My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 31: Logan's Island

Alpha Zander asked Logan what they plan on doing with Sara’s motorcycle. Logan said he was going to have someone call Alpha Cash and let him know they found it here at the hotel. They grabbed everything in Sara’s motel room and Logan carried Sara to his car and put her in the front seat buckling her in. Alpha Zander told Logan he would call him later.

Logan said fine and pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the airport where his private helicopter was waiting to fly Sara and Logan to his private island. He mine linked his mother that he was taking Sara there and to meet him there with clothes for her. He said he would explain everything to her when she arrived.

Sara was still out of it due to the medication and he carried her from the chopper into the house and up the stairs to a bedroom where he laid Sara on the bed. He covered her with a blanket and left the room. As he got to the bottom of the stairs he mother was coming in the door with bags of clothes.

She sat them on a table and walked over to him asking what the hell is going on? He explained everything that happened and his mother was angry. Very angry and he said mom stop before you do something you will regret. You see his mother is a very powerful witch. She thinks of Sara as her daughter. She said now do you see why I wanted one of you boys to mate with Sara and now it is too late.

Logan sighed and told his mother that after what he saw in that hotel room that is the only thing he has been thinking about. Logan asked his mother what her grandparents will do when they hear about this? She said they will most likely tear into Alpha Cash. In the meantime, Kran and his mate had gone to his cousin Alpha Keith's packhouse. When Kran and Raylan arrived Kran asked if they would be shown a room and then if Keith had time to meet with him.

Keith walked them to the bedroom they would use during their stay with him and Kran told Raylan he would be back and turn and followed Keith to his office. As Keith sat behind his desk Kran stood looking out of the window. He looked at Keith and said. Cash was caught fucking a slut from a pack that is currently staying with his pack. Keith said what did you say? I said Doug caught Cash with his dick in a girl in his office. He walked out of the office leaving the door open and several pack members saw it too.

Keith asked. Where is Sara? Kran said we don’t know. All we know is that she had to have cut her wrists because Cash has slash marks on his wrists. Cash said she isn’t dead. Someone must have smelled the blood and got to her in time to save her. The trackers can’t find her anywhere. Keith stated he couldn’t believe that Cash would do that to Sara not after what Chris and Drake did to her. Keith suddenly stood up and said. Shit, this is going to be a bloodbath.

Alpha Drake tried to get her back and if he finds out he will head back here to this territory and war could start. Kran looked at Keith and said Cash will have it coming from everywhere. The vampires will attack his pack wanting his blood because he cheated on their princess and she cut her wrist because of it and now she disappeared and no one knows where she is.

Think, Kran who would she run do. He said, Alpha Zander. Or his brother Logan the Rogue king. They would both protect her with their lives and would not hesitate to hide her from Cash. Do you have Alpha Zander’s phone number? Yes, let me call him and ask him if he has seen Sara. Keith dialed Alpha Zanders phone and it was picked up on the 3rd ring. Hello, this is Alpha Zander’s office a voice said.

Keith said this is Alpha Keith is Alpha Zander available? Just a moment and I will let him know you are on the phone. Keith waited a few minutes and then heard Alpha Keith what can I do for you Alpha Zander asked? Keith asked Alpha Zander if he had heard from Sara. No, why has something happened? Keith said no we just can’t find her he said. Alpha Zander said really. You just can’t find her and nothing happened.

He said, Alpha Keith, you do realize how talk travels fast. I heard that Alpha Cash was caught red-handed with his dick shoved up some sluts cunt on top of his office desk. Did you really think Sara would stay there after catching Drake red handed doing the same thing? I haven’t seen her but I do assure you if I do. I will not let you know and I will help her leave the country and settle somewhere safe.

And I will tell you this. If she commits suicide over this I will rage war against your cousin and so will my brother Logan the Rogue King as well as her grandparents and their vampires. Good day to you Alpha Keith and Alpha Zander hung up the phone. Keith looked at Kran and said. If I was a gambling man I would bet he has seen Sara and he knows where she is but I can’t prove it.

There was a knock on his office door and a pack member said that Luna Sara’s brother was downstairs and wants to talk to you. Keith said to send him up. William, Sara’s brother stormed into Keith’s office and said. I guess it just runs in your family. Do all of you reject your mates by fucking sluts? Keith said, William, I assure you we don’t’ all reject our mates by fucking sluts. I don’t understand why Cash did it because none of us were raised that way.

William stated that Sara is missing and he just knows she will try to kill herself over this. Sara has gone through too much and having a second mate caught fucking another woman will tear her apart. Especially Cash. She really trusted him and loved him but now. He sat down and said. She will never come back. Even if she does she will never be the same.

I know she will never be that sweet, loving, trusting girl again. I just don’t understand what is happening. Maybe that pack isn’t supposed to be anymore. I can tell you this. Without our Luna, that pack will fall apart. Since this has happened several pack members have packed up and left the pack including Cash’s brother Kran over their left because he couldn’t stand being around Cash after what he had done.

