My Fate Series: Book 1

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Chapter 9 Training

As I put the pack members into groups I saw Sara walk onto the field. She was with her brother warrior William and his friend Cavin. I watched Sara as she was observing some of the females of my pack and she started laughing. Cavin looked over to see what she was laughing at and he started laughing as well. "Sara said if those are your fighters you might as well just hand your pack over to whoever wants it and walk away." I became angry and said and you can do better? She looked at me her eyes glaring and turning cold saying "I can beat anyone of your pack members and crossed her arms." Warrior William looked at me and said if you don’t want one or more of your pack members hurt I would not encourage her. I Looked at Warrior William and huffed and said right. She is too thin and tiny to hurt any of my pack members. Warrior William said don’t get pissed when you have to take some members to get medical attention.

My brother William said to put one of your warrior’s and best female fighters against Sara at the same time to Alpha Zander. Alpha Zander said back to him don’t get pissed when Sara has to be carried to my pack doctor. He then orders his warrior Jerry and best female fighter Cindy to come and fight Sara at the same time.

"Sara shrugged her shoulders and said this is your best?" Well, let’s go. Cindy walked around Sara and Sara never paid any attention to her. She was watching Warrior Jerry. I noticed Cindy go to kick Sara in the back. Sara threw herself on the ground bringing her right let up kicking Cindy under her jaw, Sara then backflipped twice landing on the ground and roundhouse kicked Warrior Jerry on the left side of his face causing him to fall three feet from her. She saw Cindy was out cold and proceeded to kick Warrior Jerry in the ribs making him fly back and hit a tree. He was not able to get up. "Sara looked at me and said if I, a small 5′3" girl weighing 106 pounds, can do that to them, what do you think rogues are going to do to this pack?"

I watched as Sara walked towards her brother and his friend. Several of my pack members were yelling at me not to let her get away with that. I yelled silent. They are right. I saw several girls making statements such as I just broke a nail. Well, I don’t care. You will all be practicing in the morning from 5:00 Am until 7:00 Am, you will then take showers, eat breakfast and go to school. After school, you will practice from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday. I yelled you are dismissed. I turned and looked at my Beta and said Sara is good, we can’t underestimate her. He said no we can’t. She will make a good luna. We only have to make sure that Alpha Chris rejects her in order for you to be able to start courting her. We need to find a way to be around her more. She has to trust you. In order for me to get my hands on Alpha Chris’s pack I have to have her marked and mated. "My beta said she really doesn’t know who you are, does she?" I said no in a sad voice. We used to be best friends and at one time our parents thought we would be mates. I have always loved her but then we moved out of the country and I haven’t seen her since she was 12 years old. Since my mate died in the rogue attack I need a Luna and not one of these power hungry sluts. It has to be Sara.

She will be having her birthday party Saturday and this is when she gets her wolf. So we have to attend this party.

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