My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 18: Worried about Sara

Cavin stormed into Alpha Drakes office asking him what the hell he did to Sara. Alpha Drake was sitting at his desk with a bottle of whiskey. Cavin grabbed the bottle and asked, how much of this have you drank because it must have been a lot for an Alpha to be this drunk. He heard a noise behind him and Cavin turned to find Mike the Alpha’s brother leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. Cavin asked Mike if knew what the hell was going on around here because whatever happened here has affected The Red Moon Pack.

Mike shrugged and said ask the whoring Alpha what happened. Cavin said is that why Sara has disappeared? He then threw a letter at Mike and said read it and he sat down on the couch. Mike said what the fuck it this? Cavin said read it. It was found nailed to a tree at the edge of Alpha Cameron’s pack. Mike said what the hell. Who is this Rouge King? Apparently, he is the king of the rogues.

There has been a lot of rouge activity reported since Alpha Drake returned to this pack. He wants Sara for himself and he plans on taking her if one of those five Alpha’s doesn’t’ claim her. I have met him and he is one you don’t want to mess with. Here I have a picture of him. Bet he forgot about that. How did you meet him? Calvin said I actually was invited to a club party and he was there. He is different. He doesn’t believe in attacking packs. He just wants to be left alone.

He also doesn’t believe in having sex until you meet your mate or choose a mate. Apparently, he has chosen Sara because of how the Alpha are. He is giving one of them 30 days to mate and mark her or he is coming for her and going to make her his mate. Shit, Mike said. Drake, he said kicking his leg. Dam you for coming back here and making her love you again. You just had to ruin her life, didn’t you? What are you talking about Alpha Drake yelled, where is Sara?

Mike walked out of the room and came back 10 minutes later dragging some slut with him. Remember her? He asked? Alpha Drake said sure do, we went two rounds and fuck it was good. Mike and Cavin growled yelling, because of her you lost Sara and now the rogue King wants her. He is coming to get Sara in 30 days if she isn’t mated and marked you stupid moran.

That made Alpha Drake sit up and take notice. What are you talking about? Mike said Sara is gone. Gone, gone where asked Alpha Drake. Again pointing to the slut. Because Sara caught her coming out of your bedroom, with her shirt half open and hickey’s all over her neck, and bed hair, and she told Sara she was fucking you. That is why Sara is gone. No one can find her. She has been gone for two days now. Sara said she hates you, and she never wants to see you again.

Oh, she also said you want a luna so bad take your slut as your luna. And by the way, Alpha Cash is the new Alpha of the Red Moon Pack and guess who he wants for his mate and Luna? Since you had such a good time with your slut take her as the luna, but if you do, Donna and I will be leaving your pack. Hell Drake, half the pack members are not happy with you right now. Get your shit together. I am out of here. Me to, I can’t stand to look at a cheating Alpha. If you want to know the rouge King’s name it’s Logan.

The rogue king was watching Alpha Drake’s packhouse. He saw two guys storm out the front door. He heard the one say, I can’t stomach what my brother did to my best friend. I am so sick of these guys not keeping their dicks in their pants and the girls not keeping their legs shut. I have a mind to have Alpha Keith fight Drake for this pack. We don’t need Drake running down the pack and that is just what he has been doing. I hope Alpha Cash finds Sara, I also hope he mates and marks her.

She needs someone who will take care of her, not cheat on her, and treat her like a queen. Cavin said, I just don’t know what has gotten into him. I can’t believe he has been whoring around on Sara. It appears he has been doing it since he returned to the packhouse. Cavin said, I want my mate but, I am not going to sleep around until I find her or find out if she is dead. That is just too much drama to deal with. He said I gotta go see you later. Mike said see ya later.

Mike sat down on the steps taking his phone out trying to call Sara. He got her voice message. He said, Sara call me, I need to know that you are alright. His wolf said this is such a mess. I can’t believe poor Sara has been given such shitty mates. Two of them have rejected her in their own ways. I know, I wish my brother had not done that. I thought he really loved Sara. I also hope Sara has not done anything stupid.

Logan, the alpha king leaned back and said to his wolf. 29 days and we will take our chosen mate if she is not mated. I hate seeing Sara go through this. I would have thought that one of them would have marked and mated her. Shaking his head, If her brother Raymond was still alive he would have killed a few Alphas by now. We need to protect Sara my wolf said. We made a promise.

She is not happy and that just will not do. We will take her if she is not mated. I know. I am happy our mate is not alive to see this. She was also Sara’s best friend. We have to keep our promise to our mate to take care of her friend. We will. I jumped from the tree and headed to Alpha Zanders packhouse. We should let our brother know we are in town.

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