My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 23: The Day Of The Luna Ceremony

I was nervous but I was ready to officially become the Alpha female of the Red Moon Pack. There was a knock on my bedroom door. As I opened it I saw Cash standing there in a Tux. My eyes raked over his body and noticed just how handsome he looked with his black hair flowing free down past his shoulders. I gasped and said, You’re not wearing your turban. He smiled and said, "I don’t always wear it." I said you look so handsome. His dark brown eyes twinkled and he said, you look very beautiful. Bending down and kissing my lips.

He took my hand leading me down the stairs walking me to where the ceremony was being held. The whole pack along with three other packs were seated there looking excited to see their new Alpha female officially become the luna. There were a few exceptions such as the pack sluts and whores who thought they should be the luna. As I walked to the stage and up the stairs, my heart was beating so fast that I new Cash could hear it. He held my hand as he walked up to the microphone. He started speaking in it.

Today we gather to witness a very special bonding ceremony. I am Alpha Cash now of the Red Moon Pack. I came here with three of my male cousin to fight for the privilege of becoming the Alpha of this pack. As you know he said looking down at me. Sara was officially supposed to be Alpha Cameron’s son’s mate but he rejected her. She had five mates and I am happy to say that I was the Alpha she chose to take as her mate. When I first laid my eyes on Sara I knew the Moon Goddess sent myself and my cousins here for a reason. All though they were not chosen to have the privilege of being one of her mates. I knew she was going to be mine.

He picked up the dagger holding his hand over the bowl cutting his palm, he then handed the dagger to me and I did the same. I put the dagger on the table and Cash placed his hand in mine. Sara, do you promise to uphold the duties of being the Luna and pledge your loyalties to this pack until you take your last breath? I said “I do” as he held my hand with pride. He proudly said I decree you, Sara, to be the new Luna of the Red Moon Pack. As the pack howled with pride Cash grabbed me kissing my lips. The pack members moved toward the stage to welcome me as the Luna and congratulate us.

Grabbing my hand he said let’s celebrate. He walked to a couple standing at the end of the steps. He said, Sara, I want you to meet my father Alpha and my mother officially. They both hugged me and said welcome to the family. We walked to the tables to get our plates and food and then went to sit down where we could get to know each other better. Next, I met his oldest brother who is the Alpha of the Black Crow Pack, his younger brother, and his sister.

They all welcomed me to the family with his siblings saying to Cash. You have a beautiful and strong mate. She has gone through a lot and we are pleased that you did not reject her. As we sat taking The lead slut, Kate and three of her followers walked up to our table. Kate looked at Cash’s brothers and said well, well, well. The slut Luna is sure getting around. Cash stood up just has his sister grabbed Kate around her throat saying, you will not disrespect my family or my sister in law your Luna.

She said, you four have no respect for yourself or your bodies. My brother’s said to them. You are a woman we would not even bring home to our mother even if you were our mates which you are not. My youngest brother said to Kate, I smell at least a dozen different male scents on you. Whore leave us before I kill you. My sister threw Kate across the yard while other pack members laughed at them.

luna Lara, Cash’s mother asked, can I see your mating mark. Her eyes got big and she said, Son, you are very powerful or Sara is. Cash said, guys don’t freak out but I want you to meet Sara’s grandparents. He went and brought them to the table. Sara will be the queen of the vampires. His dad and mom jumped up exclaiming excitedly saying, where have you been hiding yourselves?

Her grandparents smiling hugging them. They sat down at the table with us. Luna Laura said, Sara, I didn’t know you were the princess. I was good friends with your mother and Randy was good friends with your father. Cash and I were stunned. I said, gramps, you are telling me you know everyone. He laughed and said yes we do. I said, one big happy family. Laura and Randy said we had always hoped you would marry one of our sons.

Now you have. I looked at them funny and they asked what? did you think all wolves hate vampires? I said actually, I didn’t know I was part vampire. Grandma said the crown looks good on you little one. I smiled when she said, don’t think that is the Queen crown it isn’t that is the princess crown.

I said oh no, and I just bet it is heavier than this one. Laughing she said yes it is. I sat quietly listening to everyone talk and Cash looked down saw me yawning and said. I need to get my Luna to bed. She is exhausted. As he picked me up to carry me to bed his mom, grandma and his sister said we should go shopping tomorrow. I said that’s good for me. Night everyone and thank you for coming.

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