When I left the packhouse the sluts were already hanging around Cash and Sara’s bedroom and his office. It won’t be long before he is like Drake fucking every one who will spread their legs. Hell, your cousin Doug is leaving and going back home to his parent’s pack house. He said the sight of Cash makes him sick and he can’t get seeing Cash’s dick in that slut it makes him want to vomit.

Alpha Keith’s phone rang and he no sooner picked it up and he heard his father screaming is it true. I asked is what true? He said that your dumb ass cousin Cash was caught red-handed in his office with his dick shoved up some sluts cunt? I sighed and said, yes it is true. I heard my father cursing and he never does that and when he does you know something bad is going to happen.

He asked, where is Sara is she with you? I said no, We don’t know where she is. He said I and Cash’s father is going to be arriving at the packhouse tomorrow. I said which one? Mine or his? Cashs of course. He said Cash’s parents are angry and it is not going to be pretty when we get there. I will see you tomorrow and he hung up. At Logan’s private island Sara woke up and looked around her.

She knew she was no longer at the hotel but she didn’t know where she was. She got out of the bed and walked out of the room and found her way down the stairs. She heard Logan talking to women and she followed the sound of their voices. She walked into the kitchen and sat down on a chair. Logan poured her a cup of coffee and took it to her.

His mother looked at Sara and said. I bought some clothes for you. They are on the table beside the front door. I am Logan and Alpha Zander’s mother. I was your mother’s best friend. I said pleased to meet you. I looked at Logan and asked where are we? He said on my private island. Don’t worry no one will find you because no one knows about this island you are safe.

I said thank you for helping me, Logan. I know it was a lot to ask of you. Logan smiled at her and he told her that it was nothing. He would help her any time. You can stay here as long as you like. Hell, you never have to leave if you don’t want to. Think of this as your home. He asked if she was in pain and she grinned and said a little.

He walked to the cupboard by the stove and got her some aspirin and took her to her with a small glass of water. Here he said this should dull the pain. She took the aspirin and put them in her mouth swallowing them. She looked at Logan with tears in her eyes and asked. Logan as a man I want your honest answer.

She asked. What is wrong with me? Why does everyone hate me? My first mate rejects me, and my second and third mate rejects me by having sex with other women. Logan kneeled in front of her and said. Sara there is nothing wrong with you. Some men just don’t know how to keep their dick in their pants. You know me. You know that I never cheated on my mate and never would.

He said for some reason some men forget how lucky they are. I sniffed and said I am going back to my room. I turned and walked out of the kitchen and went to my room and lay on the bed. Logan’s mother looked at him and said. I fear for her Logan. She is falling apart and I don’t know if she can pull through this time. Logan looked at his mom and told her. If Sara attempts to cut her wrists again I am going to tear Alpha Cash and his pack apart.

He turned and walked out the front door and turned into his wolf running through the woods. As he entered the woods he howled and several wolfs ran to meet him. He turned back into his human form and said. We may be going to war. I told them what happened and they asked. Can we do some things to Alpha Cash’s pack house? I said yes you can but do not hurt anyone. They laughed and said let’s go have some fun.

Logan shook his head his wolf saying. They are like teenage boys just want to have some fun. I turned back into my wolf and ran home. As I was walking into the house my cell phone rang. I answered and said, have you heard anything Zander? He said Alpha Keith called me asking if I had seen Sara. When I asked him if something had happened he said no but then I reminded him that news travels fast.

I also told him if I did know where Sara was I wouldn’t tell him and If I could I would help her leave the country and place her where she would be safe. I also threatened that if she committed suicide of this I would be at war with Alpha Cash’s pack. Logan said well. I have talked with some of my boys and they are going to start a little bit of trouble at Alpha Cash’s pack house.

Nothing too but enough for him to learn that he can’t treat Sara this way and expect to get away with it. Zander asked how Sara was. Logan said withdrawing, depressed. I let her know she never had to leave here if she didn’t want to. I also let her know that no one knows about this island and she was safe here. Logan then said. Zander, I heard two heartbeats last night. I think Sara is pregnant.

Logan said Zander did you hear me. Logan then heard stuff hitting walls and then Zander said. Logan keep a close eye on Sara. If she is pregnant we can’t let her not eat and withdraw further into herself. Logan told Zander he had nothing to worry about. He will watch Sara very closely and make sure she eats and gets outside for fresh air.

He said I have to go, Zander, mother is calling me. Talk to you later. Keep me posted if you hear anything else. Logan walked into the house and to his office to work on some paperwork that had piled up since he had been gone. What do you think will happen? If Sara is pregnant do you think she will return to her pack house or say with Logan and raise her baby? Will Cash continue to sleep with other women or will his father come down really hard on him?

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