My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 8: Lunch and meeting with Andy

I stopped at my locker and put my books in it. Just as I slammed the door I thought shit. Why is this school full of sluts? It seems they think they can get an Alpha for a mate. why can’t they leave me alone? I shoved the slut out of my way without stopping and continued to walk to the cafeteria. As I waited in line to get my lunch I looked around trying to find Sara.

This place is huge but I couldn’t find her. I mine linked Andy and asked if he had seen Sara and he said he hadn’t. I got my lunch and walked to my usual table to find Andy sitting there. I noticed he had already got his lunch and he was looking at a file in front of him. As I sat down I asked what he had found out. "He looked up and said you’re not going to be happy with what I found and shoved the file towards me.

As I reviewed the file and was cursing under my breath. I said "how does she know Alpha Drake?" I said her best male friend Mike is his younger brother. Apparently, she permitted to enter and leave his territory whenever she wants. I said she also has her own bedroom at his pack house so there have been times she has stayed there for a month or two and not gone back to her own pack. I said that has to stop.

My mind drifted to Sara and my wolf started putting dirty thoughts into my head. He started wondering what it would feel like to kiss her thinking how much he wanted her. His thoughts went to how he would put his hands up her shirt and move from her tiny waist up to cup her full breast and rub his fingertips across her nipples.

Then slowly raising her shirt and pulling it over her head while bending down and taking one nipple in his mouth sucking and nibbling on it while rubbing her other nipple between his fingers and then moving to that breast it received the same attention. He imagined Sara throwing her head back pushing her breast further towards his mouth.

I heard Andy calling my name. He said what the hell were you thinking about because I have been calling your name for about five minutes to tell you the bell rang. I said none of your business stood up grabbed my tray and threw it away walking to my locker to get my books for my last two classes. As I shut the locker door I told Andy I will meet him at the car after school and walked away. My wolf said I want to do that for real. I said so do I and closed off the communication with him.

I thought that after training tonight I would go for a run. It has been a while since my wolf has been out. The last two classes went better as none of the sluts approached me. A girl next to me said if you think you are going to get Sara that probably isn’t going to happen. Sara doesn’t play games and she doesn’t date. Her brothers won’t let her.

She only lets a few guys around her and they have known her since she was little. She said Alpha Drake and his brother are two of the guys that can get close enough to touch her and they are very protective of her. The girl then said Sara has had a crush on Alpha Drake since she was 13 years old. She will be 17 years old on Saturday.

I looked at her and said so she is having a birthday party Saturday then? She said yep and everyone is invited. Then she asked if I was going. I said sure I will be there. I then turned back to writing what was on the board down. I mind linked Andy and told him of Sara’s birthday party and that we needed to get her a gift. I said we need to find out what she likes from her cousin Robin.

Andy said he was in class with her now and he would ask her and let me know. Andy mine linked and said that she likes jewelry and racing, and the one thing she wants but her brothers won’t get her is a motorcycle. I said well then we’re going shopping for a motorcycle after school is over. Andy said ok, but what happens if you two don’t get together? I said the motorcycle is hers no matter what. I want her to be happy.

We jumped into my car and went and looked at motorcycles. I kept looking at the red and silver one and said Sara would look good riding that one especially in short shorts. I decided this was the one I would get her. I then paid for it in full and gave them the address and time to deliver it along with a note I had written.

I said they are to hand the note to Sara and no one else. The man said he understood. I thanked him and then left to go home to train for four hours. I think Sara will love the bike and I hope she doesn’t say she can’t accept it. I also put the title in her name so she can’t give it back. As I pulled into the garage of the pack house I noticed the sluts hanging around the front door.

I told Andy this is getting out of hand and we need to sit down and decide how to handle this. Andy said I agree. I said you can start by saying something before training starts. I said that's a good idea. I went to my room to change in shorts and tennis shoes mine linking everyone about training and said be there in 20 minutes no if’s and’s or but’s. I said it is mandatory. I closed the mine link and headed to the training field.

As I walked onto the field Andy yelled everyone in lines and be quiet. Before training starts Alpha Zander has some things he wants to say. I said first off you sluts are getting out of hand. From now on you are not to hang around the front or back doors, you are not to put your hands on me, and you are not to ask to fuck me. We are turning this pack into a respectable pack.

There will be no more of you rejecting your mates if you want to do that leave my pack now. No one offered to leave. I then said if you date someone who is not your mate or you are not old enough to know who your mate is yet, once you find your mate you will only be with your mate is that understood? Yes, Alpha they yelled. I said good because I am done with you sluts. I have had it up to here using my finger pointing to my neck with sluts who think I want to fuck them. I don’t. I am keeping myself pure for my mate is that understood? Yes, Alpha that is understood. I said now that is over let’s get to training.

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