Whispered Feelings

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I sit picking away at my strawberry cupcake while I entertain myself with the yelling of Gordon Ramsey. Kitchen Nightmares and Hells Kitchen are my favorite tv shows. Just mindless fun where I don't have to think.

I usually enjoy a good mystery or a thriller but at work, I like to ease the stress of acting with him. And he's not bad looking either. Those blue eyes and his blonde hair is very attractive. Too bad he's getting a little old. However, I'll still do him.

As I'm about to reach for another cupcake there's a knock on my trailer door. I tell whoever it is to open and in walks my co-star Damani. He walks in covered in fake blood and fake bruises with a torn shirt and jeans.

Damani Keene is 20 years old, five feet ten inches, skinny with black thick curls and eyes as green as pistachio ice-cream. His face is pretty like a girl's own. He has like a million girls wanting to be with him and I see why. He's dreamy.

"Charlton," he says plopping down on the seat adjacent to me. He swings up his feet on the side of the armrest and quickly snatches my half-eaten cupcake from me devouring it in one bite.

Glaring at him as he chews, I silently wish that he chokes on my cupcake. The greedy bitch. Then he has the nerves to say " You really should cut down the sweets, Charlton," he laughs.

"Is there a reason you decided to pay me a visit, Damani?" His pretty green eyes glance over to me and he smiles "So I can't visit my favorite cherry haired friend?"

Shaking my head and relaxing back into my chair I turn my attention back to Gordon. Damani and I have been friends since he joined the Riding Hood cast in season 3.

Riding Hood is a Netflix series that is in its fifth season. The series follows Serenity Lake and her group of friends as they battle with high school, parents and keeping the world safe from the unknown. Just so happen that my character Serenity looks awfully a lot like Red Riding Hood. It's not said in the show but we make it clear in interviews that, that's the look the producers were going for. Over the years Riding Hood accumulated quite a fan base with over five million views each episode.

The ringing of my phone breaks me out of my Ramsey trance. Swiping up without looking at the screen I answer " Hello, Harlow Charlton speaking," If I don't look at the screen I have to answer with my full name. Never know if it's a job opportunity.

In Hollywood and the world of acting nothing is a done deal. You go for an audition if they like you then you're called back. If you have great chemistry with the other actors then most likely the job is yours. All this, unless a director or producer personally handpicks you for the roll based on your previous work.

"Harlow," my brother's voice fills my ear, and I sigh just for the sake of sighing. "Yes Huntley, what's sup?" I could hear noises in the background and im guessing he's still at work too. Huntley is the star of his reality show called Huntley. It's where he skydives, go rock climbing, swim with sharks crazy shit like that. Honestly, I'm just waiting for him to die.

"The writers of my show wants to know if you wanna do an episode with me. They want Tove as well but you know how she is. And before you ask, yes I already asked Evelyn," he says all this in one go and I take a second to think. Do I wanna die? "It will great for your imagine Harlow," another desperate plea for me to say yes. I could use this to my advantage.

"What are you willing to do?" A mischievous smile plays on my face and I know he wants me to do this. I can tell that he was trying to hide his excitement. I bet getting all of the Charlton siblings together on one set is going to rake in views like never before.

With a few sighs, he breathes "Anything Harlow, but you have to get Tove to join us as well," good play brother. Tove is a tough sweetie. Like one of those candies that look and taste sweet at first but when you properly suck on it, it's all sour and bitter. Yeah, that was Tove. I don't blame her though. The world sucks ass.

"Deal, you have to come running anytime I need something for the next year. And you have to guest star on my show for three episodes," isn't this what makes sibling relationships strong. Making deals and plotting schemes together. Having siblings is a good thing, sometimes.

Huntley is silently on the other end and I patiently wait for him to come to terms with my conditions. Another sigh and then a few exhales. "Fine Harlow Charlton, you have fucking won again," his defeated voice sounds through the phone and I smirk.

Before I could say another word the line goes dead. I burst out laughing. Huntley is the best older brother one could wish for. He's putty in my hands and I use it to my advantage.

"So you're gonna be on the show Huntley, can I join too?" Damani asks and I just shake my head playfully at him. I tell him that I will ask my brother and we head back to set.

I love our set it's all dark and spooky for this scene. The scene we are about to shoot is in Serenity's house. Her and Hutch (Damani's character) are having a study session. I have a feeling that the writers want our characters to be together. It's something the fans of the show desperately wants as well. I would be kidding myself if I said Damani and I didn't click on the screen. It's safe to safe we work well together.

Taking my position on the bed, Damani takes his by the bedroom door. The cameras are back on and everyone's eyes are on us both. "And ACTION!"


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