Whispered Feelings

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🎬Ch#13:Princess Of Darkness🍭


I look like one of Greek mythology's creations. A mixture of Hades the god of death and the goddess Aphrodite. Dressed in all black from head to toe with silver and dark accessories, I sit in my makeup chair playing stick gunman on my phone with a blueberry cupcake in my mouth. While Roxie, a twenty-two-year-old who's in charge of doing my makeup and hair, finishes up. She fluffs my cherry red bristles and curls them to perfection. In the end, adding a crown to my head along with some black butterfly clips.

Saylor, the daughter of the moon goddess is the princess of darkness. Which to me makes complete sense. The moon although giving light only comes at night. It's only logical her daughter would be made of darkness. It's one of the many twists the writers of the script made from the book. In the book, Saylor is made from the moon, like her mother. Another is instead of sending her daughter to earth to save Saylor from herself, the moon goddess sends her to experience the mate bond. And even that has its twists.

"All done," Roxie announced bouncing on her feet with a huge smile. She steps back to admire her work, glowing with pride and excitement. Her design is nothing like her personality or her style. She's all sunshine and rainbows with a touch of the south, not goth or of black. "Aren't I a genius?" She says clapping her hands, moving from in front of the mirror.

My jaw hits the floor when my eyes correlate to my reflection. "Holy shit!" Is the only expression I can let out.

I truly look like a deity of the night. My eyelids are painted in blacks and blues with an ice Sapphire color to the top of my eyelashes. The contact lens was placed in my eyes earlier before she did the makeup. In my left eye now is an all-blue lens and in my right an all-black. How she made me sexy and scary at the same time is a talent I will never master.

Standing up from the chair I fully adore my dress when I see the long train behind it. I didn't pay much attention to it when it was first positioned on me. But now with the entire ensemble, it's a gorgeous piece. With a silver belt in the waist that glitters so much, I can barely look at it.

"Wow, you look perfect," Zack enters the room, I turn my midsection a bit so that I can see him. If I were to attempt turning around without help the dress would have me flat on my face in two seconds. I give him a bright smile as he comes to stand in front of me. "This...this is the look we wanted. Damn Rox!" He smiles at me then at her "Let's get you outside, shall we?"

We are about to shoot the opening of the movie today. I'm so excited. I'm going to share the screen with Charlize. My insides burn up with nervous anticipation for everyone to see me in custom and to act with one of my role models. I had the opportunity to converse with the actress this morning during breakfast. She's just as badass as I imagined her to be.

Roxie holds the back of my dress enabling me to move freely. Zack even joins in helping us with the monster of a dress. Immediately, I get into character holding my head high not a trace of a smile graces my exterior.

Gasps and awes are sounded around me when we enter the set. I am helped onto a green surface that looks like a big green box. When they edit with CGI what I'm standing on will look like a cloud and around us will look like clouds with the moon being our castle. My dress covers the entire box and I stand just stand there.

I feel eyes on me and I search for the ones that are causing goosebumps to erupt from under my skin. Remington sits afar his gaze never wavering from mine when my eyes meet his. He smiles at me and I smile back with a little wave. It's a sin for him to be that sexy even when he's sitting.

Charlize emerges from her dressing room in full moon goddess attire and for the second time for today my jaw drops. She's wearing a long white silk dress that sparkled like diamonds when light is shined on it. Her hair has a wet finish and upon her head is a silver crown. It's like they took her out of the book and brought her into our world.

They position her on another green box that looked like a throne and Zack is shouting Action! Before I know it.

Shooting that scene takes a few hours to get perfect, the way Zack envisions it. After which I get out of costume with help from Roxie of course. And I head up to my room for a much-needed shower. I couldn't wait to wash off all the makeup and to wash my hair from all the products that Roxie used to get the look she wanted.

I'm just about out of my shower when there's a knock on my door. Wrapping my towel around my body I answer the door to a handsome Jude "Hi Velvet cake," he says with a warm smile.

"Hey," I tell him drying my hair.

"Umm...Remington, Ken, Charlize, and I are going into the town. Wanna join?" Jude is such a nice dude, he gives a half-smile with his invite and patiently waits for me to answer.

"Of course, this place is starting to get boring anyway," I joke and he gives a little laugh to my very stale joke. "Great, meet us at 8 in the lobby," he goes to walk away but turns around to look at me before he leaves "And Harlow...you were great today," he mumbles. I look at his back as he walks away with a frown for a few seconds. I shake the feeling of him wanting to tell me something important with the close of my door.

I finish drying my hair and get ready for the lotted time for which I'm I was told. Val's name pops up on my phone and I squeal a little in excitement. I answer without a blink of an eye.

"Hi, Val,"

"Hiiiii Babeeee," all three of my friends' voices come out of my phone and I feel like crying.

"Omg guys, I miss you all so much," I really missed my friends. Damani is Italy, Cobie and Valkyrie are somewhere around the world following Beyonce. And I am in Brazil shooting a movie. I don't know when I'm going to see them again.

"We missed you too, you know we dying without you right now..." We chat right up until it's time for me to leave. It's an entire process to end the call. If I were to be overheard one would think that I had a clingy lover something. I'm that in love with my friends. I love them like I love my Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch.

"Don't forget to be Sugar&Salt I love you all bye,"

Grabbing my stuff and giving myself a once over in the mirror, I make my way down to the lobby. As the elevators, dings open I'm greeted by three broad, strong backs.

"Hi boys," I smile in greeting and Jude is the first to turn around. He embraces me and thank me for agreeing to come promising an awesome night. McKenzie winks at me and Remington smiles.

"Are we be mates Harlow?" Ken whispers looking down at me. I search his eyes to ensure that he's not being clever, to make sure he's genuine. His eyes read sincere and I nod my head "Fine we're friends just don't be an asshole,"

He raises his hand and clutches his heart in mock heartbreak "Oh come on princess we both know I have no control over my arsehole," he laughs in which the others do to and I roll my eyes giving him a small punch to his forearm.

"Asshole," I mumble.

I had to say yes to his friend request because that damn blueberry cupcake tasted so fucking good earlier on today that I would have agreed to about anything.

"Good luck with this blighter, you have no idea what you have done," Remington teases causing McKenzie to frown at him and Jude to laugh.

"Alright, thats enough don't spoil the night with your childish games," Charlize comes in with a smirk on her face breaking up the playful chatter.

Remington extends his arm for her and she takes it. They share a smile and my heart sinks to the pit of my stomach. My hands become clammy and I feel like am about to puke. I am quickly covering-up the emotion of...


When Jude takes one of my arms and McKenzie takes the other. Tonight is going to be a productive night, isn't it?

Just kill me now...

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