your own in it, but you like this. you even need it.

Sara thought I do need this and he took her uncertainty away from her. He looked at her breast. She had full breast and soft curves that Cash knew belonged to him, and her body knew it. She moved closer to him. She was determined to give that to him, although she was nervous. His voice dropped low and he said, now walk to the bed. She looked at the bed behind him, could she walk naked around him and to that bed. Sara, do you need me to help you? His voice becoming sexier. A warning. I had the feeling that whatever help he gave would send me right over the edge. My bodied was coiled tight. My clit was throbbing and pulsing. I could feel myself wanting to be touched to be sucked on. Now lay on the bed on your back and open your legs. That was the hardest thing for me to do. I lay back spreading my legs open, he said wider, I want to look at you. He walked towards the bed slowly. He ran a finger up and down my wet clit bringing his finger to his mouth sucking it. He said you taste so good.

He then leaned forward pulling me up to stand in front of him. He put my hands on his chest. He said I belong to you, my heart, my body and I want you to be familiar with what is yours. I want you to know every inch of me. What I like. What brings me pleasure. That is what I intend to do with what is mine. He brought my hands to the waistband of his jeans and said, take them off. Looking at him I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I then put my thumbs inside the waistband and slowly lowered his jeans to the floor. His palms cupped the soft weight of my breast, thumbs sliding over my nipples. Instantly I felt tingles streaking through my body straight to my clit. I moaned before I could stop it.

Cash barely touched me and I was ready for him. As his jeans fell to the floor I noticed he wasn’t wearing underwear and his huge erection sprang free. I couldn’t help the He said to take the jeans off of me. I had to bend to bring them to his ankles, so he could step out of them. This brought my mouth in line with his impressive cock, the wolf in her wanted to taste him. To see if he tasted as good there as he did when he kissed her. Before I stopped to think I slowly licked along his hard shaft as I crouched low. His body shuddered, and he dropped a hand on my shoulder as he stepped out of his jeans. I hid a smirk as I stood up again indulging in another lick along his strong shaft, only this time flicking under the crown as I stood up.

I felt his arms go around me cradling me to his chest as he slowly lowers me back onto the bed. When your wolf begins to rise, and my wolf says she is close, what we do together is going to be intense, maybe a little scary and shocking. I am going to take you every way a man can take his woman. I will be rough sometimes, maybe most of the time, that’s because I am a rough man, but I’ll make certain that your receive pleasure, so much pleasure you will beg me for more. He moved over the top of me, so that his much larger body lay over mine, keeping his hands on each side of my face. He slowly kissed me, kissing down my neck, moving his body just to one side of me, his thigh remaining over mine while his hand moved from my neck, down the side of my body. I want to play with your body for hours. I remained pure, I never pleasured women before. I never wanted to, but with you, because you’re mine, I can indulge every fantasy I had.

His hand stroked between my breasts slowly moving down to my stomach and further down until he reached the junction between my legs. He said I like the fact that you are shaved there and I will eat you maybe even lick some whip cream off you, and there will be nothing between my mouth and your body. He said looking at me. I love that you are mine. I have always had to work hard for anything I wanted. Just because I was born an Alpha I was not spoiled. Not one fucking thing was ever just given to me. I am going after your heart Sara, I want complete surrender from you. Nothing less will do. And I will give you my heart in return for you to keep safe.

He kissed me again, over and over until my breaths were coming in ragged gasps. Are you going to give that to me, he asked? Everything I ask for? I will give you everything you ask for in this bedroom. He kissed his way down my throat stopping to suckle gently, nipping and then he used his teeth. That bite sent waves of heat rushing through me. He said I hope you’re not too tired because I intend to indulge myself tonight.

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