Whispered Feelings

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🎬Ch#11: Motion Sickness🍺


The world doesn't know this but I have a special affinity for natural redheads. I haven't dated one since high school. There isn't an infinite number of them. Harlow Charlton is the first gorgeous famous one I have met in person. I know she has siblings and they all have natural red hair. It's truly amazing. Harlow, however, has captured my attention. She isn't just any redhead, she's one that I have been watching for years on Tv. I feel like I somehow know her because of it.

Not to mention this weird energy that surrounds me whenever Im in her proximity. I humor myself when women act as though I'm the only man on earth and their only mission is to fuck me into next year. They touch my chest or press themselves against me. If a man were to treat a woman the way they treat men, it's rape. So basically, women eye rape me. I chuckle at the thought. I don't even implore the thought of asking someone out on a date for fear of them formulating a plan to soil my name and blackmail me with the most deceitful lie there is; He sexually assaulted me. Then again you never know, so I prefer to stay safe.

Now, there are some predators in high places that use their authority and power to abuse women. Those repulsive dipshits need to be hung upside down by their balls and then kicked in the face till death.

So my last real relationship has been a couple of years ago. I have had a few fuck buddies here and there with women that I trust because I'm only a man. And sometimes I need an exit for all my pent up testosterone.

All this is bouncing around in my brain while Harlow sits across from me on the plane. Her hair pulled into a tight enough ponytail, not a hair out of place. She's cushioned comfortably in her chair as she watches The Croods and I fall asleep next to Jude with the sight of her.

Suddenly the plane jerks in the sky jolting me awake. Jude who is sleeping on my chest also wakes up "What the..."

"Hello, this is your pilot speaking, please fasten your seat belts," the pilot's calm voice comes through the speakers as another wave of turbulence hits the plane. Looking past Jude through the window, the wings of the plane flap around uncontrollably, and for a split second a chill rushes up my spine causing my fingers to go cold. Shit, we might just die.

"Ahhhh..." Harlow tries not to scream but her face is pale, her slim fingers holding on to the chair's hand rest for dear life. Her face morphing into one of fear and anxiety. I just wanted to put my arms around her to comfort her. Tell her she's gonna be okay.

The turbulence subsides after a terrifying few minutes. Jude puffs out a gush of air through his mouth and I pat my friend on his shoulder. "Damn near pee myself," he confesses, eyebrows high on his forehead. "Me too...McKenzie?"

I call out to my brother, as expected he slept throughout the entire thing. Standing up, I hover over his sleeping form. Thumping his chest he wakes with a start "Fuck Remy, what the hell do you want?" He grunts eyes barely opening to glimpse me.

I touch him again, this time he fully wakes up. Ken glares at me and I smile down at him, "We could have died brother...hmm," I tell him. But Ken rolls his eyes chucks his blanket under his chin, turns the other way, and goes right back to his slumber.

"Hey, Velvet cake you alright?" Jude solicits Harlow. She looks pale void of blood. She looked sick. I draw the flight attendant's awareness to, Harlow. He goes to her immediately checking her forehead and then fetching her something to drink with a puke bag.

"I think she has an upset stomach," the gentleman informs us, and I nod my head in understanding. "Can you sit with her? Maybe rub her back," he implores of me.

"I-I-I...ugh," I clear my throat Jude lifts a brow at me "Sure, no problem," I give a tight smile and he plops the bottle of water in my hand. Moving over to Harlow I sit next to her. Her long ponytail hair blocked her face from me. Without a second thought, I shift her hair so that it rests on her back. It is so soft and smooth and lustrous that I almost want to sniff her long red curls just to see if it smelt as good as looked.

Harlow's gaze drifts to me and I give her a reassuring smile. Her frame bends in half with a shiver. It didn't go without notice that she's cold sweating. Gently I touch her back in an attempt to soothe her discomfort. "You suffer from motion sickness?" I query but I'm pretty sure it's that.

"Yeah..." She manages to let out "...the shaking," she mutters. Eventually, Harlow reclines in her chair the air hitting her face, which is starting to get some color again.

"You feeling better love?"

She provides me a minor smile, "Thank you for taking care of me," I wave my hand at her "Not ah problem," I say, finally giving her the water I had been clutching in my hand. She gracefully slips it out of my hold and uncaps the lid putting the bottle to her mouth to take a sip.


For the remainder of that terrible flight, Remington stays by my side. Soon enough the plane is thankfully touching down in Brazil. I could almost kiss the ground when I exist the flying death trap.

Brazil is flavorful and warm. The sun shines so radiantly above the blue oceanic sky. Vast white mists embellished with unique shapes and designs. Not a grey in sight.

Later, after three hours of driving, we arrive at the place that we will call home for the next six months or so. It's massive with greenery all around. It may have even had a forest-like area nearby. Considering the long ride here and the lack of houses around, it's very secluded.

Stepping out of the large vehicle I came in, I soak in the heat of the sun. Fresh air conceals me in a feeling of a dream. Somewhere only my imagination could have created. The wind sways through the trees so graciously with calming music that puts a warm smile on my face.

Remington comes next to me, his shadow engulfing mine, "It's so gorgeous here," he amuses hands going behind his head in a stretch. "Yeah, it is," Jude comes to the other side of me.

Zack is seen at the huge entrance of the door. He grins at us brightly, where the corner of his eyes wrinkles. He and his crew came down here a while to set up shop. Zack welcomes us all with excitement and good cheer. The vibe in the air is so luminous and full of calm that it alleviates my inner being.

Motion sickness be damned.

"This is where we will be filming Lycan Decrescent. This place is perfect for creating a werewolf movie. The forest area is fantastic for cinematography. There's even a waterfall which we will be taking full advantage of...you guys can check it out before we start filming a few days from now," Zack educated us about the territory.

The interior of this wonderland is just as exquisite as the exterior. Long staircases aligned with illustrations and sculptures. The floors are wooden with a gloss that glowed and shined so well I could see myself in it.

It's left up to us to explore and choose our rooms. Unsurprisingly, there's an elevator that takes you up to two floors. A three-story mansion, wow. Pressing the button to take me up, I smile because I don't need to haul all two huge suitcases up a flight of stairs. The elevator pings as it opens and I roll my luggage through the foyer.

Jude comes out of one of the many rooms that line the hallway just in time, and I give him a lopsided smile. "Want some help Red?" I nod thankfully and he gives a chuckle opening the door I happen to be standing in front of.

"Thanks, Jude," he helps me roll my bags into the large room and closes the door behind him when he leaves.

A King size bed sits in the middle of the room adorned in white sheets. The walls are painted a light blue with a sketch of a couple dancing in ballerina shoes. The art is beautifully drawn out. The room is made more terrific when I notice a balcony extended from the glass doors on the opposite side of the room.

I think I'm going to love it here.

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