My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 20: Talk with Alpha Camron

The phone rang at alpha Cash’s pack. Zander asked if Alpha Camron was available. He was told just a moment and I will get him. This is Alpha Camron how can I help you? This is Alpha Zander, Alpha Camron we just found out some news regarding Sara. Is it possible for you to come to my packhouse so we can discuss it? Alpha Camron said I will be there in one hour. I hung up the phone looking at my mother, and Logan telling them he will be here in an hour.

In the meantime is there anything else you can tell us, mother? Like how you became friends with Sara’s mother? His mother folded her hands on the table and said what would you like to know? Logan said, how did you meet her? Their mother said, I got lost in the woods, fell and hurt my ankle. I couldn’t walk. She was running in the woods, as the woods actually belonged to her parents. She found me. We started talking and she carried me to the edge of the territory.

I mine lined the warriors not to harm her. Your grandfather came and took me from her and thanked her for helping me. I told him we were friends. He said really? He looked at her and said. You are welcome to come and see Kelly any time. She bowed her head showing respect to my father, turned around and left. But, not before putting her phone number in my phone and mine in hers.

Kelly said, believe it or not, but I have been to the vampire castle. I grew up there, spent many nights with Sara’s mother. They really are not bad people once you got to know them. Sara’s parents treated me like I was theirs. Our families even celebrated holidays, birthdays, and graduation together. There was a knock on the office door. I said, come in.

I stood up as Alpha Camron entered the room. I shook hands with him. He looked over and saw mother, and he smiled walking towards her saying, Kelly, what a pleasure to see you again. She stood up and said, Camron it is good to see you again but not under these circumstances. I invited him to have a seat. He sat down and asked what we needed to discuss.

Mother looked at him and said, Sara’s grandparents. Alpha Camron said, shit. I forgot about them. I remember the agreement. Goddam Chris and is fucking behavior. He said this can bring a whole lot of problems down on all of us. He said have you heard from them? Mother shook her head saying not yet.

She said I have a feeling they may have heard and could be coming to your packhouse demanding to know where their granddaughter is. He said I know. I need to prepare for their arrival. He looked at mom and said, how did you find out? She said it sure wasn’t from these two dumbasses. She said she heard from one of her pack members, and they heard from a relative of one your pack members.

Alpha Camron said, then her grandparents have found out. Thank, you for the warning. I really forgot about them. They are going to be royally pissed off about how she has been recently treated by her first and second mates. Zander looked at his mother, and Alpha Camron and said, that explains why she has 4 mates. Alpha Camron said, five mates. Alpha Cash is another mate. He said, well I better get back to the packhouse and call them before they call or arrive on my doorsteps.

After he left I looked at Logan and mom and said. You both knew she had 5 mates and didn’t tell me? Kelly said Sara has to choose, or should I say her wolf has to choose who her mate will be now. Logan laughed and said well that’s easy. Her first mate didn’t want her so she rejected him. Her second mate cheated on her and she left, her third mate died, and now that leaves you Zander and Alpha Cash. I said well, now just to find Sara. Mother looked at me and said, how will you fill if Sara chooses Alpha Cash? I said very sad and hurt. But, I want her to be happy. I got up and left my office and went to my room to lay down.

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