My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 17: Marking and Mating of Sara

Sara, I meant every word I said. Your body is mine, my body is yours. I plan on making love to you several ways all night long. Slow and easy, fast and hard. I plan on bringing us so much pleasure you will continue to beg me for more. He slid his hand between my legs while his mouth sucked hard on my nipples. I cried out his finger rubbed my clit and he placed two more in my pussy moving them faster and faster. I cried out and my liquid heat spilled out onto his hand. I screamed out his name. He said yes, that is your body you love what I am doing to it. Since I have been here and met you I have dreamed so many time of taking my time with you and doing whatever I want. Another wave of hot liquid spilled out onto his hand at how he had dreamed about me.

He licked his way over the creamy swell of my breast and sucked again, leaving behind his mark. He was being gentle with me, he then bit down carefully, watching my face, feeling my reaction. I wanted her to know what I liked, what I needed, I wanted to know what she liked, what she needed. Right now was for her. When I first met you, you were wearing a skirt with a slit up the side that went to your thigh. What happened to it? Why didn’t you wear it after that day? All I could think of on the ride from the airport was shoving that skirt to the side, pulling your panties off of you and burying my face in your pussy. I felt you looking at me, roaming your eyes up and down my leg. You didn’t notice but it was the first time I ever had a reaction.

Do you know how much time I spent jerking off thinking about you? Fantasizing about your body? Wishing your mouth was on me? Or I was pounding my dick in your warm body. He stroked my clit again, feeling me shudder. Feeling the wave of her cream coating my fingers. It was hot. So hot my cock jerked and pushed with need, the need to be inside of her. Right now all that mattered was the pleasure I was giving her. I moved up to her neck leaving another love bite at the same time pushing into her with two fingers. She nearly came apart, so hot, so tight, I felt like she was squeezing my fingers it makes me feel like how she would feel surrounding my cock. Tell me, Sara, how did it feel having my eyes wander over your body.

My panties got damp and my breasts ached. I could feel my nipples harden and wanting to be sucked on. I couldn’t get you out of my head or the way you made me feel. So that night for the first time, I went to a store and bought a little toy. My cock jerked hard at the thought of her being so brave to walk into an adult store and buying a toy and then using it on herself. I thought I fucking love that. I want to use it on her sometime.

His mouth traveled down my body. He shifted his weight, sliding down her body so he could grasp her thighs and pull them apart. Looking at her sweet, sweet, pussy. All his. Not once has his wolf, Fury protested. He was calm and quiet, giving Cash the freedom of enjoying Sara, to indulge himself like he never could before. This was about Sara, getting her used to his touch, loving her, exploring her body, giving her pleasure. For the first time, he allowed himself to really taste her. He took his time. Holding her hips still, while her head thrashed about on the sheets. She tasted like an angel, his angel. He knew she was close, he wanted to make her come apart. Her hands went to my hair, holding me there, using me, trusting me. She gave that gift to me heightening my pleasure, my love for her. Give yourself to me, love, all the way I said as I stabbed deep, my tongue lashing, sucking, nibbling, driving her higher as she stared into my eyes. I knew the moment she gave herself into my keeping, I saw it on her face, that surrender she gave me. She cried out as I watched her come apart. Felt the ripples deep inside her with my mouth, my tongue, and my fingers. Saw it as her belly muscles tightened. He had given that to her, but it was his.

I slowly positioned myself between her thighs. My cock was slick and hot in my hand as I positioned myself and slowly pushed the head of my cock into her sweet heaven. She was so tight. My breath hissing out of my lungs to keep me from plunging into her to satisfy the need to have her fully surrounding my cock. My balls aching with need, but I went slowly watching her face for any pain as I slowly slid into her tight pussy. Her body squeezed my cock until I hit her barrier, I knew I was her first, just like she is my first. What a gift to each other. I slowly leaned over her, blanketing her with my body all the while holding her gaze with my eyes. There will be some pain Sara, and then I give you more pleasure do you understand? She said yes.

He took my mouth demanding my response, kissing me over and over leaving a trail of kisses down my neck. I felt his canines scrape my sweet spot where his mark would go. Catching my soft skin between his teeth and biting down marking me as he surged forward, pushing through feeling the barrier give way and his cock slide deep, deep into my channel. I cried out the sound strangled in my throat. He pulled his face away from my neck licking the blood not moving his body. He said open your eyes, Sara. Looking at me I saw a little fear, but trust as well. I said to her, I need to know your ok. Tell me, you have to say it, I need to know you’re ok. I need you to move Cash, I am good, I really am.

Hearing that he didn’t wait anymore, he slowly pulled back and then slammed into me over and over giving me pleasure and more pleasure. I lost myself for a while feeling her clamp around my cock feeling her ripples of pleasure and her cries. As I heard her pleas grow louder and her breath catching in her throat I kept going, I needed to stay buried inside of her, I moved my body hitting her most sensitive spot with each stroke of my cock. My cock directly over her clit, the friction wild and perfect. She finally let go her body clamping down on my cock like a vice. I couldn’t stop myself I called out her name my seed rocketing into her body jet after jet of my seed filling her body. She is mine, all mine now. She is my mate, my Luna. I collapsed onto her my body still pumping hard until it became slower.

I couldn’t believe she had given herself to me. She didn’t shy away from my lovemaking. She didn’t hold back and she enjoyed the pleasure I gave her. Even though I too was a virgin I used my fantasies and dam if it didn’t feel good. My cock started stirring but, I knew Sara was not ready for round two. I pulled her close to me wrapped her in my arms and fell asleep.

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