My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 3: Street Racing

I called Mike and Donna letting them know I was just leaving the packhouse. Reminded them to meet me at the garage. All of a sudden I got the feeling I was being watched. I looked around but couldn’t see anyone. "My wolf said that I needed to be careful something wasn’t right." I got into my car and drove 10 miles down the road and took a turn off into the woods.

If you didn’t know the road was there you would miss it. As I arrived I saw Mike loading my car onto the trailer to take to the secret place we always race at. I had that feeling again and I noticed Mike stiffen and look around. "I said you have the feeling we are being watched?" He said yes, I do. "I said I had the same feeling as I was leaving the packhouse." Mike, Donna and I started looking around but couldn’t find anything. We jumped into the truck and Mike started to the meeting place.

As we arrived and started to unhook my car I heard someone walking towards us. I saw combat boots stop next to me. The person leaned his arm on my car and this pissed me off. I looked up gritting my teeth and there stood the idiot who thinks he can touch my baby. "I gritted my teeth and said, get your fucking, dirty hands off of my baby." He looked down at me grinning and looked at my car saying, beautiful car but too much for someone so tiny to handle. "I grinned and said, Oh, I can handle her alright." I shoved him aside and jumped onto the trailer and into my car backing her down the ramps. I revved her up and that drew a lot of attention. I started getting surrounded and all you could hear is, she devil is here now let the fun begin.

"Alpha Zander, asked who is she devil." A couple of people standing next to him laughed and "said Sara, is she devil. Only one person has ever out driven her and that is Mike’s older brother." Another guy told me that he has not been seen for about a year because he was in the military. He then said, he cares very much for Sara and would kill anyone who tries to hurt her. Another guy said, I heard he was back home but ordered everyone not to tell Sara. I wondered why Mike’s brother would not want Sara to know he was back home.

Just as I was wondering everyone parted from around Sara. Mike was grinning looking over Sara’s shoulder. Sara looked at Mike and "said what the hell are you grinning about?" He said nothing, turned and put his head in the car coming back out and putting Sara’s helmet on the roof of the car and said, "you might want to look who is standing behind you." I said "gritting my teeth if that is Alpha Zander tell him to go away." Mike then grinned laughing and said nope.

I turned around and saw Drake, Mikes older brother standing not five feet from me. I started running and jumped into his arms screaming Drake, Drake, your home. He wrapped his strong arms around me hugging me and put his face in my neck sniffing me. Mike looked over at Alpha Zander grinning. Alpha Zander said who the hell is he? Mike said, my older brother. Alpha Zander gritted his teeth and asked if he and Sara are a couple.

I grinned and said no, not that Drake wouldn’t like to. I said Sara looks at him as another brother, however, at one time I think she wanted a relationship with Drake but since Drake never showed he was interested in her she chooses not to show her real feelings for him. I looked at Sara and this Drake. I looked at the love he has for Sara and wanted to rip her out of his arms. I then "said I think you need to put her down and get away from her."

Sara jerked her head around and growled saying "don’t you ever tell Drake he can’t hold me or put his arms around me. Who do you think you are? You are not my Alpha, and you certainly are not one of my brothers." Drake kissed her on the cheek and slowly lowered her down his body at the same time grinning at me. Drake then said "I will always be there to love, comfort and hold Sara anytime I want or she wants and there is nothing you can do about it."

"I also want to add, your not her mate." I gritted my teeth and said, I could be her mate. Drake shook his head and said, "I know your not her mate." I then walked away and went to Tim, my Beta’s car. I was so angry. My wolf kept yelling in the back of my head kill him, he is trying to take our chosen from us. "Tim did not like what he saw and said, he wants our Luna! you can’t let that happen." I sighed and said, we are not a second chance mate, for all, I know that Drake guy could be her second chance mate.

Little did anyone know but her second chance mate had been Drake’s army buddy and he died in an accident on the base. But before he died he told Drake to take care of Sara. He also told Drake he always knew Drake loved Sara. Drake said always, I will take her as my chosen mate if I can. His buddy said thanks and drew his last breath. Mike walked up to Drake giving him the man hug. Welcomed him back home.

Drake told him he needs to call a pack meeting next week but he wants him to come to his office after school tomorrow he needed to discuss some things with him. Mike looked at Drake and said, "did you find your mate?" Drake hung his head and said yes, but she had rejected him as she was a human and already married with two children." Drake stated he accepted this rejection."

He then said "I will explain everything tomorrow. Now let’s get our girl ready for her race." He grinned and said, Alpha Zander’s Beta thinks she is going to be easy to beat and they both started laughing so hard that their laughter drew a lot of attention from those close by. As Tim pulled his car up next to Sara’s he looked at her and grinned. He noticed as she looked at him she had a wicked smile on her face. Tim slowly swallowed and thought Oh shit.

His wolf whispered in his head, I think we have all underestimated Luna. "Tim said back, yes I think we have." The flag was dropped and I took off my car slamming sideways in the dirt. I caught up with Sara and then I thought how the hell did she pick up speed that fast. She came around the tree going sideways and hit the finish line before I passed the tree. I pulled off my helmet jumping out of my car running to her’s jerking her out of her window screaming that was reckless don’t you care about your life.

I was jerked away from her and Drake jerked her behind him. He told me if you ever put your hands on her again your dead. He turned around and lifted her up and put her on the roof of her car. She is laughing. Laughing, your laughing I yelled.
I said now I know why you’re called the she-devil." Drake said I taught her how to drive. And her car doesn’t look like yours on the outside but it is the engine that counts. He grinned turned around and picked Sara up from the roof helping her stand on the ground.

He looked at Mike and said load her car up to take it to the garage and meet us at our pack house. He turned around grabbed Sara’s hand they walked away towards his car. Alpha Zander and I looked at each other and said, he is going to be a problem. We then walked away. "Alpha Zander looked at me and said, I knew she was strong and it would be difficult getting close to her and now it is going to be even more difficult as that Alpha Drake is going to get in my way. I can’t have that." Tim said no, you can’t. I looked at him and said find out everything you can about him. I want the file on my desk in two days. I then turned and got into my car and drove home.

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