My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 7: Back to School

I heard my name being yelled by the jackass, Justin. I thought oh shit, not again. He did not sound like he was happy. I knew he was going to be mad because I was not out of bed yet. He slammed my bedroom door open yelling at me to get up because I was going to be late for school. Before shutting my door he said, "stay away from Alpha Chris today."

Cavin was walking by my room and laughed. He yelled if I didn’t hurry he was going to eat all the bacon. I yelled back you better not or your dead. I jumped into the shower and got dressed for school. As I was going out the door to meet Robin Alpha Chris grabbed my arm throwing me against the wall. He punched my side and leaned down telling me that I better not go to Alpha Dareks packhouse today and then he walked away.

I grabbed my side saying that’s going to leave a bruise. I could barely breathe. As I got into the car with Robin and we headed to school. As I was putting my books in my locker wouldn’t you know Alpha Zander just happened to grab my side and when I let out a whimper he started pulling my shirt up. He was angry. "He said who did this?"

I refused to answer him and turned around and slammed my locker door and started to my first class. Alpha Nathan looked at his beta and said find out who did that to her and I want to know by lunchtime. Beta Andy said do what I can and walked away. My wolf started talking saying that whoever hurt her is going to die. I said that I agreed with him.

My wolf then said, did you notice she has another Alpha’s scent on her? I said no I didn’t. He said yes she does I smelled it. It is not strong but there is the scent. I said well then lets mine link Andy to check on that as well. I mine linked Andy and told him to find out what other Alpha’s Sara knows. I told him my wolf said he smelled another Alpha on her. He said it was probably Alpha Drake’s. I cut the mine link off and went to class.

As I sat down in my chair I saw one of the school sluts come towards me. I leaned back into my chair not in the mood to deal with her and said in a harsh tone what do you want? She slowed down but then continued over. She took a finger and started sliding it down my chest. I grabbed her wrist and she yelled, you’re hurting me.

I said then don’t put your hands where they don’t belong and shoved her away. I said I don’t do sluts now go away. She said who do you think you are to talk that way to me? I said I am Alpha Zander of the Red Moon Pack that is who I am and you will respect me. Everyone sitting around that heard the conversation started laughing.

Robin, Sara’s cousin said guess your charm doesn’t work on every male after all. The slut told her to mind her own business. "Robin laughing said, you kind of made it all of our business since we are sitting here next to Alpha Zander." The slut gave Robin the finger as she stomped over to the queen bee and sat down.

Sara mine linked Robin and asked her if she wanted to go to subway for lunch instead of the cafeteria. Robin mine linked back and said hell yes. Robin then told her what just happened with the slut and said it was funny. She said Alpha Zander really does not want females to touch him except for you Sara.

"Sara said I don’t care about him he is not my mate. Sara said you know I still have feelings for Alpha Drake." Sara then cut the mine link with Robin. Robin looked over at Alpha Zander and thought that if he is Sara’s mate he is going to have to work hard to get her. Robin then turned her head to look at the teacher as she walked into the classroom.

The bell finally rang and as Robin grabbed her books and headed for the door she noticed the queen bee walking towards Alpha Zander. She noticed him reaching for his books when the queen bee wrapped her hand around his forearm. Alpha Zander looked at her hand then her face and said when are you sluts going to get it through your heads that I don’t want any of you touching me or anything to do with you?

He jerked her hand off his arm and said the next one of you sluts puts their hands on me I am going to rip your hands from your arms now get the hell away from me and stay the hell away from me got it? He then walked towards the door and down the hall to meet his beta Andy and find out if he has the information he asked for on Sara and the Alpha she knows.

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