My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 33: Phone Calls

Alpha Zander received a phone call from his mother. She informed him that he is never to tell anyone except those that needed to know where Sara was. I told her I had not planned on it. I said, mother, you know I have loved Sara since I was 12 but we also both know I have a mate out there. It wouldn’t be right for me to take Sara as a mate.

She said, I know and I am sorry I pushed you to do this. I somehow feel responsible for everything that has happened to Sara. Mother, you are not responsible. He said Alpha Drake, Chris, and Alpha Cash are. They just could not keep from fucking other women. How is she doing I asked. His mother said not good. She is withdrawing and taken to her bed.

Is Logan there I need to talk to him. She said yes just a minute. I heard the phone changing hands and Logan ask. What is it, Zander? I told him about the phone call from Alpha Cash and gave Logan the phone number. I said I thought you would so enjoy having a conversation with Alpha Cash laughing. Logan said you know me so well Zander.

You know I love to rub salt into the wounds laughing. I am so going to enjoy this conversation. Thanks, I will give him a call. Oh, so you know. We are also going to let her grandparents know where she is. I hung up the phone and handed mother her phone back. She looked at me and said grinning. You plan on calling Alpha Cash she asked? I smiled and said yes.

She laughed and told me that I needed to make sure he understands that no other male is ever going to hurt Sara again. You also let him know that he had a mate who would have loved him until she died but he fucked it up. Logan said I plan on letting him know that he should have understood Sara after hearing and seeing everything she had already gone through but he just couldn’t love her enough and now he lost her for good.

Mother, I know the Moon Goddess has something good in store for Sara. I just don’t know what. He turned and walked out of the room and to his office to contact Sara’s grandfather. As I walked into my office my thoughts were on my mate. How if she was alive I would have made sure she knew how much I loved her. I grew up with Sara but I don’t have mate feelings for her.

I can’t take her as a mate even if I wanted to but I sure as hell am going to make sure no other male ever hurts her again. I sat down at my desk and picked up my phone and called Sara’s grandfathers. Vampire King, Aldon, and Vampire Queen Angeni: Sara’s maternal grandparents will be angry with Alpha Cash but he deserves it for hurting their granddaughter.

I heard King Aldon’s residence. I said this is King of the Rogues Logan speaking. Is King Aldon available? Jest minute I heard. Then I heard the phone being picked up and This is King Aldon what can I do for you, King Logan. Logan said I want you to know that I have your granddaughter. King Aldon said. May I ask how my granddaughter has come to be with you?

I sighed and said. I think it best if you and the Queen could come to my island and meet. Please do not give the information of the name of my island and where it is out. No problem King Logan. I gave him the needed information and he said that he would be bringing a few guards with them. I said that is fine, I have no problem with that.

He said we will be arriving around 8:00 tonight. Thank you for calling and letting me know that my granddaughter is safe and he hung up. Next, I called Alpha Cash’s pack house. I listened to the phone ring and then heard. This is Beta Roman how can I help you. I said this is Logan King of the Rouges is Alpha Cash available? Laughing he said just a minute. Alpha Cash said you son of a bitch.

I want my mate back and I want her back now. I said first off since you were caught with your dick in a slut’s cunt you no longer have a mate. She doesn’t want to see you, hear from you or be anywhere near you. Between you, Alpha Drake and Alpha Chris you have all destroyed her. She is no longer the sweet loving girl I grew up with. I wanted you to know that I will make sure that you and no other man will ever hurt her again.

You will never see Sara again. I plan on making it my mission to make sure she his happy again. You fucked up. I honestly thought you would treat her better than they did. Guess I was wrong. There are no second chances with Sara. Haven’t you figured that out yet? If you want to know why ask her brothers. Have a good day Alpha Cash I said and hung up the phone.

Alpha Cash ripped the phone out of the wall throwing it across the room. Some pack members that were standing there grinned. They knew that Alpha Cash and made the biggest mistake in his life and were happy that Sara would not be there to feel him fucking other girls. But they were also sad that their Luna was gone and would not be returning to the pack house for a long while if ever.

They all loved Sara and were angry that Alpha Cash did this to there Luna. No woman wants her mate to have sex with another she-wolf or human. William, Sara’s brother walked in and seeing the phone on the floor said. I gather that Sara will not be coming back. That does not surprise me. Alpha Cash said. Do you know where she is? William said no and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you.

Alpha Cash ran over and grabbed William pinning him to the wall. What do you mean you wouldn’t tell me? He said read her file and find out. He said Sara was a sweet loving girl here she received abuse from all of you that she didn’t deserve. I won’t help you cause her any more pain. Now let go of me Alpha Cash are you will regret it. Alpha Cash let him go and stepped back.

William said. I have watched you all destroy my sister. Enough is enough. I don’t understand why you three just could not be happy with Sara alone. You just can’t continue to get mates and then fuck sluts and not have it come back and bite you in the ass. Too bad the Moon Goddess doesn’t change things.

Maybe she should make it very painful for men who attempt to fuck someone who isn’t their mates and walked away. He prayed that his sister was safe and that she would call him. He also understood if she didn’t. All he wants is for her to be safe and happy. Of course, the happy part was out of the question. How can she be happy when three of her mates chose other women.

Because that is what they did when they fucked around on her. I said. Alpha Cash he turned and he said what. I said you do know that when you fucked that slut you rejected Sara. That also means if she is pregnant you also rejected your pup. What the hell are you talking about? I did not reject Sara.

An elder walked up to me and said. Alpha Cash, I am afraid he is correct in what he is saying. Sara has been rejected and if she is pregnant you rejected your pup. By fucking the slut you were letting it known that Luna Sara was no longer your mate. No I said. That can’t be. The elder said I am afraid it is. Did you not learn this in school?

I turned and ran to find my father to ask him if it was true. I found my father with my uncles sitting outside. I asked them. Is it true? They asked, is what true. Is it true if you fuck someone who isn’t your mate you have rejected your mate without saying the words? Is it true I asked? Sighing my father said yes it is true. And if your mate is pregnant at the time you do that deed you have also rejected your pup.

I fell to the ground tears running down my face. I didn’t mean to. I would never reject Sara. Oh, but you did when you fucked that slut. You were saying the slut was a better Luna than Sara. Watching him with sad eyes he said. If you look at your mating mark you will notice it is fading as if it was never there. I looked down and screamed.

No this can’t be happening. I love Sara I want her has my mate and Luna. We’re sorry. We warned all of you about cheating. They said you will always feel the bond but she won’t. They got up walking away looking at me with sad eyes. My pup. I will never see my pup. My wolf said. I told you not to do it but you wouldn’t listen.

Now you are finding out the hard way. You will never have another pup. I hate you. You took my mate and pup from me. I will never have another mate or pup because of you. If you fuck another woman beside our mate I will never forgive you. Go read up on mates and find a solution to get our mate and pup back.

Should I start a book about the rest of sara’s life and her baby.

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