Whispered Feelings

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🎬Ch#10: Velvet Cake🍭


My alarm clock wakes me up and mindlessly my hand finds the annoying sound that repeatedly plays on a loop. "Fuck, take it off Low," a groan is heard behind me and I turn to find Damani. Eyes still closed, his long eyelashes fluttering softly against his cheeks. His hair a full curly mess upon the pillow his head rests on. I'm made aware when his hand moves on my waist that it's there. He's so pretty.

I'm startled a little when Beyonce's voice comes from my phone. I click the answer button to a very awake Valkyrie "Hey babe, I wanted to check-in and wish you a safe flight," I could hear music in the background as though she were at a party. The loud music instantly giving me a headache. "Hi bitch, you could have called outside of the party," I groan and sigh as she laughs. "Sorry, it's like Midnight here in China. And I know you got a busy day ahead. I love you, Harlow. Try not to fall madly in love with Remy and Jude. Don't forget to have fun I will see you soon...Cobie also sends her love,"

"Thank you, for calling me and I love you too. Tell Cobie I love her. Try not to get drunk and don't sleep with strangers," I smile as the phone goes dead. I haven't seen them in two weeks and I don't know when I will again. Valkyrie and Cobie are in China preparing for a big parade or something. I didn't quite get what it is they were doing in China. Maybe they were there for a convention. Yes, thats it. They were touring behind Beyonce. Cobie is obsessed with her. She dresses up like her for every Halloween obsessed.

"Wake up pretty boy...I gotta go. My plane leaves in a few hours," I shake Damani out of his sleep. He stayed up with me till two in the morning helping me pack. At least by the end of us folding clothes, he wasn't so worried about meeting Silas anymore. I am really excited to see their movie and I even told him that I would read the book the movie is based on. Dani rubs his eyes as his sleep slowly leaves him. "Morning," his voice low and husky. "Wow, who knew you had a hot morning voice. I bet, you have whoever you sleep with wet when they wake next to you," I smirk and he smiles back at me.

"What did I get you wet, Charlton?" He says playfully in a low suggestive tone. His eyebrows moving together in a wave-like motion. I cover his stupid chiseled face with my hand and scoot off the bed "Oh shish...only in your dreams good looking," I tell the slim heartthrob. "I need a ride to the airport. Huntley and Tove most likely left already for work," stretching my limbs I watch Dani as he nods his head to my request.

He watches me as I put together my stuff. After taking a shower and getting dressed in my bathroom. I walk out back into my sunset-colored room to find Dani flipping through the channels. Funny because this house hasn't had cable in it since Netflix. "You don't have cable," he says switching off the flat screen. Sitting by my dressing table I do light makeup to go with my blue chop top hoody and comfy pants that match. Damani comes to stand behind me. He holds my hair and kisses my shoulder. Without a word, he takes my comb from my hand and begins combing my hair into one. He brushes it and even gels my front hair into place. I look on in wonder. In three minutes he's done and I'm dumbfounded. Not only because he did my hair but he's the dude-est dude I know. And I live with freaking Huntley.

"Have you seen my hair, Low? You learn a thing or two when you have hair like mine and you're a guy," he's nonchalant and I just nod my head. Makes sense. "Now you know my hair secrets," he snickers and then kisses my cheek.

Damani turns the steering wheel of his jeep into the airport. He pulls the hand breaks up, bringing the four wheels vehicle to a halt. He sighs and rests his head back on his seat. His eyes slowly look up to my face and he smiles sadly at me. Seeing this I frown at him with confusion "What's wrong?" I inquire about how weird he's acting.

"I will miss you so much, Harlow. I leave for Italy soon for a few months. I have to be there a while before we actually start filming to take piano lessons and brush up on my fucking Italian," he sighs heavily and I reach for his hand. Lacing our fingers together Dani smiles at me, " I love you Low, and you're the sister I never had," I smile at him "I love you too and I will see you when I get back," Leaning forward I kiss his cheek.

