My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 29: Raylan

Just as we got to the end of the stairs the doorbell rang. A pack member opened the door with his mouth hanging open. Raylan asked is Sara here? He couldn’t say anything just pointed at me. I walked over taking my finger and put it under his chin and closed his mouth. Raylan hugged me and said, I am here. I said yes you are. Suddenly we were surrounded by several males. Some trying to flirt with Raylan.

They were saying aren’t you the wrestling partner of Zena. She laughed and said yes I am. Cash must have mine linked Kran as he was walking down the steps. He saw Raylan and he said, mate. She looked up and started running to him and jumped into his arms. Several of the males yelled you, lucky devil, you. Why couldn’t she be my mate?

We laughed and I said, you two go ahead and get to know each other properly and Kran carried her to his room. The guys said Luna Sara do you know Zena too? Cash said, she sure does and she is not going to get her to come here to meet you so now go back to what you all were doing so that your Luna and I can get something to eat.

I asked, are you sure you want me to stop wearing my mask? He stated he has to think about it now because I would sure have a lot more attention if the guys knew I was Zena. I laughed and walked towards the kitchen to get my coffee and food. I looked at Cash and said we need to do something. Like what he asked. I said I don’t know maybe go to the club or something.

He sighed and said. Why don’t we go to the cabin next weekend? I would love that. Some away time just the two of us. He looked at me and grinned. He whispered that way I can really get you to scream my name. I elbowed him and he laughed as he took a bit of his food. As I watched him I saw him staring off.

I knew he was mine linking with someone and he closed his mind off to me. What was that about I wondered? He looked at me and said, stay close by me, your brothers, or my dad or yours. I asked him why? He said we have some unwanted company. Who is it? He said Chris. I saw Alpha Camron coming down the stairs and heading for the front door. He was angry.

As we got to the door we saw Chris, Tara and about 50 men behind him. Chris said I came to challenge Alpha Cash for his title and this packhouse. The pack members all came and stood around to watch what was about to happen. My brother’s and Cash’s brothers surrounded me. Chris saw me and grinned smiling and said, well hello mate. Once I kill Alpha Cash I will mark and mate you.

I said, grinning like hell you will. Tara looked at him and started yelling, you can’t mark and mate her. You marked and matted me. He looked at her growling and said, yes I can, she is my real mate. Alpha Camron said to him, no you can’t. Not if she refuses. And she just said, no. Alpha Doug walked out the door to stand behind me. I felt him tense up. I looked at him and noticed he was looking at Tara.

She sniffed the air and noticed Alpha Doug and started walking towards him. Alpha Doug said, stop right there. Do not come near me you bitch. You have not only been marked and mated by my cousin, but I can smell at least 5 other men on you from here. You’re nothing but a slut and a whore. What is your name? Tara she said.

Well, I Alpha Doug reject you Tara as my mate and luna. She fell to the ground crying and looked up and said. I Tara accept your rejection. She then grabbed her chest and said, it hurts, it hurts really bad. Alpha Doug said, now you know how Sara felt. He then looked at Cash and said, cousin, kill him so he no longer interferes with you and Sara’s life.

I looked to my left and saw Raylan and Kran standing there. She looked at Chris and said, he is your real mate? I said yes, she said, he is not as good looking as Cash. I laughed and heard Kran growl. I said Cash you might as well get this over with. He sighed and said, I hate to have to kill my cousin. I said I know. Alpha Camron looked at Chris and said, your men will not interfere if they do you will all be killed.

Chris said, they won’t. A big circle was made around Chris and Cash. Chris jumped into the air turning into his wolf. Cash remained in human form while fighting Chris. As Chris jumped at Cash, Cash kicked Chris’s wolf in the side sending him flying five into a tree. Cash watched as Chris’s wolf stood up shaking off the effects of his back hitting the tree.

