My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 25: Visit Alpha Drake's

We were informed to visit Alpha Drake and get as much information as we can. As we pulled up to the packhouse I could not believe the condition it was in. We walked and there was broken furniture, dishes were broken on the kitchen floor, the television was broken, the beds were broken and things are thrown into the swimming pool. I was angry. Very angry and walked up the stairs demanding to know where Alpha Drake was.

Some pack members said where he usually is in his bedroom forcing a girl to have sex with him. As we got to his bedroom door we heard crying and then a slap. I shoved his door open and yelled at him to stop hitting that girl. He turned and looked at me with anger. His eyes icy. He was drunk. I asked him what the hell was wrong with him. I told him he has let his pack go to hell.

He lay back on his bed and said, It went to hell when you left me. I gritted my teeth and told him it went to hell because all he wanted to do was have sex with sluts and whores. He was drinking and not taking care of his business and his pack members. He looked at me and said, I am taking care of my pack members at least some of them.

I slapped his face and told him he was a disgrace to Alpha’s and turned and left the room. Alpha Keith looked at him and said, I give you a week to get sober as I challenge you for your alpha position and turned and walked out of the bedroom. We left the packhouse and went and talked to the elders and council members and told them what we observed at Alpha Drake’s packhouse.

They were also notified that Alpha Keith gave him one week to get sober and he challenged him for his title and his packhouse. Alpha Keith is going to win and this is not going to end well. He doesn’t want to have to kill Alpha Drake but he will if it is necessary. I can’t believe the condition of the packhouse. I cried as it at one time had been very beautiful.

As Alpha Keith walked out of the bedroom Alpha Drake threw a whiskey bottle across the room growling. He said he can’t challenge me for my title and packhouse. He heard a knock on the bedroom door and he yelled what do you want? He was informed that he was wanted on the phone by the council members. He answered the phone and demanded that they put a stop to the challenge.

They told him they can’t and it will take place in one week at Alpha Cash’s territory at 9:00 am. on Saturday. Everyone is ordered to attend and watch the challenge. They then hung up the phone. Alpha Drake yelled for someone to get him another bottle of whiskey. I need at least this last bottle before I get myself in shape. Alpha Drake told his wolf maybe we should re-enlist in the military and get our shit together.

His wolf told him that he has done a lot of damage to his packhouse and his pack members. He said you have done some unforgivable things. You have basically raped several of your female pack members and they all hate you. Even your brother has no use for you anymore. He and Donna are very angry with you and ashamed of you and the things you have done.

Hell, I am your wolf and hate you right now. I also know that Sara was not your mate. She was a girl you wanted because she was a virgin and pure. You got mad because she caught you fucking sluts. And because of that her faith in you was gone. She felt you didn’t value her and finally understood that you really didn’t want her. Well congratulation you dumb ass, you lost one of your best friends.

Alpha Drake said to his wolf. Shut the fuck up no one asked you. You are telling me to shut the fuck up. Ok, Let’s see how you fight the challenge without me. Alpha Drake then felt a change. He couldn’t feel his wolf any longer. His wolf had had it with him so he withdrew into Alpha Drakes mind. He is a very stubborn wolf and once he says something he means it.

Alpha Drake knew he had messed up. Really messed up. He made his pack members do things they would not normally do. He knew he got half his pack members killed trying to fight the Red Moon Pack. He also started feeling sorry for himself because he lost the best friend he had. Sara. He started remembering the good time they had. Her laughter, her love for him. Her smiling eyes.

He started crying. He withdrew remembering everything he had done. He knew he was not going to win the challenge but he would show up and give it his best shot. Then when he lost he would leave and re-enlist in the military. He would volunteer for missions that would take his mind off of Sara and all the things he had done.

Alpha Drake fell asleep feeling sorry for himself. When he woke up he realized that his packhouse was much quieter than usual. He sat up on the side of his bed with his head in his hands. He jumped up running to the bathroom and vomited up nothing but liquid. His throat burned. He realized what he had done because he did just this same thing when he first joined the military to stay away from Sara.

He sat on the bathroom floor realizing that he had gone over the edge again. He slowly got up and took a shower, he went to get clean clothes when he noticed the mess his bedroom was in. There was whiskey bottles all over the place, broken glass, clothes thrown around, holes in his walls. He sighed and got his clothes and walked down the hallway.

He saw doors on bedrooms broken, beds were broken, rooms destroyed. He said to himself. What the hell is going on in this packhouse? As he walked down the stairs and noticed the rest of the house and the destruction he couldn’t believe it. I saw several pack members just passed out or hanging around talking and arguing. I asked, what the hell is going on here?