Opening the door I get out of the jeep and Dani helps me remove my luggage from the trunk. "There you go, Charlton, always a pleasure to serve you," he says taking a bow and does as though he's tipping his hat to me. I giggle at his antics and embrace him with a tight squeeze around his waist.

"Bye Dani,"

"Bye Charlton,"

An hour later I'm on a private plane waiting for a few people to come on board. Zack didn't want us flying public. Opening the ac vent above my head, I relish in the cool air that blows on my face. Sitting back into the comfortable seat of the jet, I relax my muscles and close my eyes for a few seconds.

"I think Mr. Priestley and Mr.Cruz have arrived," the air host points to outside the window. Looking through the window, there's a black apella slowly driving to a stop. It comes to a standstill and Jude gets out of the driver's side. Remington comes out of the passenger side. I could see them laughing and joking around. They looked so ordinary.

Jude is in a tracksuit and Remington is wearing a long-sleeve jersey and jeans. I watch like a frigging creep as they take their stuff out of their car and walk up the steps of the plane. Before I know it the both of them are coming through the door which somehow seems to evaporate the air that is no longer in my lungs.

Jude walks in front of Remington and comes to me with a wide smile that reaches his eyes "Hey velvet cake, how you been?" He greets with open arms and I rise from my seat to hug him. It's been about two weeks since I saw them "Hi Jude," I blush a bit. It's Jude freaking Cruz I can't help but turn red.

When he plops down on the seat behind mine, I'm inches away from Remington. "Hello mate," he smirks with a raised eyebrow, my body instantly getting a thousand degrees hotter under the gaze of his piercing cerulean irises. "Hi," Is all I manage to squeak out. Remington gives me a sly grin then closes the few inches between us to wrap me in a quick embrace. His body feels hard and firm against mine. He made me feel small and warm on the inside. I like that feeling.

Breaking up our little stare contest is his annoying, slightly, prettier and by prettier I mean girly-looking, brother McKenzie. Remington takes his place next to his friend Jude and I take mine. Unfortunately, Mckenzie decides to sit by me.

"Hey Crimson, no hug for me?" His breath is the stink of alcohol which explains his sunglasses. "My name isn't...you know what you're a nimrod," I say rolling my eyes. Rising from my seat I angrily take another one, which just happens to be in front of Remington and Jude. Remington silently apologizes for his brother's rudeness with a mouthed 'Sorry'.

A few more passengers board the plane and before long the pilot is on the intercom talking to us, "Good morning, this is your pilot speaking. We should be landing in Brazil in about six hours. We're about to take off so please buckle up. Once we're in the air you will be allowed to move about. Enjoy the flight,"

I do as instructed with a prayer that all goes well and that we land safely. I would hate to die now before I could get my lips on Remington. A very crude thought but the truth none the less. I know that it's typical but I have liked Remington ever since I saw Superman. Evelyn warned me to remain professional and I have been but it's so hard not to stare at him when he's so close I could smell the cologne he's wearing.

I wish she were here to help me in Brazil but she had to stay because finding another agent or person to help her didn't pan out. So she had to stay with my siblings.

Two hours into the flight and I am officially craving something sweet. Pressing the button to summon the air host, I wait for the guy to come. "Anything I can help with Miss.Charlton?" He respectfully asks. "Yeah, can I get that snack thats nuts coated in chocolate," I replied looking up at him "Sure," he leaves to go get my treat. Unbuckling myself, I bring my knees up to my chin.

"Here you go miss," the air host brings my sweet snack. Excitedly or perhaps greedily, I open the pack of deliciousness. Throwing one in my hand and slowly licking off the chocolate, I let it melt in my mouth. Then I eat the nut. No pun intended.

Remington and Jude are knocked out and it's a sight for soar eyes. Jude's head is on Remington's shoulder as Remy props his own, head in the palm of his hand. I think he's drooling.

All of a sudden the plane starts to shake causing my pack of chocolate-covered nuts to fall to the floor. The turbulence is so strong that it wakes the sleeping man gods in front of me. "What the..."

"Hello, this is your pilot speaking, please fasten your seat belts,"

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