Whispered Feelings

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               "Yeah, yeah Silas and I had a heck of ah of time filming that movie. It was the first movie we did together and we both were like 'Man we should do this more often'  so yeah," I snicker across from Jimmy as he interviews me.

He laughs as well and I fully settle down in my chair feeling more comfortable. I have been on his show several times already but my nerves always pop up no matter how many times I'm on the television. Hell, I have a right to be nervous, a lot of people's careers ended because of something they spewed on the television.

Fortunately, Jimmy Fallon keeps it light but still real. He doesn't ask too many personal questions or anything that could tarnish someone's image. My agents thankfully only books or say 'Yes' to talk shows that are not invasive.

"Now that you belong to the DCEU, and I know you and Jude Cruz who is in the MCU, I know you guys are best friends. Do you all argue about which universe is the best?" He asks and I smile.

"Of course, we do," I start laughing again "Nah, we don't but," I say raising my finger continuing "I would say this, I have read most of DC Comics and I have to say it's dark mate. Like really dark and with the route DC is taking now Marvel better watch out,"

We carry on with the interview and in no time it's over and my team swam me taking out wires and fixing my hair.

Jackson and Jenny his wife, my agents are forty-something a year old couple who, basically take care of me. Jackson has a head full of hair and a jacked body. He's the one responsible for my superman body. Jenny has black hair with a pixie cut hairstyle and is always in a pencil skirt. Both of them together are a force to be reckoned with.

After my family, they are the ones I trust.

Heading down the stairs of Rockefeller Plaza, Jenny tells me the itinerary for the rest of the day. She goes on, and on about so many things to do and so little time. Jackson calms her when she begins getting flustered and I shoot him a knowing look.

"Hey, don't look at me like that, your just lucky you haven't settled down yet," I shake my head at him and his wife antics and we get into a rented car. I live in the London Borough of Bexley which is located in the south-east of London which forms part of Outer London. So all my cars are back there. I usually just rent cars or hire when I'm working.

"Okay, Oh, before I forget while you were talking to Jimmy, Zack Snyder's associates called about your audition and they love you for the part of Marcel Greer," Jenny gushes and a sense of excitement floods my system.

Every time I get a new role my day no matter how it's going gets a bit brighter. "Really?" I ask rhetorically but Jenny still nods her head. "Bloody Nora chaps, that's great," my English going full British now with my happiness.

Maybe it's about time I get a second house or at least an apartment in the US. Between shooting The Witcher and this new movie there will be a lot of hotel rooms. And I prefer my bed instead of a different one every night. Depending on how big Zack's movie is going to be I just may have a lot of traveling to do. 

"Chaps, can you mates look for an apartment for me or a house to buy? I need a second home," I tell J squared and they both acknowledge my request. However, Jenny comes up with a much better idea than mine "How about you rent apartments? Whichever state or country your filming in just rent a fully furnished apartment," she shrugs still looking at the tablet in her hands. I loved that plan more.

"Cool, "

Driving in front of my hotel, there is a crowd of people waiting for me. A mixture of normal people and paparazzi stand encircling my vehicle. I guess word got out that I was staying at The Langham. My windows are tinted and I just watch the swam of people with awe.

For three days, three days I have managed to keep off the radar. That is totally out of the door now. Until I leave they will remain here. After playing the role of superman my life and the way I did things changed drastically.

"Imma call, the guards," I say pulling out my phone. I don't dare get out of this car without them. Thankfully, this hotel has connections. I don't usually walk with my bodyguards but im thinking of changing that. "Good day, Mr. Priestly, how can we help you today?" A woman's voice fills through the phone.

"Ah, yes, you see all those people outside, they have surrounded me. Please send help," I beseech her and she reassures me that security is on the way. About five minutes later ten huge men clear the crowd from my door.

Opening the door of the car I jump out and wave to my fans. I stop for some to take pictures and to take pictures with some, even signing a few autographs. Screams and the clicking of cameras are what fills the thick air around me.

Finally entering the doors of the warm hotel I make my way for the elevators. "REMY!" I turn to the sound of my name and it's none other than fucking Silas. Tall as heck with a huge arse smile on his tan face.

Immediately I walk over to him. "Hey man," he says in our bro hug. "Hey, mate," I reply. Fucking Silas. We became really good friends when we did a movie name U.N.C.L.E together. He just sort of stayed in my life and never left.

"Are you the reason why I have a shit ton of people outside my hotel?" I laugh. He nods and apologizes "Kind of, I didn't know someone was following me," he says this so nonchalantly, like someone following him is an everyday occurrence. Most likely it is.

We both head up to my room and Silas makes home on my lounge chair. "Did you fly out all this way to see me?" I ask going to the mini-fridge and grabbing a bottle of water. Sitting next to him but on the couch in front of the tv.

"Yeah, I needed to talk to you. Plus you're always busy so I called Jackson and tracked you down here," he says laughing and getting up to join me on the couch.

"Great, nice to see you, Silas," I turn the tv on and Riding Hood is playing. I love this show. "So what do you have to tell me?"

"I wanna know if you along with Jude will present my award to me at the Oscars?"

"You mean if I will present the category that you're nominated for?" I chuckle, cocky bastard. "Yes," he deadpans, and I laugh at him. "Don't worry I'm sure you will win and yes I will do that for you,"

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