Whispered Feelings

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🎬#12: Orange Meadow🍭


The white sheets with huge fluffy pillows and the gigantic soft mattress made me feel like I was in actual heaven. The ceiling even looked like the sky at sunset. The coldness of the ac unit sets the room a chill. I'm so buried under my blanket that it may be impossible to get out.

I have to get out, I know but I don't want to. Have you ever heard of anyone purposefully leaving their heaven? No. They stay there forever and ever. And I'm fortunate enough to have found mine. It's this bed, this room, this place of wonder.

Lazily, I wriggle out the softest sheets in the world to get ready for a very long day. Today I explore the terrain of a vast territory. I may not be able to see it all but hopefully, I find something awesome. Perhaps, my own Narnia.

Riding Hood has filmed in some cool places already, one of which was an amusement park. But, this place in the middle of nowhere is by far the best.

Soon after my shower, I put on my outfit for the day. A yellow long sleeve top with buttons in the front that stops right above my belly button - along with dark brown jean shorts and sneakers. I leave my hair down because of the thought of the wind whirling it around. I love how it feels.

Just about ready to leave my room, I take up my script and a few other things that I will need and go. Immediately, upon closing the door to the room I'm in one of my classic eye rolls.

"Hey, Sugar Cream," McKenzie teases in greeting. Simply ignoring him I keep walking - to no avail though. He follows me, stopping before I can get into the elevator. "Hey hey hey..." looking down at his hand that's holding my shoulder he swiftly let's go.

"What do you want McKenzie?" I blurt out in irritation. He raises his hand in surrender, "I'm sorry if I have been a dick to you. I don't get along well with others - but if we are gonna do a movie together then we should be friends," he explains with sincerity and I search his eyes just to make certain he means it.

"Sure..." I said with sarcasm, the elevator doors finally open and I enter it, "Word of advice, for the duration of this movie...lay off the drinks and your friend request won't be in your head only," the look of shock on his face as the doors close makes me happy. So happy I feel the need to celebrate with a rosy red lollipop.

My favorite. Purple grape is for an average day with no accomplishments and yellow pineapple is when I just want something sweet. But cherry red is when I commemorate my successes of the day.

The doors to the contraption ping open to a ruckus that can be heard by the front door. Following the disturbance to see what is happening, I come to a shocking stop.

Charlize Brown.

Charlize Brown is an actress who has kicked Hollywood so far up the ass they think she's a man. She has defied the so-called laws implemented upon women with a 'Fuck you'. Although being older in her forties now, she has stuck roles that are much younger than she is. Her success is so grand that she gets paid equal to her male counterparts. How she did it? I don't have a clue but I will find out.

I didn't even know she was going to be in Lycan Decrescent. 'Oh man, this is huge. Holy rocky mountain ice cream with caramel on top.' And I get to work with her. I have met all the leads except the person who is playing the moon Goddess, my mother. She has to be the deity.


Just Wow.

For a fleeting moment, Charlize's eyes flicker to mines, and an awry smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. She is gorgeous. Blond hair, tall and stately. Her tan golden skin is accentuated with emerald green eyes. Truly a goddess among men.

"Remington," Charlize hails out, and Remington with a huge smile walks past me to greet our new guest with a welcome hug. The two look like old chums as they converse with each other. The pear doesn't see when I slip past them.

The air is fresher when nature is all you. My lungs feel cleaner somehow. Maybe that's more in my mind. But seriously, it's nice outside.

The sun is peeking out from behind a large cloud, so it's not too hot. So I decided to take a stroll across the grassy plane. I walk until I come to a flower pasture with orange and pink wildflowers.

Plopping down in between the beauties I take my script out of my bag to go through my lines. When the sun stops hiding behind my sweet white cloud of shade, I move to a nearby tree.

For hours I stay under the tall tree that has so many branches with big leaves on it that I can't see the sky if I look up. I read a book and listen to music. Go back to my script. Take pictures and videos. Go back to my script. Then repeat.

"Hi..." looking up from my novel there stands Remington with a warm smile on his handsome face, "I didn't get to say morning," he chuckles to himself. For a second I'm puzzled as to what he's talking about. But then I remembered earlier on when he greeted Charlize.

"Oh," I smile awkwardly "Yeah, it's no problem," I wave my hand in an 'It's nothing' movement.

I go back to reading my edition of Call Me By Your Name when I notice that Remington hasn't moved as yet. Looking up to where he's standing I arch a ruby brow at him in question. When he snaps out of whatever he was thinking about he clears his throat.

"Mmmm...aye whatcha reading?" He tries to make conversation and I knot my eyebrow at his weirdness or should I say peculiar behavior.

"Call Me By Your Name," I reply showing him the cover of the book. "I have heard of it before - I believe my mate Silas is going to be in a movie with that name," he says "May I sit?" His index finger points to the place next to me.

I nod my head and he does.

"Yeah, my friend Damani stars alongside him. He wanted me to read the book before I saw his movie...so that's what im doing," I explain for no reason, trying to make conversation.

"Ah, I see,"

"How come you're out here?" Remington has reclined on the bark tree eyes closed, fingers interlocked in his lap, "I was walking by when I saw you,"

I lick my lips becoming all of a sudden aware that they're dry. I gaze some more at Remington's divine face - his curly dark hair - his big broad shoulders - his thick thighs that hid in his jeans. And in the middle of those masculine thighs his bul...

Oh sweet strawberries

"I-I-I..." I swallow the lump in my throat and try to breathe. Remington is none the wiser to my lack of oxygen. Quickly, I gather myself and rid my mind of my sexy thoughts.

"Ugh, I wanted to explore the grounds. I'm not really a 'mother nature' kind of girl," I murmur "But this place is so...I can't even put it into words," I shrug my shoulders. He opens an eye at me then nods his head in understanding.

"I know, it's majestic,"


My chocolaty eyes meet his winter blues and I have to stop myself from leaning in. I can't allow myself to like him. He's like what, fourteen or fifteen years older. And I have to work with him soon. I have to be proficient on the job. I don't mind being friends but I can't allow myself to fall for his beauty.

With that thought, I rise from my spot on the ground and make a move to leave, "It was nice talking to you," I try to go but Remington stops me with "I'm glad I'm doing this movie with you Harlow. Feel free to run lines over with me sometime."

He gives me a half-smile that has my insides turn into jello. Looking back at him I return a smile, "Me too, and yeah sure," Remington smirks with a nod and I wave him goodbye.


Just Wow.
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