My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 19: Trouble

There was a knock on Alpha Zander’s bedroom door. His beta yelled, you better get out here your brother’s here and he is not happy. Go away, I don’t care. All of a sudden his bedroom door threw open. Logan, the rogue king growled, you better care little brother because I am about to tear you apart. Alpha Zander gave his brother a nasty look saying, and why are you here on my territory? We had a deal. Logan said, yes we did however, I don’t see you fulfilling that deal.

Zander put a pillow on his face falling back on his bed. He said, dam it Logan I can’t even get close to Sara. She doesn’t even remember me. Logan grabbed the pillow yelling, you damn well better do something because I have had it with how Sara has been treated. I made a promise to my dead wife to take care of her best friend and that isn’t happening. You agreed to help since your mate died after you met and you said you had always loved Sara even as a little boy.

I know, I signed. He said do you even know what has happened with Sara? I shot up from my bed, what do you mean since what happened to Sara. Logan said, oh, so you haven’t heard. Heard what? Logan said she has been missing for two days. I jumped out of bed grabbing Logan by his shirt and shoved him against the wall. I said, you better not have let any of those rouges put their hands on her.

Logan said, let go. Looking at Zander he said you know better than that. They all know not to touch her or they are going to die. Get a shower get dressed and let’s go to your office. On the way to my office, I mine linked a pack member to send coffee and some breakfast for two there. Just as we reached my office a member turned the corner with the tray in her hands. I opened the door and she sat the tray at one of the tables.

I told Logan to sit and then I sat and started pouring myself a cup of coffee. I said we will eat while we talk. Logan told me he had been watching Alpha Drake’s and Alpha Cameron’s pack. He said by the way Alpha Cash is the new Alpha of the Red Moon Pack. I looked up at Logan and screamed what!, He said you didn’t know that either.

Alpha Camron sent Chris to Alaska along with his girlfriend, I knew that. Logan ignored him and continued. He had three nephews fight for the Alpha Title of his pack. Alpha Cash won. Damit, I wanted to take that pack from Chris. Well, that won’t happen now. Did you know Chris is banned from the Red Moon Territory and so is Alpha Drake?

Now that makes me happy. Chris cannot come near Sara now. And Alpha Drake can’t see Sara just any time he wants anymore. I started laughing. Logan said well it gets better, or worse however you want to look at it. Sara caught Alpha Drake cheating on her, and she left is territory two nights ago on the fucking motorcycle you bought her doing over 100 miles an hour. No one has seen or heard from her since.

I gripped my fork and saying, what do you mean no one has seen or heard from her? Did they even try and find her? Logan shrugged his shoulders saying, I don’t know. Do’s mom know he asked watching Logan close? Logan paled, swallowed and said shit, no she doesn’t, at least I don’t think she knows. They looked at each other and said at the same time, you call and tell her. I said shit, shit, she will come here and tare my pack apart.

Logan grinned, ya for once you will be in trouble, not me. I looked at him slowly. grinning saying want to bet? You, after all, are the rogue King. You’re supposed to know everything. Logan said, well dam. I guess I better call her. She is not going to be happy knowing her best friends daughter has disappeared.

As Logan started to dial their mother’s number the office door flew open slamming against the wall. They both turned to see their mother storming across the floor towards them. They looked at each other and said, she knows. She was yelling at them, where is Sara? They said we don’t know. She said what do you mean you don’t know.

Logan, you should know everything. Get your dam rouge’s to find her but not harm or touch her. He said, yes, mother and he started mine linking his members. He said they are on it now. She looked at Zander and said you, you should have already marked and mated her. Then she looked at Logan and said well, what about you?

Logan, said, I wrote a letter and nailed it to a tree close to Alpha Cash’s pack and the letter was found. What did the letter say my mother asked? I looked at her and then Zander. I said if Sara is not mated and marked in 30-days I was coming for her. Since Zander here doesn’t seem about to get the job done, I will. My mother slowly smiled.

At least Sara would be well taken care of no matter which of my son’s mark and mate her. Zander growled, he said no Logan won’t. You know I have loved Sara since I was little. She snapped her head in his direction and said, grinning, may the best man win. She sat down and sad, have someone bring another cup and fresh coffee and cream.

