My Music Teacher, My Heart

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Emma Brooks has grown up playing music with her older brother. But when she loses him in an accident the summer before her senior year she can’t bring herself to play again. Everything changes when Emma gets a new music teacher. Will she reignite he passion for music, even with her brother gone? And what will happen when Emma and the new music teacher Sam Adams get a little too close?

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Chapter 1: New Teacher

Emma’s POV

Ring Ring! Ring Ring!

Ugh 7:30, guess it’s time for school. I’m dreading school today even more than I usually do. Guess I better get up and ready. I’m not even gonna try today so I put my dark brown hair into a top bun with a maroon colored scrunchie and only put mascara on for make up. I put on my maroon hoodie, black leggings, and white vans then headed out my room.

I needed to get my sheet music for music class today but when I got to the door I stop in my tracks. I haven’t been in there since Noah died 7 months ago. We spent almost 24/7 in that room, playing and making music together, but I haven’t been able to play a note since he’s been gone. I slowly creak open the door and quickly grab my binder for class and shut the door quickly behind me. I’m already running late so I grab my backpack and car keys off the hook by the front door and run to my car.

When I get to school there’s only 5 minutes till 1st period starts so I go to my locker and get my science textbook out and quickly put my music binder in. When I slam my locker my best friend Alexa is standing there.

“Hey Emma are you ready for today?” she says cautiously. Alexa knew how hard these past months have been for me, but her being the best person ever, she’s been there for every tear, every scream, everything.

“Do you even have to ask that question, I’ve been dreading this day and music is last period so I’m gonna be feeling this ALL day.” I replied. Alexa gave me a soft understanding smile.

“Have you decided what you’re gonna do yet? I mean Emma today’s your last chance. You haven’t played a note in 7 months, you’re gonna be out of music class if you don’t play. I can’t lose my best friend in that class everyone else in there sucks.” Alexa said, laughing at everyone else sucking, they really do though.

“I don’t know Lex. I don’t know if I can do it without Noah, as soon as I even look at a piano all I think about is him. I mean you know I can’t even go into our music room anymore.” I say while looking down at my feet.

Just then the bell rings giving us 5 minutes to get to 1st period. Alexa pulls me into a tight hug.

“I love you girl. Stay strong today see you in music.” she says before she runs off to 1st period.

Skip till 7th period AKA music class

Time for the class I’ve been dreading all day. I’ve been going back and forth all day about what to do and I still don’t know. I hesitantly walk in and sit with my head down so I don’t even notice the strange new guy standing up at the front with Mrs. Collins, our music teacher.

Alexa comes in sits next to me and whispers in my ear. “Ooooooh who’s the new cute guy standing with Mrs. Collins.” After she says that I finally look up. I see a young guy standing next to Mrs. Collins just like Alexa said. He had dirty blonde hair that was slicked back, and was wearing a red button up with the sleeves rolled up so you could see his forearms. He was really attractive and made me feel a little nervous that he was now here.

Before I could say anything to Alexa the bell rang and Mrs. Collins began to speak. “Hello class. I have some good news and bad news for you today.” When she started speaking all my nervousness came rushing back and I felt like I was gonna be sick. “So the bad news is today’s my last day, I’m moving to be closer to my kids and grandkids. And the good news is I already have a replacement, class meet your new music teacher, Mr. Adams.” The cute boy from earlier stood up from his seat and waved to the class. Just great he’s our new teacher and i thought he was cute, I mentally facepalmed myself as Mrs.Collins finished talking. “So I guess I’ll leave you to it Mr. Adams the class is now yours." She said then walked out of the class.

When Mrs.Collins left Mr.Adams stood up and started talking. “Hi guys I’m Mr.Adams and for the rest of class I’m just gonna tell you about myself.” When he started talking all my nervousness went away, I wasn’t going to have to worry about playing the piano today. “This past fall I graduated with my music education degree so you guys are my very first class and I’m so excited for this year.” He said with a big smile so you could tell he really was excited.

Just then the bell rang. I started to get up and get my stuff when Mr.Adams spoke again. “See you all tomorrow. Oh and also I need to see Emma Brooks for a moment please.” He said. In that moment all my nervousness came rushing back.

“Good luck. Talk to you later okay?” Alexa said as she hugged me and walked out. After Alexa left I went and sat in the chair in front of his desk and he waited till everyone left then he sat at his desk.

“Nice to meet you Ms.Brooks. I asked you to stay behind because Mrs.Collins left me this note before she left.” he said as he handed me a note. It said:

Mr.Adams, please keep an eye on Emma Brooks for me. She is such a talented young woman and I would hate for her to give up one of the greatest gifts a person can have which is music. Mrs. Collins

“Why would you quit music?” He said after I handed the note back to him.

“It’s a long story.” I said and looked down and started moving my feet around. Mr.Adams got up from his desk and sat down in the chair next to me. He put his hand on my knee put quickly pulled it away.

“Sorry. But I’ve got time to listen. Maybe I could help”. he said and looked right into my eyes. He looked concerned and I could tell he really wanted to help me so I decided I was going to tell him.

“I grew up playing music. My brother and I were super close ever since we were kids. Our parents are always away on business trips so we spent a lot of time together. When I was 7 he taught me how to play the piano and ever since then we would always play together, we even had a super cool music room.” I said as I looked down trying not to cry. “But 7 months ago right before school started my brother was in a bad car accident and was in a coma for a week before he died. That week was the worst week of my life. And now I.....can’t” I finished between sobs. Mr.Adams put his hand on my knee again but this time he didn’t pull away. His presence made me feel calm and I finally met his eyes. I could see the pain in his eyes, it almost felt like he had experienced the same pain.

“Believe or not I know how you feel. I’m not trying to be one of those teaches who will lie to be “relatable” to their students, I know what you are going through”. He says while putting air quotes when he said relatable. “the summer before my freshman year of college I lost my best friend Evan in an accident. It was late at night and he tried to swerve for a deer and he ended up hitting a light pole. He was dead in an instant.” He finished while clearing his throat I could tell he was trying not to cry.

“How...How did you move on?” I said while I looked down at my hands and fiddled my thumbs.“I pursued my dreams of being a music teacher and being able to reach people through music. I knew if Evan was here and I gave my dream up he would’ve smacked the back of my head and told me to stop being an idiot.” he said while chuckling as he was remembering his best friend. “I know I only became your teacher today but I can tell you have a passion for music, please don’t give it up. It’s not what your brother would want.” He said as he took his hand off my knee. I know he’s my teacher but I yearned for the calmness his touch brought me as soon as he pulled away

When he finished talking, he got up and grabbed my black music binder and set it up at the piano in the middle of the room. He walked back over to where I was sitting and grabbed my hand and led me to the piano. I hesitantly sat down on the bench as Mr.Adams sat down next to me. He opened the piano and looked at me. “You can do it Emma.” He said.

I put my hands on the keys to get ready to play for the first time since Noah passed. I can do it, I can do it, I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I thought. Without saying anything I ran out of the classroom, leaving everything behind but my car keys.

“Emma! Emma!” I could hear Mr.Adams yelling from behind me but I didn’t turn around I just got in my car and drove home.


Thank you so much for reading. I’m super excited to write this story and I would really appreciate feedback as to make it better. love you all

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