My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 26: Taking over the Black Moon Pack

We arrived at the Black Moon Pack today. There were about 400 pack members still there. I walked up to the stage and said. I am Alpha Kevin, this is my Luna Tammy. I am the cousin of Alpha Cash. I am now your new Alpha. There will be some new rules around here. First off everyone will pitch in and help. There are not Omega’s.

The young will attend school and work if they are old enough. All adults will work. The women will help cook and clean and take care of the children. Everyone from the ages of 6 years old to 70 will train and learn to fight to protect this pack. The number one rule and you better not break is. If you are not mated to someone you will not date or hook up.

This pack will remain pure for their mate. If you want to be sluts and whores leave now and find a pack that will accept that because I will not have that in my pack is that understood? Ok, the first order of business is to get this packhouse in order. I need a list of what needs to be replaced and fixed in my office tomorrow.

My wife and Luna, Tammy will be looking around and letting me know what is needed to be changed and you will follow directions she gives you as if I was giving them is that understood? Yes, Alpha they said. I then said let’s get this packhouse put back into a home. You are dismissed. Luna’s Tammy and Sara were walking up the stairs to the fifth floor to look at the damage done to the Alpha floor when they overheard a conversation going on between 4 girls.

Sara put her finger to her mouth, pulled out her phone and pushed the record. She sat the phone just outside the room the girls were talking in and they then walked down the stairs. After about 15 minutes they heard the door open and the girls walk out and watched as they walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Sara and Tammy ran up the stairs picked up the phone and walked up to the Alpha’s floor.

Sara sat down on the floor and pushed play. What they heard made them sick. The girls were talking about trying to drug Alpha Kevin and Alpha Cash and have sex with them and record it hoping that Luna’s Tammy and Sara will leave the Alpha’s. I was angry. So angry that I dragged Tammy out of the room and went in search of Cash and Kevin.

They saw me coming and Cash said to Kevin. Shit, Sara is mad, I wonder what happened. Sara looked at me and Kevin and said let’s take a walk so we have some privacy. Kevin looked at Tammy and noticed how sad she looked. I asked Sara once we were about 1/2 mile from the packhouse what was going on. She explained that as she and Tammy walked up the stairs to go to the Alpha floor they overheard some girls talking.

So Sara said, I pushed record on my phone, put it on the floor by the bedroom door and Tammy and I walked back downstairs waiting for the girls to come out of that room. I said once they did and walked downstairs to the kitchen Tammy and I walked back up the stairs and I picked up my phone and we continued to the Alpha floor where we heard this, and I pushed the play button.

Both Keith and Cash were pissed off enough that the downed four huge trees before getting their anger under control. They stormed back to the packed house and called a mandatory meeting in 10 minutes. Once everyone was present he demanded all females to sit in the front row seats. He then said I am going to warn you women and warn you one time only.

There are about 4 that will be punished today. He said, I am going to play something and I want you to identify who is talking on this tape. If you know and don’t you will also be punished. He played the tape and all the pack members said, the girls on that tape are sitting in front of you with their heads looking at the ground. Alpha Keith told 8 guards to step forward one on each side of the girls.

He said you do know the punishment for trying to drug and sleep with an Alpha? Especially if that Alpha is mated? They said yes, Alpha and they were already shaking. He said, guards, take them to the whipping post. Everyone watched as the guards took them away. Alpha Kevin then said, did you think I was joking when I said punishment would be dealt out? I wasn’t.

He then said I do not appreciate my pack members trying to make a fool out of me or trying to get in my bed. I have a mate, she is beautiful and all I need. I do not believe in fucking around and cheating. I was not raised that way. This pack is going to have a good reputation, not some goddam nasty reputation do you understand?

Yes, Alpha we understand. Now, he said this offense is against the Alpha’s Luna that these girls wanted to drug and fuck and therefore it is their Luna’s right to deal out the punishment. So, am going to hand the stage over to Luna’s Tammy and Sara. Tammy said, I came and went form this back since I was small just like Sara. You all know us. You also know we are fair but this, this we cannot stand by and let go. So I and Sara have discussed the punishment and she is going to tell you all what that punishment will be.

I walked onto the stage and said, We have decided that the girls will remain chained to the post for three days and nights without food or water. On the fifth day, they will be whipped with the whip dipped in wolfbane, they will receive 10 lashes. After they are whipped they are to remain chained in position for two more days but may receive a drink of water every hour and bread.

After that, they will be treated by the pack doctor. They will return to training two days after receiving medical treatment, they are not to change into their wolf for 3 months. The next time they attempt to get any man to fuck them that is not their mate they will be banned from this pack for life. Any questions? A woman said, Sara, we have known you as you say most of your life.

We have never thought you could be this cruel. I looked at her and said, one of them is your daughter, isn’t she? She nodded her head. I said, then ask any of the women here if it was their mate she was attempting to fuck if they think it is cruel? She looked around and several said, I would demand her death. That was the end of it.

She said I would rather have my daughter alive than dead. Tammy said you do understand that actually they can all be put to death for this? They said yes Luna Tammy and that is why we are not arguing with you over the punishment. Tammy said you are all dismissed. I looked at Tammy and said, I need to fight. She grinned and said, time for Zena to come out? Yes, I said. I have a fight tonight.

Let the Mike and Donna know ok. Sure she said. I was up in my room getting my bag ready for tonight when Tammy came running in. She said, guess what I heard? I said I don’t know what? She said I heard your brothers and Cash and Kevin talking. They heard Zena was fighting tonight and they are going to watch her. I laughed. She then said that Cash told them that Zena was is a favorite fighter. I laughed so hard I fell on the bed saying if he only knew. She said this is going to be funny.

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