We looked at mother, and each other, then Logan said, mother we know Sara was your best friends daughter, and my dead mates best friend but, what we don’t know is why everyone is so goddam protective of her. She sighed and looked at us and said wait until my coffee arrives. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Come in said, Zander.

A pack member brought his mother's coffee in and sat it on the table taking away the dirty dishes. As the door closed Logan and Zander looked at their mother waiting for her to begin. Well, I said, what are you waiting for. She looked at Zander asking, go get the package I gave to you before you came here. He got up and walked to one of the bookshelves and brought back the package.

She unwrapped it and brought out a book. A very old book. She said this book is over 1,000 years old. She handed it to Zander and said start reading it out loud. Zander and I looked at each other confused. She said go ahead start reading. You will both understand once you read it. I might stop you a few times to explain something.

Shape-shifters have a body temperature of about 108°F. Vampires’ temperatures are lower than humans’; it is possible that the wolves’ and vampires’ physiological differences reflect the tension between the two species. This high temperature allows the shape-shifters to withstand very cold weather and makes it difficult for them to become overheated. It also makes it very difficult for vampires to harm them in combat, due to vampires being extremely sensitive to high temperatures.

The shapeshifters can heal and regenerate very fast and completely. While not immortal if they choose to quit phasing, these capabilities allow them to continue fighting even after serious injury. In some cases, however, this accelerated healing can be detrimental. However, this healing factor is not completely reliable and can be neutralized if vampire venom is inserted into the shapeshifter’s system. While venom alone isn’t generally enough to kill a healthy shape-shifter, it can be fatal in combination with other injuries.

While their skin is much more durable than that of a human being it is not granite hard like a vampire’s. In their wolf form, their fangs are strong enough to penetrate a vampire’s skin. The wolves bear an animal scent that makes them unappetizing to vampires, making it easier for vampires to resist the temptation caused by their blood. It is possible that their scent is less revolting to due to their half-human sides.


The senses of shapeshifters rival those of vampires. Like vampires, they can see, hear and smell things from miles away.

Their sense of smell is so adjusted to help them identify their one enemy, vampires. It is not clear whether it is heightened in other circumstances, but they certainly know vampires at a distance, finding their smell sickly sweet and repellent.

However, some shape-shifters can get used to the smell of the vampires. They both spent time together, they can learn to feel more comfortable than before around vampires. It is reported that a vampire and werewolf are natural born enemies. This was not the case. Werewolves were protectors of the vampires centuries ago. There have been a few mates found between werewolves and vampires.

Shape-shifters’ eyes are extremely sharp and can see very far. Their sense of sight is known to be ten times better than the average human, twice as good as the average bird of preys. It is unknown if shape-shifters can see into the invisible spectrum of light, like. Even in their human form, a wolf can easily recognize a vampire. They see much more than the characteristic paleness, eye color, and beauty. To wolves, a vampire appears reflective and angular, almost like moving crystal.

They all have excellent hearing even in their human forms.

Pack behavior Main article:

In their wolf forms, shape-shifters show the general behavior of their titular animals, though they retain their human intelligence, memories, and character, up to and including showing their human eyes. Pack members are also telepathically linked with each other, enhancing their coordination during hunts and fights but allowing little or no privacy at any time. The Alphas of two different packs are able to communicate telepathically and can control what thoughts they share, while the subordinates of different packs don’t show this ability.

The dominant male, the Alpha, can force the other pack members to obey his orders against their will. So can the Beta, though he can’t command his own Alpha. Even if it’s implied, it is unknown whether this characteristic is also extended down the pack hierarchy.

Alpha status is related to lineage. However, should a genetical Alpha be unavailable, it is possible for a pack to select a new Alpha from, possibly, its ranks. Thought possible, even a lower-ranking pack member can challenge the Alpha for status but not recommended as they will die.

The Luna is able to mentally shield a whole pack of shape-shifters by focusing solely on its Alpha, with the protection cascading down through the ranks. A comparison with a computer net appears therefore obvious, suggesting that a pack does not simply operate as a highly integrated group of intelligent and trained wolves but is almost a neural net with multiple consciousness foci operating together, the Alpha’s being the coordinator.


