Earl's Promise

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Temptations come in various forms- even in the form of a blond female. * Williams De Vere has promised his life to protect the Queen's relation, failure would lead to his head in a straw basket. The rule was quite simple, to take good care of her and not come at her. Suddenly, The time for his death draws closer as she comes at him. Did the rules still apply when she came at him?

Romance / Action
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Earl's Promise- 1


" But you must promise me one thing Williams..”

" And that is?”

" You must never hit her. Never touch her, against her own will that is..” the girl-Anna blushed and looked away.

" If you do I would personally hunt you down”
He smiled.

" I believe that”

" And lastly, take care of her Williams.. please, do this as a favour to me, she has been through a lot. Treat her like a..like a ..” she seemed to search for the word.

“-like a lady Williams. Treat her like a Lady”

He nodded.

" Promise me”

" I promise”

“Swear to me..”

He gave the Queen a tired smile “I swear.”

She finally gave him a smile.
" Thank you”

(King’s Whore)


The Earl of Oxford had just broken one of the very few laws his father, Sir Thomas De Vere had ever given him.

His father had been a man of few words, speaking only when necessary and when he did speak, he radiated wisdom, and Williams always in awe, so the very few words his father spoke, the few laws he gave to Williams before his death, he treasured and followed to the book.

Which why he wondered if he was under influence when he made that promise to the Queen. But there was no going back, he had to stick by his own words, which was a rope, binding around his neck, with the edges being firmly held in the hands of the Queen.

He had made a promise to nobility, a Queen at that,and a rash decision indeed.

Good heavens! What had come over him?

“Sir Williams?” He heard and was snapped out of his mind.

“We have arrived my Lord” the coachman announced.

Williams jumped out of his carriage and made way to the carriage that had the Queen’s precious friend.

A stable boy was helping her down.

With a look from the Earl, he slinked away. This was precious cargo, fragile- he had been warned.

“Welcome to Burford, Oxfordshire my Lady”

The Earl of Oxford announced with a little-okay, a large tinge of pride.

His home had always been one of great pride and envied by many. And he knew that assertion was not one sided when the girl gasped.

Anna blushed at the title and gasped at the sight before her, it was a sprawl of green grass with a mansion perched on a hill. A perfect fairytale house-at least from thr outside.

She had learned from the service of her former master that things could be perfect on that outside and have the darkest of demons lurking inside.

The lawn were full of green grasses and there was a well tended rose bush by each side, the mansion had pillars at it’s front like the walls of a cathedral.

There were hedges of flower beds by the walls of the house, at the right was a wall, not so high leading to a place she supposed was the stables.

The mansion had a proud, beautiful and haughty look to it like the man beside her.

At that train of thought she jolted at the same moment Williams reached for her.

He looked slightly amused.

“Shall we?” He asked.

She gave a brief nod as they walked into the second castle Anna had been to.

It insides were nothing to the outside,it had stained walls and the ceiling was high giving it a ballroom look to it.

The walls were almost covered with large works of arts.

“I believe you to be a lover of art?” He asked.

His voice came so directly behind her that she jumped.

She shook her head, signifying a no.

“Oh” he said. She moved on quickly behind him.

“My Lord!” She heard someone bellow, she wimpered as a large beefy looking man appeared.

“My Lord!” He said again.
There.. Anna’s vision failed her.

This was Norwegian..she was sure of it, this was Maxwell Norwegian.

And the Earl was his consort! He had come to retrieve her from the Earl, he had come again to imprison her in the small, cramped tool shed while keeping her starved and dehydrated. The Earl was-Amanda! She wasn’t to trust the Earl!

Her head felt light, her stomach rolling with sickness and her neck breaking out in cold sweat. She heard a high pitched sound, as her knees banged in fright and betrayal.

The Earl broke into a wide sinister smile.

Norwegian approached, with a similar smile twisting his features as he grabbed his hand heartily and laughed.

“Welcome my Lord! Welcome!”
“Thank you.”
“Is she-?”
“Yes, this is-”

Anna couldn’t hold herself, the Earl had betrayed her..and the Queen.

That was the last thought on her mind as her head swam and she crumpled to the ground in a faint.

“-Anna?!” Williams asked alarmed as he saw her fall suddenly.


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