My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 6: Going to her pack house for school tomorrow

I came running down the stairs taking my backpack and sitting it near the door. I already told Mike, Donna and the rest of the guy’s bye. I yelled at Karen and Robin to come on. Robin and Karan ran down the stairs and we yelled that we would see them at school tomorrow. As we were getting into the car I noticed that Robin was looking at her phone.

She showed me the picture she took of Alpha Drake and me sleeping. I asked her to send it to me so I could put it on my phone. Robin was much quieter than usual. I asked her if she had a fight with Bata Tim and she said no. She told me that it was nothing and looked out the window. I was thinking of Alpha Drake and how hot he was.

My thoughts went to see him with his shirt off and how I would like to rub my hands up and down his abs. I shook my head and realized we had pulled into the driveway of the pack house. I saw Alpha Chris sitting on the hood of his car with the slut between his legs. As I got out of the car he pushed her aside and walked up to the car. "He grabbed my arm and said, I don’t want you seeing Alpha Drake anymore.

I don’t even want you to leave this territory to accept to go to school he then turned around and walked away." Robin and Karan said who does he think he is? "I said our Alpha." I turned my head and looked at my brother William and Justin they were talking to William’s friend Cavin. Cavin turned and asked them what that was about and what did it matter to Alpha Chris where their sister went?

"William said I don’t know." Justin drew in his eyebrows and said she has always been friends with Alpha Drake what’s the big deal if she spends time with him or not now. Justin wondered if what Alpha Drake said to him was true after all. Cavin asked if Alpha Chris was Sara’s mate and they said no, no way. "Cavin said are you sure because he is acting as if he is her mate.

" William looked at Justin and Cavin and said come to think of it your right. We need to pay more attention to how he is around her but for the meantime, I am going to talk to him and let him know that he isn’t her mate and as her brothers, we have the authority to say who she can and cannot see not even though he is the Alpha.

I looked over and saw William and the Alpha arguing. They got pretty loud and several pack members were listening. William yelled that if he wasn’t Sara’s mate then he needs to leave her alone and stop telling her what clothes she can and cannot wear, and who she runs around with. William then added that he has no right to tell her she can’t see Alpha Drake if he insists he isn’t Sara’s mate.

Alpha Chris noticed several pack members watching and listening. "Alpha Chris said your right she can do whatever she wants I don’t care." He then grabbed his girlfriend and walked away. Regina said "what is wrong with you?" He said its none of your business.

Regina stopped walking and yelled at Alpha Chris. "Your lying, she is your mate." I said no she isn’t. "I said if she isn’t your mate why are you acting as a mate does with her? I screamed when she shifts and I hear her call you her mate you better reject her." Alpha Chris said I won’t do that but I also won’t accept her. Alpha Chris was not aware that her brothers, was still watching and more pack members were watching and listening.

Cavin was videotaping this on his phone. I yelled "what do you mean you won’t reject her and but you won’t accept her either?" Alpha Chris said because I am going to say your my mate and then I plan on marking you, mating you, and Making you the Luna and Alpha Female. I said I plan on keeping Sara here in my territory and mating with her and when she has a male pup I will take it from her and we will raise it as our own.

I looked at him and then I drew my hand back and slapped him across his face. I said "you are a stupid Alpha if you think her brothers won’t find out what you’re up to. I then said stay away from me and turned around and walked away." I rubbed the side of my face and as I turned to walk towards my car I heard several growls and several pack members giving me dirty looks.

"They turned away shaking their heads saying how could Alpha Chris say those things. Sara is his mate and he has known for two years." She won’t know until next week. William and Justin looked at each other and walked to Alpha Chris. William said if Sara is your mate you can look for a new Head Warrior, and Justin said you can look for a new second in command.

And since you say you don’t want Sara you will reject her because she will not stay here and be a sex slave for you to get pups off of. They then walked away. Cavin yelled he would see them tomorrow and got in his car and drove to Alpha Drake’s pack house. "Alpha Chris kicked his car and said now I have no choice but to reject my mate." He got in drove out of the driveway throwing stones as he went down the road.

Sara, Robin, and Karan were not aware of what had just taken place outside. They were sitting in the kitchen eating before going upstairs to their rooms. They turned around when they heard the front door slam and Sara’s brothers come into the house cursing and saying they couldn’t believe their Alpha would do that to a mate. The girls looked at each other shrugged their shoulders and went to their rooms.

William and Justin yelled for Sara to get ready for bed as she has school in the morning. She yelled back that she was headed to her room to take a shower and watch some Netflix before going to sleep. She yelled she loved them and would see them in the morning at breakfast and went into her room.

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