They continued to fight for about 15 minutes then Cash turned into his wolf biting Chris’s back leg. He bit so hard Chris was dragging his leg and unable to use it. Chris’s wolf jumped at Cash but Cash’s wolf clawed Chris from under his neck and down his belly. Cash managed to get his fangs into Chris’s neck begging him to surrender but Chris wouldn’t. Cash bit harder shaking Chris and snapped his neck.

Tara looked over at Chris’s dead body screaming that she no longer has a mate and her real mate rejected her. She looked at Cash and asked, what am I going to do now? She said, I don’t know nor do I care. He said, get off my territory before I kill you. He then looked at the males that Chris brought with him and told them.

You have 20 minutes to leave my territory before my warriors chase you. If you are still in my territory you will be killed. They all turned and ran. Cash looked at his uncle and said, I am sorry uncle Camron. He refused to submit. Alpha Camron with tears in his eyes said you had no other choice. He turned and walked into the packhouse.

I looked at Alpha Doug and said, I am sorry that Tara is your mate. Are you sure that you won’t give her a chance? He said I can’t. We both know what she is. He then walked towards the woods. As Cash and I turned to walk into the packhouse we heard the cry of a wolf that lost his mate. It was a very sad cry. We both knew that Alpha Doug would be running for a while. We were sad that he felt the need to reject Tara but we understood.

I prayed that Alpha Doug would find a second chance mate. He deserved a good mate not one like Tara. As we entered the packhouse, Cash took my hand and said. Let’s go take a nap. I grinned knowing what he meant by a nap. I woke up knowing I was in bed alone. I reached over and felt Cash’s side of the bed. It was cold. I got up and took a shower putting on clothes to train in. Raylan and I were going to the gym to train. As I left the room I walked down the stairs and towards the kitchen. Raylan was at the bottom of the steps when she grabbed my arm telling me to listen.

I wondered what she was talking about. Then I heard it. Some bitch was trying to make passes at Cash. Then I heard his brother say. Don’t these sluts get it? He then said, look you just arrived with your pack to stay for a while then you see my brother walk into the house and you decide to follow him and introduce yourself by saying “my name is Tina while trying to rub your hands on his chest”, then “you say, would you like to have a good time”.

Please, he has a mate, a beautiful mate who is the luna of this pack. She will kick your ass bitch. Raylan and I were grinning. I heard Cash tell her, don’t touch me using his Alpha voice. We walked into the kitchen and I saw a look of relief on Cash’s face. I walked over to him and shoved the girl out of the way. I put my arms around him and said, I missed you lover and kissed him.

The bitch asked who the hell are you? I saw him first. I looked at her and grinned, then said. Really. Because I believe I am his mate and wife. I then said, let me explain something. You are in my territory, staying in my packhouse and you will keep your slutty hands off my mate or I will rip them from your body. Do we understand each other?

She gave me a dirty look and stormed out of the kitchen. Cash thanked me for coming in when he did. He stated I don’t trust her. I have a bad feeling about that girl. We need to keep an eye on her. I told him. I trust you, I don’t trust her. I then grabbed some food and coffee and sat at the table. He asked what we girls were going to do today. I said we were going to the gym to practice.

I explained that we had been invited to participate in a wrestling match at the high school next week. He and Kran started laughing. They said this is going to be really good. We are going to have teen boys going around love sick about Zena wrestling at their gym. They were laughing as they walked out of the room. Cash stopped and winked at me and said. Can we play a joke on the boys?

I asked what kind of joke. He said how about during training I explain that if that can’t get their shit together they will be training for the next 3 weeks day and night and won’t be able to attend the wrestling match coming to their school? We laughed and agreed. Cash walked out the door while I finished eating and then Raylan and I walked toward the gym pass where Kran and Cash were training the boys.

We heard him yell what we discussed and then the boys ask what wrestling match? Cash asked, you mean you haven’t heard? He said Raylan and Zena will be wrestling at your school in two weeks. All the boys were begging Cash not to punish them like that. He grinned and said, it is up to you all and walked away.

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