My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 22: Preparing for the ceremony

When we arrived back to the clubhouse I worried. I cannot deny that. I had so many Alpha's wanting to claim that I was their mates. But, Cash is my mate. I was so tired and getting easily agitated with all the dam sluts in the club house. With more people arriving for the ceremony the more single men here has started to become an issues. I had so many women complaining about them even sneaking into their bedrooms at night I started crying.

I felt my Luna's sadness and hurt. I growled and stormed into the pack house. Where is your Luna? I saw her run up the stairs towards your bedroom one members said. Alpha, she looked so sad and upset. I walked up the stairs to our room. I opened the door and saw her laying in the bed crying. I shut the door and walked over and climbed onto the bed. I pulled Sara into my arms.
Sara, what is wrong? "Cash, I can't take the way our single she-wolfs are behaving. They are disrespecting you and this pack. Sneaking into the all single male wolfs bedrooms at night and then being thrown out. It looks like our club has no respect at all. I am trying to stop the fights between the single men and there newly found mates because of the sluts in this pack.
I also am tired and tomorrow is our ceremony. I will take care of it Sara. Now, I want you to stay here and I call your friends to come over. Have a night of watching movies, or going shopping. "I love you so much Cash." I love you more. If you want we can get your aunt and my mom involved with making sure everything runs smooth. "Please, I just do not want to deal with anything right now.
I will take care of it. If anyone comes to you today tell them to see my mom or your aunt. I will send them up here in a few minutes. I kissed my mate before walking out the door. I walked down the hall to the stairs. I saw my and her aunt Diane talking. I mine linked mom to bring Diane with her and come to my office.
I was pissed off right now. My mate should not be crying and having to deal with the club sluts. Not today or tomorrow. I heard the knock on the door. Come in I said. Darling what is going on that has you so upset? I told them what Sara said and she is in our bedroom crying. We will take care of everything Cash. Do not worry. We walked out of his office and to their bedroom.
We knocked on the door and Sara told us to come in. Sara, we are going to take care of everything. I want you to go to that bathroom and fill the tub with bubble salts and get in it and relax. Why you do that, we are going downstairs and put those club sluts in their place. And how will you do that aunt Diane? I looked at Cash's mother and we said, "lock them in the cells tonight and they will be let out three hours before your ceremony to get ready.
Then we are going to make sure the decorations and food are prepared right. Now, get in that bathroom. Cash's mother looked at me and asked if I knew jus who the sluts were. Oh, I know them all. As we walked down the stairs I pulled several warriors to a corner. Everyone of you know who the sluts are in this clubhouse. I want you to find them and bring them all to the game room right now. Yes, Luna Laura. We walked into the game room and told everyone to get out.
In 20 minutes the 10 club sluts were sitting in front of us. I looked at them and smiled. You 10 are going to be place into the cells right now. You all have caused enough problems the last to days the Alpha is tired of it. You will have your meals brought to you and three hours before the ceremony you will let out to get ready. If you continue this behavior guess where you will be sleeping again.
I looked at the Warriors and said, "take them to the cells" Make sure supper is taken down to them as well as their breakfast and lunch. Luna Laura, shall we now go and check to see how the food is coming along as well as the decorating? I smiled at Diane and said, yes, we shall.
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