Arranged To Marry The Poor Guy

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This girl has to break up with her boyfriend since her mother wants her to become less spoiled as it is giving her a bad reputation. Her mother is only very spoiled and mother knows it. Her mother doesn’t know how to explain to stop being spoiled.

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The Poor Surprise

It was a Monday morning, mother promised me to get me a surprise for this years Christmas! Mother wouldn’t tell me even if I begged all day straight.

The first week of December in school everybody was talking about who they wanted for Christmas. I was the cool kid I school since my mother to her mothers complaint and I will take my mothers company when I become eighteen and I can move in my own house.

I gracefully walked out my door as it was only two after five. I snapped for Ms. Rose. Ms. Rose dashed threw the hallway almost pushing the expensive vases
down on the floor. My mother gave Ms. Rose a long stare which everyone knew I my house that that meant, “You better STOP or you risk getting fired!”

Anyway, Ms. Rose smiled at me embarrassedly then slightly touched my robe to slide it off me. I had put on my designer clothes on. “Gucci today Ms. Pearl I see?” Mr. Bone asked. I replied, “Yes, What about you Mr. Bone? Your outfit looks quite ravishing.” Mr. Bone chuckled and replied, “I got it from the thrift store down town.” Me and my mothers eyes widened in disgust. “Ahhh yes Mr. Bone Although this has been quite a umm fun conversation we must be gong now.” My mother said.

My mother pushed me away into the limo. I said as I buckled my seat belt, “But I haven’t even had breakfast yet!” My mother looked as she had forgotten then spit the words, “Eat at school!” My eyes widened quickly about the same time my mouth opened to shout the words, “EWW NOT THERE SCHOOL BREAKFAST ITS MADE TERRIBLY EWWWW ONLY POOR PEOPLE EAT THAT BREAKFAST!” “THAT WILL RUIN MY REPUTATION!” My mother leaned closer to me in a stern face saying, “Listen I’m sorry if I have been a bad influence and that’s why your so spoiled” she then took a deep breath but still trying to be quiet as many people tried to spy on us.

My mother took a deep breath once again and whispered quieter then before. “Stop being so spoiled and just eat the school breakfast and lunch.” I won’t bother your time with me saying the exact same words only but instead of Breakfast Lunch in my agurment with my dear mother.

Anyways my mother left shortly after her speech of me being spoiled we finally got going. I snapped at the driver and said, “Faster.” I heard him grunt. I didn’t want to ruin my makeup that my Glam Gang put on me as I was getting ready to eating breakfast so I didn’t yell.

I leaned back trying to ignore the stench of waist in the car my the driver Mr. Dolly and Luke. Luke smelled like rotten fish. And when I say that I mean not roasted, grilled, fried or anything! But raw.

Anyways, We finally got to my high school Ravishingly Touches. I ran to my gang hugging each one.

We were known as the Richies Gang. The loser in our group Lolli came up with that. Lolli was kinda a loser to us but not to the commoners I mean she was pretty hot.

“Hey!” Ethan called to me. Ethan was cute and rich so my mother approved. But I don't care if she doesn’t. But I think everyone knows including Ethan and me that Ethan’s only here for my looks and popularity and I’m only here for his looks and popularity. We’re both rich so no one is here for the riches.

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