Pack is synonymous with ‘family’ for werewolves. Because werewolves are often forced to keep the secret of their identity from their family and friends, their pack become their family and friends. Werewolves are naturally loyal creatures. Treachery is one of the most despicable crimes to their kind. Hence it has the most severe punishment: exile and sometimes death.

Werewolf packs are hierarchical. They are roughly based on the structure that naturally occurs, but are tempered by a need for human society and order.

Packs range in numbers. Some have hundreds to thousands of werewolves while another pack will only have five. It depends upon the werewolf population in the area and how many other packs are vying for territory in that area.

Pack territories can be huge, taking up entire cities and, in some cases, provinces or states. When one pack encroaches on another’s territory it can mean serious trouble. Multiple dominants in the same area will often result in conflict, especially when Alphas are in the same area. Sometimes they fight to the death and the Alpha who wins takes over. The wolves from the leaderless pack either merge with the newly dominant pack or they roam to find another. In a few rare cases, the Alphas manage to divide the territory and form a treaty.

Inner-pack rivalries for dominance are not unheard of either, and a subordinate werewolf may challenge a leader for their position.


Werewolf’s have 24 pairs of chromosomes, one more than a human and one less than a vampire, but the same number as vampire hybrids. The exact nature of the extra chromosome is unknown, but it may carry the genes needed for the shape-shifting abilities of the bearer. The hypothesis is that it is somehow passed down only in Y-chromosome carrying sperm, which would explain why almost all first-born children of Alpha’s are shape-shifters are male,


The issue of imprinting is also critical as it is how the shape-shifters find their soulmates. “It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like... gravity moves. When you see her or him, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She or he does. And nothing matters more than her or him.” Once shape-shifters have imprinted, they will feel the need to constantly be in their soulmate’s presence and to unconditionally give them whatever they want or need. Should the imprintee be an infant, the shape-shifter will act as an older brother or sister; romantic feelings will not develop until she comes of age. Imprinting works on both humans and hybrids. A wolf can imprint on a hybrid or human. It is shape-shifter law that no wolf may harm the imprintee of a fellow pack member, as this will lead to destructive in-pack fighting.

Zander slammed the book shut looking at his mother said, reading this is not helping us. She said you don’t get it, do you? The first part about a vampire and wolf mating? Do you not realized that Sara and her brothers are part vampire and part wolf. They are the grandchildren of the Vampire king and queen. Sara’s mother was a vampire her father a wolf. Vampires and wolfs and co-exist.

There are not that many vampires in the world anymore, however, the time may come that Sara could be kidnapped and taken to her grandparents castle. She is next in line to become the queen of the vampires. Her mother was their only child. Therefore, Sara will be queen. Logan stood up yelling, fuck that. Sara is not going anywhere. His mother said, Logan, we can’t stop it, if they choose to come for her.

The agreement made was that they would leave Sara alone as long as she was mated and marked by a werewolf. So far that has not happened because the males today can’t stay true to their real mates or accept them most of the time. If they take Sara and she is angry she could start a war with the wolves. That is why her mother asked me to make sure Sara was safe.

Zander said, well hell. That means if you found out about Sara, then her grandparents will have heard and be going to Alpha Cash’s pack wanting to see their granddaughter maybe even take her. We have to talk to Alpha Camron right away. I will call him. Alpha Cash told Sara they needed to head back to the packhouse. He said, Sara, we have to let them know you are their Luna. We have to schedule the Luna ceremony.

She smiled up at him and said. Cash, my life has been really a fucking mess. Are you really sure you want me as your Luna? Cash kissed her forehead and told her. Sara, I wanted you the minute I first saw you at the airport. You don’t know how bad I wanted to take you in the car. He said, I know I want you as my mate and Luna. Cash said. I Alpha Cash accept you Sara as my mate and Luna. Sara said, I Sara take you Cash as my Alpha and mate. She then kissed him and said. Let’s get ready to go to the packhouse.

He smiled and said you have made me very happy. He told Sara that he would never cheat on her and will always be by her side. Sara told Cash you already know my life is a mess. He grinned and stated that it will work out in the end. So, they gathered the things and got in the car and drove to packhouse to let everyone know she is fine and to schedule the ceremony for this weekend.

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