My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 5: Spending time with her friends

Alpha Drake left his office and entered the kitchen. Everyone was sitting around the counter. He asked if they wanted to order pizza and watch some movies. Sara and Donna yelled, Hell yes we do. He orders 5 large pizza’s and Sara and Connie grabbed a bunch of snacks to take to the movie room. Alpha Drake looked at Sara and Donna shaking his head smiling. His wolf said I really missed her. I said so did I. "Sara walked over to Alpha Drake and hugged him asking if he was home for good this time." He hugged her back kissing her on the forehead and said, ya I am back for good. She started to walk away when he sat on a stole and pulled her on his lap. She leaned back laying her head on his shoulder. "Connie said, if I didn’t know any better I would say she could be your mate." I looked at Connie shrugging my shoulders.

The doorbell rang and Sara jumped off my lap while I went to pay for the pizza. As I returned the girls grabbed the snacks and the boys the pop and we walked to the movie room. The girls were yelling they wanted to watch Twilight. We boys groaned but I will watch it if it makes Sara happy. Sara said she was team, Jacob. She said he was hot, and she loved his long hair before he cut it. She walked over to sit beside me grabbing a slice of pizza. "I said maybe I will cut my hair." She looked at me her mouth dropping open and said, No, you will not. I love your hair.

Tim looked at me and winked and "I said you don’t want me to cut my hair?" She said no I really don’t. Her phone started ringing when her cousin’s asked her where she was. She told them and Tim and Cavin said to invite them over. I told them they were invited to come over Robin said were on our way be there in about 20 minutes. I hung up the phone and said there on their way. We were watching the movie when the doorbell rang. Tim said I’ll get it. The girls came in and Tim grabbed Karan and sat her on the couch next to him. Cavin grabbed Robin and pulled her down next to him. We all got comfortable and restarted the movie.

Alpha Drake stretched his legs out on the table and I lay down with my head in his lap. He started rubbing my hair and it was putting me to sleep. "I asked him what my brother said to him before we left the race track." He told me what was said. He looked at me and said, Sara, I meant what I told him. You are welcome here anytime. Hell, I would not care if you moved into the packhouse. I grinned sat up and kissed him on the cheek. "I said I love you for that. You have always been there when I needed you." I then lay my head on his shoulder and dozed off.

I heard Robin say to Alpha Drake before I dozed off that she needed to talk to him when he was free. He said, "do you know something Sara doesn’t." She shook her head yes. I looked down at Sara and noticed she was asleep. I said "we will talk tomorrow and you girls can spend the night." Robin said, thanks and I know what I have to say will piss you off. I know how protective you are of her. My wolf said "I don’t think we are going to like what she has to tell us." I said agreed. I also said if that fucking Alpha of her’s does something after she transforms into her wolf I might just have to move Sara from her pack to mine. Agreed said my wolf. We are not going to let him hurt her.

I feel asleep with Sara in my arms. I woke up to a flash. As I opened my eyes I noticed Robin taking pictures of Sare and me. I looked down at Sara and noticed she had her head on my chest, an arm around my waist and her leg was between mine. I grinned and leaned down and kissed her forehead. "My wolf said I love her. I want her to be my mate. Make it happen." I said, I will do my best but we can’t do anything until her mate does. He sighed and put his head on his paws. Robin whispered, can we talk now while she is still asleep? I nodded and moved Sara off my chest slowly laying her down on the couch. I got up and we walked to my office.

Once in the office, I said "what did you want to talk to me about?" She hung her head and said yesterday after returning to the packhouse she went to her room. Robin said I decided I wanted to go for a run and as I came out of my bedroom and started to go down the stairs I heard Alpha Chris talking to his beta. He said that he knows Sara is his mate but he doesn’t want her. I clenched my fists. "I said go on," she said he told his beta that he was not going to accept her or reject her but he will refuse to let her leave his pack. He said he is going to make his girlfriend his mate and Alpha Female. I gritted my teeth. He said if he keeps his real mate in the pack nothing should go wrong. He also said he didn’t want his second in command, Justin to know his sister is his real mate. "I said he really doesn’t get it does he? It doesn’t matter if he takes his girlfriend and marks her and makes her the Alpha Female his pack will be attacked more as the rouges will want Sara anyway. " They will not want Chris to mark her and mate her.

Robin also said she recorded the conversation and will play it for me. She got out her phone and I listened to the conversation. "I said you didn’t tell me everything." She hung her head and said no, I wanted you to hear it for yourself. "So he thinks he can make that slut his mate and keep Sara as a sex slave to bare his pups then take them from her?" I said "he won’t, I won’t let him. I said I will go to war with him if he tries that shit." Robin said I was hoping you would say that. She also said that Alpha Chris is so stupid that he doesn’t realize that if he marks his girlfriend and not his mate a lot of pack members will want to leave including her brothers. I said if they do you can let them know they are welcome to join my pack. She said I was hoping you would say that too. We finished and left the office. I went to my room to take a shower and get ready for a meeting I had with three other Alphas regarding setting up a party for the mate hunt.

I tried to keep from thinking about what Alpha Chris is planning. He must have known for three years that Sara was his mate. And now he thinks he can mark and mate his girlfriend and still have sex with Sara just for pups. I want to kill him just for thinking about it. I need him to reject her. We need to watch him close and when she says he is her mate catch him saying he doesn’t want her. I need Sara followed as well without anyone knowing. I need to find a girl I can trust to be in that packhouse as well. I need to think of which one of my cousins that no one knows who is good at snooping. Dam here is something else I need to do keep Sara safe and from running off.

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