My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 21: Arriving back at the Black Moon Packhouse

The pack members were out front as Alpha Cash and now Sara, the Alpha Luna got out of the car. several of the pack members were shocked to see Cash and Sara holding hands. Cash walked up the front steps and pulled Sara to his side with his arm around her waist. He said I want to let you all know that I have marked and mated Sara. She is now your Luna and we will prepare to have the Luna ceremony this weekend.

So please start the preparations. Several she-wolfs growled and stated. Well isn’t this something. They talk about the man not being able to make up their mind and here Sara has four men chasing her. Alpha Cash slowly turned around and said. Not that it is any of you she-wolfs business but your Luna had five mates. She just had to choose one.

I was very lucky that she choose me for her mate. Now, are there any more snide remarks that need to be discussed? I didn’t think so. The next she-wolf that disrespects their Luna will be sent to the cells. I am not your old Alpha. I will not be putting up with the behaviors that you have all exhibited before I came. There will be new rules in place and those will be discussed at a later date. And let me tell you. You will not like them.

Alpha Cash then turned back around and proceeded into the packhouse with Sara. He walked to the stairs and straight to the Alpha floor. He said, Sara, as the Luna you may change anything you want to. I think this whole floor needs to be remodeled. What do you think? I grinned and stated that we should get to work on that. He looked down at her and said, I am a lucky man.

Alpha Cash also stated that he already had her clothes and things put in the Alpha bedroom. Alpha Cash whispered in her ear. I want to make out for a while. He then pulled her into the bedroom and onto the bed where he proceeded to kiss her. Sara doesn’t know it but her maternal grandfather the vampire king is Aldon, which means old friend/wise protector, Origin is Angelo-Saxon. Her maternal grandmother the vampire queen is Angeni, meaning, spirit/Angel origin American Indian.

There was shouting and screaming in the pack house. Alpha Cash’s Beta, Beta Andy came pounding on the Alpha’s bedroom door yelling. We have a problem. The Vampire King and Queen are downstairs demanding to see their granddaughter Princess Sara. Alpha Cash opened the door and said, what the fuck are you talking about. Beta Andy looked at Sara and said, The Vampire King and Queen are demanding to see Luna Sara.

He said, she is their granddaughter. I looked at him as if he had grown two heads. Alpha Cameron said, it’s true. Lets go downstairs. We followed him downstairs to the living room. When they saw Sara walk in holding my hand the appeared happy. Alpha Cameron welcomed them to the pack house and explained that his son rejected Sara and then he had three nephews for the Alpha title and his pack. He stated that Alpha Cash one and he is now the Alpha. He stated that Sara is his Luna and that he had mated and marked her.

Her grandfather reminded Alpha Cameron of the agreement that was made. He looked at Sara and asked. Is this man of your choosing or were you forced? Sara replied I choose Alpha Cash to be my mate. I explained that when I first met him I was drawn to him. My face turning red my grandmother said. It is natural if your body wanted to mate with him child. It is not something to be ashamed of.

Sara replied. I am not ashamed of wanting to have sex with my mate. She smiled and stated that is a good thing. She asked me if my mate and I would like to visit them at the castle and get to know them. She stated you are a princess and you're next in line to be the queen of the vampires. My mouth dropped open and I asked. How is that possible? I am a wolf.

She smiled and touched my cheek lightly and said. Your mother was a vampire and your father a wolf. I said, but vampires and wolfs are enemies. Grandfather said, not at first we weren’t. He stated that the wolfs would protect them in the old days, then there was a war but that was long ago. He stated that they had made peace however, if I was not happy then they would take me back with them and a war would break out.

I said, but I am happy. I love my mate. I don’t want a war. He smiled and said. That is good news then we have no problems. He asked. When is the Luna Ceremony. I said this weekend. Grandfather said, wonderful. We will be attending. He then said, we must make our leave and kissed my cheek saying. They were very happy to see the woman I had grown up to be.

We walked them to the door and said, we will see you next week. They waved goodbye and went back to their castle. Alpha Cameron sighed a relief and said. I am so glad we avoided a war. Looking at me he said, Sara, they would have taken you back to their kingdom and started a war if you were not mated and happy. I asked why?

He said because they agreed to let you live as your parents wanted however, if by the time you received your wolf and you were not mated at that time you would return to the Vampire kingdom and taken over the throne as the queen. Beta Andy came back with a beautifully carved box and said. Your grandparents had this delivered.

It is your crown and they want to see you wear it at the ceremony. I opened the box and my mouth dropped open. I said, this is beautiful. I can’t believe I am the vampire princess. I gasped. This is so beautiful. I don’t know if I can wear it. Cash said, sweetheart your grandparents want you to wear it so you will wear it. Let's lock it up in the safe.

I saw several she-wolf look at the crown with envy in their eyes. Cash looked at them and said. This should tell you that you could have been the Luna’s friend. Now you have a real reason to fear her. She is going to be the Queen of Vampires some day. We turned and walked to his office to put the crown in the safe.

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