King's Whore

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Do pawns rise to Queen? * When Amanda is sold to the King of England against her wishes, she comes to realize that her position is worth more than its name. Stealing the most coveted position among the Mistresses, the common whore feels hunger for something more, something bigger, something heavy. something as heavy as the Queen's Crown. Throw in a furious sitting Queen that would stop at nothing to uproot competition, a bevy of high noble ladies that also drool for the Crown, and a whore that sets to do the impossible. The tale of a King's Whore

Romance / Thriller
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She simply did not understand why they were all so happy. Well, she was not. They were sailing for the main England, she and the rest of the women and low lives here lived at Wales.

Actually, she couldn’t see any reason why they would be happy to go to England, a place full of stuck-up old Nobles that couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and obnoxious laws. Yes, she definitely wasn’t happy to go there, living in the cold mountain village of Snowdon was enough for her and unlike other low lives, England held no appeal for her.

Well she hadn’t been there before, but after living in a tiny corner of the big country, she had heard plenty.

And being forced into the ship because of her wretched mother wasn’t exactly the best way to say “Welcome to England” now was it?

All Fifty-six females they were going to be sold to the elites of England- to the other women, it was a way of escaping the hunger and consistent pneumonia that plagued the poor of Snowdon, by selling their bodies in exchange for a warm meal and a fur coat. To them, England was salvation, Amanda felt different. England was a curse.

However, her new friend, Anna—not that she willingly befriended the stubborn woman—was as excited as hell, praying for them both to be sold to rich young noblemen with title, not that she blamed the woman, from the stories she had regaled her with, England could very much be considered a new beginning. She, Amanda, was not ready, nor willing to make a new beginning. But of course, mother and her love for gold coins had thought otherwise and had sold her only child so callously to the sea. Magnificent parenting.

From all the tales she had been told about England, all the Nobles with title were unimaginably old, the greedy old men weren’t willing to give up power to the younger generation, so whenever Anna made her ridiculous prayer request, she always retorted.

“Speak for yourself”

Ignoring her as always, Anna carried on with her prayer

“Earls or Dukes, Father,”

Amanda snorted. Earls or Dukes. Please. She didn’t even want to be sold.

On very wild nights she prayed that her beauty would take her to the King’s bed where - she quotes- “She would be treated well”

Was Anna dumb, stupid or plain dumb?

The King? Treat her well? Please! Were they speaking of the same King that let them at Snowdon die in masses because of no food? Or the King that let the nobles whip their servants during extreme cold and permanently marring their backs with crisscross of black and blue lines? The same King that made mothers sell their children, daughters into warming the bed of Nobles centuries older? Or the same King to let the Nobles force their sons into hard labor and dragging heavy carts on bad winter night and still not having the conscience enough to pay? That was the King that would treat her well? Or were they speaking of a different King here?

Anna was plain dumb, Amanda decided.

"None of this miserly English Nobles are going to treat a woman they bought with their gold coins well. And, I don’t wish to be sold. I am not an item”

Anna didn’t listen, she wouldn’t. The woman was a stubborn mule.

Amanda liked to say she had a foolish faith.

She was well used to the fact that leeches, in clothes of nobles had tried to force her into being a mistress because of her accursed beauty. Mother had even tried convincing to become a courtesan. Her? A courtesan?!

And that beauty, she had gotten from mother.

Mother. She snorted again, had fallen for some rich French Noble and the result? Her! and wretchedness. If they were to give an award for the world’s shittiest parenting, mother would bag the award without competition. Who sold their child for 500 pounds?! Mother! That’s who.

She could have really used not coming to this world, but like mother’s special, she messed things up, she was not about to follow her mother’s foolish footsteps.

And what did mother dearest do?

Mother was off whoring herself to anyone with a shiny, round object with the face of a smug monarch.

She was not going to be a whore.


This was the last night on the ship, there was an excited buzz from both captors and captives alike, while she was thinking of an escape route, but barely had she left that train of thought, someone groped for her.

She cursed violently, so violently that the hand on her arm loosened a bit.

“Saving yourself for your Master’s bed?” he crackled drunkenly.

Damn you Lucifer’s son.

“I have no master!” She growled. Or tried to because her hair was pulled. “Ow! May the sea swallow you, you monster!” she cursed. Years of growing at the worst slums had paid off excellently.

With the heat of the pain from her scalp, she kneed him in the groin, he doubled over in pain.

Ha! Take that you son of the devil.

“Come here you wench” he pulled roughly, her very precious hair, twisted it around his wrist and pulled. Demon! She tried to wiggle free, but hit her arm on the railings and yelped in pain.

The heavy sound of approaching footsteps was a relief, so she yelled harder, and later wondered the wisdom in that. It might be another- heavens- drunken sailor.

Or perhaps help. The face of the first mate came in view.

The worse of the two evils. “Let her go!” he thundered.

Help me you mother— let me go? Heh, he’s here to help?

He released her so quickly that she went tumbling. Fool. He didn’t even know how to let go of a woman properly.

“Sorry Sire” The bastard said.

The First Mate came towards her and stretched his hand forward

“Are you all right?”

She scrambled far from him

Yes, you helped but that doesn’t make you any better.

“Get away from me bastard!”

He didn’t seem the least shocked, busy inspecting her face, then turned to the other man his eye blazing.

“If she sports a bruise Fin, I will haul you overboard” he threatened.

You can hurl him over now sire, I surely wouldn’t mind.

Her attacker- Fin, his name was Fin- how fitting, he smelled like fish.

Why was he protecting her? Fin wondered, bewildered

“But Sire...!”

All the others were having a good time with the women, why couldn’t he? Besides, he wanted this one, she was pretty.

“She is to go to the King, and if that bruise sees the light of day...”

The unspoken threat hung.

Understanding dawned hard.

“You mean you want to offer her...?” Fin asked, his eyes round. The other man stared pointedly at him.

“No” he whimpered, and prayed desperately to the sea gods.

He couldn’t be serious... could he? Amanda dearly wished that the First Mate had a flair for jokes, because she could not be going to the King.




KW [along with the rest of the boys] is not the exact version you’ve read before on Wattpad. This version of KW [and the rest of the boys] on Inkitt as I said is a more edited, clearer, grammatical error free as humanly possible and the plot, description and event is better in line and without plot holes. The character names and roles did not change although the plot has been adjusted.

It is a more articulate book and easier to enjoy.

To newbies who don’t know me and we are just meeting for the first time, thank you for reading this book.

Don’t forget to vote, comment and add to your reading lists.

Don’t worry, you are missing nothing, this book is WAY better in this version.

Also; this book is mature. It has explicit scenes and I advise you advise yourself and know if you can read that, also this book is a series, The Four Nobles Series and it the first of four books; you are going to meet people you’ll crave to be like, and want to meet in real life.

The Wattpad readers of the old version can attest to that.



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