Her Master and His Possession

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one night was all it took, for my life to change, from a person to a prisoner, from a woman to a slave, my freedom was auctioned and sold, to a man, whose desires were that of a beast, he wanted, control, and I couldn't deny, he was toxic but I couldn't resist, I was falling into the abyss, unable to escape. - WHITE WITCH

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Sitting across me were my classmates Mona and Liam, their eyes red, like the blood socketing through their veins.

The smell of alcohol storming into our conversations as we speak and tiny littered Nachos on the table, anybody who saw us could tell we were celebrating a feast, probably a birthday or a promotion, perhaps even reuniting with our long lost love.

But NO, we weren’t here because of that, we were here because of a stupid mistake my friend Mona had committed, unable to comprehend the seriousness of the situation, we would be in few hours, we got drunk, to avoid thinking about it.

The loud music in the pub covered Mona’s sobs while she swayed her body to the beat, her head fumbled moving sideways, to and fro, like a broken pendulum, her bright red lipstick still intact even when her eyeliner was making it down her cheek like spider webs, she looked miserable.

Next to her sat my best friend, Liam wearing a white t-shirt and ripped pants, comfortably adjusting his position on the sofa with a wine glass, he circled before gulping it down at once, he had already finished 1 bottle by now.

I, on the other hand, my hair tied up into a bun with my half-eaten pink lipstick, I was dead drunk too, wearing only a single piece of frock, which hanged down till my ankle.

I sat with them trying to forget what Mona had gotten us involved into.

‘ I’m sorry Mia’ she said pushing her curly hair back. She always loved showing off her curls, some tints of blues strips submerged within it, it was hard to identify it unless we were out in the sun.

‘ I’m sorry Liam’ she said turning towards him, who was getting dizzy, his hands rubbing his neatly styled hair into a mess, but still he looked handsome to the ladies who were looking at him afar.

Not that I had any feeling on him, but I knew the girls thought we would be hooking up with him.

He is a great guy but not my type, and to sum it all, we were best friends from 5th grade although Mona joined in at our 7th year, we still have a bond beyond friendship more like family.

‘It’s ok Mona, we will solve it’ Liam responded his eyes dilating as he tried maintaining a steady look at Mona who threw her black leather jacket on the ground slumping back to the soft black sofa.

‘ How are we going to get so much money?’ I asked taking a sip on the beer.

My legs were already sore from wearing heels and us not finding a solution wasn’t helping.

As my eyes shifted from my friends to the dancing floor, I could see how youngsters were rubbing their bodies against each other, some even pulling their skirts up so that the man could get a decent touch of what lied under the dress.

It’s not that I detested seeing them, more like I have never dated in all these 21 years of my life, it made me feel depressed to not receive such a warm and hot feeling.

Mona tried introducing me to guys, but I could only go as far as kissing or holding hands, anything beyond that would make me feel repulsed, the guys thought I was not letting them have sex because they weren’t good enough for me or would back out saying I dint love them….

well, I got tired, tired of listening to all the reasons they would give me to break things off.

So I stopped seeing people, and now, knowing that I won’t be able to receive such intense pleasure or sensation, makes me sad.

I gulp down the beer down my throat thinking about how I would have to remain single throughout my life.

My eyes move towards an age gap couple, well I dint have anything against them, but the way this brown hair guy, kept grinding his waist towards a girl, who was pushing him away, made it disgusting to see.

I turned my head back to the table, only to see Mona flattened out, her head on the sofa, with her curly hair, covering her face, anybody would feel haunted with that posture. I took out my phone, to take a picture just so that we could tease her later.

‘ you are cruel, Mia, taking her ugly photo when we have an issue to solve’ Liam said, going through his phone, he had a piercing in his right ear which shinned whenever the disco lights made circles.

It was a gift from his first love, he says, although I’m pretty sure he just avoids the question with that.

‘ send me the photo later’ he says smirking at me, I just scoff turning my head back to the dancing floor, to think about a solution.

There were none actually, we thought of different ideas and when we finally found one, well it would come crashing down. Not that our ideas were dumb, but we were only 22 years old who had just graduated.

My eyes found the brown guy again, well it was pretty obvious with him trying to forcefully pull her panties down, the crowd was too loud for the girl to even scream for help, the people around her were in their own world, while some just dint bother to help her, I guess some even placed bets on whether the old guy would take her or not.

I am not a model citizen, but when I knew something was wrong, I would try my best to stop it.

I stood up, my legs wobbling, I held the sofa for support when Liam asked where I was headed. I was too drunk to respond, so I made my way to the dance floor, flickering my eyes so that I could see properly, my mind was already a mess.

As I pushed through the crowd and found the man rubbing his thing between her thighs, I was angry, he was raping her in the middle of the crowd, and nobody gave a shit.

I pushed him away with all the strength I had, only to meet his angry face, I slapped him once, twice and shouted ‘ I am going to kick your balls if you continue raping her you fat, disgusting pig’.

I gasped for breath while he pulled his pant up, his trousers still sliding out, he vanished between the crowd mouthing ‘bitch’.

When I turned around the girl had left, well anyone would be embarrassed as hell, so I went back to the sofa, I saw Liam paying the bill.

‘ I’m booking a cab, let’s go home, we will think about the money tomorrow when our minds are clear’ he said. I respected how Liam always stayed gentlemen despite how drunk he was.

‘ yea, I guess we should head back, it’s already past 12’ I said looking at my phone, which was broken at the edge.

I looked at Mona, who was snoring even between the loud music and her uncomfortable sleeping position, she was always a deep sleeper, and no one would dare wake her up, because her mood swings were not something to be taken lightly.

When we were in college Liam woke her up to play a game and she started throwing punches at him, he was so badly hurt, that he had to take a week off from school. From that day we made it an unspoken rule to never wake her up, no matter the reason.

I placed Mona’s arms around my neck lifting her in the process. Liam came over on the other side helping her up. We basically looked like two murders dragging out a body.

Her hair constantly kept bothering us, and we had to stop many times, adjusting her hair so that it doesn’t blur our already dimmed vision.

We finally made it towards the cab and dumped her in the back seat, taking a breather. Liam sat in the front, giving directions to the driver, and I sat in the back with Mona, her head on my lap.

It was pitch black outside, with only the voice of horns and the engine sound rhythmically complementing each other. I closed my eyes, thinking about how this all started.

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