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After an horrible break up with Tyler, Natasha Jordan and her best friend goes to club with a stranger. The next morning she ends up in the bedroom of the club director and is unable to remember. Six month later, he confesses his love for her through a misunderstanding, Natasha’s life is ruined and her world is completely damaged, will she adjust to her situation and accept him or will her plans to run away succeed?

Romance / Fantasy
Grace. A
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Author's note

'It you, baby' is my first work as a writer and I hope you really enjoy it, I also hope I was able to connect with you with my story..

A young girl who a huge burden as been laid upon. After a terrible break up with Tyler the one person she loved and cared for, for a long time. She goes to club with her best friend Julia. Tasha gets drunk and wakes up with a rude guy she can't help but love him, little did she know who her heart was racing for, she is yet to find out who she falls in love with.

Six month later, she meets him at her work place.Days later unknowingly for her, her world collapse and she is left to cater for her baby sister Mia. Will she be able to adjust back and over come this challenge?

This story is my idea and original work.. Do not copy without my concept. I really appreciate my readers and my followers to enable me share my story.

As an army 💜 I'm really grateful to bts for this opportunity to show my work as an author and I hope you support me. I'm not a perfect writer but I really want to share my idea as an army and Kdrama lover too, I also really want to show my passion for writing.

Bangtan has been a grate encouragement for me, helping me to speak and love myself and I really hope you give me a chance to view my thought through my stories.

'It you, baby' as my first work, I have put together many ideas and effort and I pray you love them.

To my readers, let me know in the comment box how you like my story and how I can improve, I would love to hear your view on "it you, baby"

I really pray I was able to connect with my readers, thanks for letting me show you my work.. I 💜 you.

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