They all stopped talking and their mouths dropped open. They said, laughing, he’s alive. Alpha Drake growled and said why is this packhouse looking like this? They shrugged their shoulders and said. Because you helped destroy it just as much as we did. I said, I want this cleaned up and it better be done by the time I get back from my run.

I walked out the back door and noticed the pool, and the outside of the house just as destroyed. The yard had not been mowed and grass what reaching 4 feet high, the yard was destroyed with trash thrown all over. I was pissed. What have I done I asked myself. I started running and had gone one mile when I was sweating so much I could have taken my shirt off and wring it out. I started to talk to my wolf and got no reply. I stopped running attempting again.

I came upon the lake and stopped to rest. I finally understood that my wolf is refusing to answer me. I became more frightened thinking, have I lost my wolf for good this time? Trying to remember everything I had done I couldn’t. the one thing I did remember was Sara slapping my face and walking out of my bedroom. I thought to myself just how drunk was I, how long has it been since I talked to my brother? I got up started running to the packhouse.

Dam, I am so out of shape even the military would give me a hard time. I slowed as I arrived at the packhouse. I was disgusted with myself at the way I not only let myself down but I let my pack members down as well. As I started walking to the back door of the packhouse I noticed there were only about four or five men working in the backyard.

As I entered the packhouse I observed the single she-wolfs running away from me. I stopped walking and thought, just what the fuck did I do while I was drunk? The living room was cleaned out and a few pack members were washing the walls getting ready to paint them. I walked past my beta and asked him to come to my office. He looked at me with anger in his eyes. What office?

He said you destroyed that too. I didn’t believe him so I went to look at my office. I hung my head and said. I don’t deserve to be their Alpha anymore. Maybe everyone is right and I should just hand my pack over to Alpha Keith and walk away. I picked up the one chair that wasn’t broken and sat down in it leaning and putting my head in my hands.

I noticed my hands shaking and I wanted a drink so bad, however, I refused to give in and start drinking again. I knew I had some damage control to work on. I also realized that my wolf is refusing to talk to me. I must have done some really stupid things. I looked up as my beta entered the room. I said to him that I went off the deep end didn’t I?

He said sighing Alpha Drake, I brought my head up looking at him and asked, why are you calling me Alpha Drake instead of by my name? My beta glared at me and he said. I am ashamed to call you my friend after everything you have done. I just sat there and looked at him. I said why is everyone walking around here tiptoe? And why are all the girls running away when they see me?

My beta said because you raped almost all the girls in this pack who have dark hair and thin just like Sara is. Married and single. I dropped my mouth open and said how long? How long have I been drunk and let things go? Where is Mike and why as my betta did you not take over?

He sighed and said. You got several pack members and got half killed when you went to Alpha Cash’s territory demanding that he give Sara to you. You started a war with Alpha Cash and you lost. Then about 25 more pack members left and joined other packs. I couldn’t believe that I was being accused of raping the single she-wolfs and married she-wolfs in my pack.

I called the council myself and asked for a meeting. It is scheduled at 1:00 today. I then called my previous Capitan and asked if he had any undercover operations going on and stated that I would like to be sent on as many missions as he can arrange. Next, I told my beta that I was going to hand my pack over to Alpha Keith as I was not the Alpha I should have been for this pack.

He said I do think that is the best decision you could have made after everything that has taken place the last three months. I told him I would be leaving tomorrow and not coming back. I then walked out of the office and went to my room. I pulled out the duffle bags I used while in the military and started packing. I looked at the clock and realized that I needed to head over to the Council’s office.

As I walked in I saw Alpha Cash, Sara, and Alpha Keith. The council explained that the challenge was called off as long as Alpha Keith was willing to step in and take over the Black Moon Pack as their Alpha. They explained that Alpha Drake was not willing to continue to be the Alpha of the pack and he was going on some mission’s for the military and not be returning.

Alpha Keith stated he was willing to take the pack over starting tomorrow. Alpha Drake asked, can I talk with Sara? Alpha Cash looked at Sara and she nodded her head. They left the room and Alpha Drake said, I am sorry about the way things turned out. I let myself get out of control.

Thank you for slapping my face and getting me to see reason again. Looking up at her I said, Sara, you do know that I will always love you. I then got up from the chair walked over and kissed her forehead and said, I am sorry I ruined our friendship and he turned and walked out of the door and out of my life forever.

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