Whispered Feelings

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🎬Ch#4: Danger Hobbies🍭


                  Tying my lacing to my pearly white sneakers, I stand to my feet off the bed of my very sunset orange and shades of the yellow bedroom. Walking over to my mirror, I view myself. I'm wearing an all-red sports outfit. One from Tove's newest collection. No doubt Huntley and Tove herself will be wearing outfits from her new designs.

To be very honest, I love most of Tove's clothing, I think she rocks when it comes to anything fabric. Today is where all three of us go on Huntley's show. Deciding to go without makeup and a messy bun upon my head, I don't bother with them because it will be done on set. I grab my bag and phone and exit my room.

Simultaneously, Hunt leaves his. As soon as he sees me he hugs me and kisses my head. "Oh jeez," I fake frown at him. "Morning Harlow," He says smiling then jogging down the stairs in his navy blue sports pants and red short-sleeve jersey. Following him down as well we both enter the kitchen to a happy Tove.

"You guys look so good," she claps and I silently roll my eyes at her while Huntley thanks her with a huge ass smile on his face. She too is wearing a red sports bra with black leggings and a black jacket around her waist. "Did we all have to be wearing red?" I queried.

"Yes, it's our colour for the day, Harlow," Huntley instead informs me with a cocked eyebrow. Again I roll my eyes and eat the cereal that I poured out for myself. There's a knock on the door and I hop off my chair to get it only to open it to the world's pretty boy of the year. Damani Keene.

He's also dressed in fucking red, Tove's brand.

"I see she got to you too Dani," I shake my head and we hug. "Huntley's conditions," is all he says and I nod my head in understanding. "It's comfortable and I have been dying to get on Huntley," he tells me and I snicker at the double meaning but he doesn't notice.

A few minutes after we all are piling into Hunts' Black Ford Ranger. In an hour, we are pulling up to the spot where the show will be filming today. It's in the middle of nowhere with only trees and dry dirt.

The breeze and fresh air are what hits me as I jump out of the truck. It's nice. As we all gather together, crew and us the guests, under a tent Westin Hill the producer, and Huntley stand to the front. "Morning everyone," Westin greets us "We want to welcome and thank our guest stars for agreeing to come on the show," the crew claps for us and I turn and wave in a friendly gesture.

"Today we are going to be filming you guys Bungee jumping. It's totally, safe so there is no need to worry. All the ropes have been tested and retested by professionals..." he goes on to tell us what to do and how to handle the situation.

I hate heights, but what the fuck this could be fun. I mean it's certain death. I once read that in this kind of hobbies one out of five hundred thousand dies. But fun. I didn't notice the cliff when I first arrived but it's very potent now in my vision. Going to the edge I look down and below is water. Safe. I'm sort of relived its water below us and not just rocks and mountains. Just in case.

"Don't think about it," a voice to the side of me breaks my thoughts and I look to who it is. It's one of Hunt's friends and co-star. He's bareback so his six-pack is very visible and his long blonde hair blows with the wind. I almost blush at the handsome boy. "You'll be fine," he says reassuringly and I shyly smile at him with a nod of my head. He reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a sweetie, "To calm your nerves," he says giving me the candy. I mumble a 'Thank you' and the boy walks away.

Pretty soon we're being called to strap up. I'm fully secured with a harness and two fluffy things that are wrapped around my feet. Then this big rubber band is attached to it. Same time a lady combs my hair into a one and brides it. Another puts powder on my face.

First, Huntley's co-stars go, they are high on adrenaline and carefree. Hunt and Tove went together and soon it was Damani and I turn. To say I am scared would be an understatement. I'm, if pennywise was real, scared. I'm, Jeepers Creepers can smell my fear scared. Opening the sweetie that JK gave me I relish in its sweetness.

"Put your arms out and keep them out, like if your diving. Don't close them it's so your spine doesn't get damaged by the fall," the guy who strapped me up says. Dani and I nod our heads in understanding.

"1, 2, 3 GO!" The guy yells and nudges me off.

Immediately, I'm consumed by gushes of wind and the sound of my voice hollering at the top of my lungs. I somehow gain the courage to open my eyes. It's like I'm flying. My heart is pumping so much blood into my veins I think it's going to explode. Then I'm nose to nose with the water. I'm hanked back and forth a couple of times by the thing that's connected to my feet. And before I know it I'm back on top of the cliff with wobbly legs.

"THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME DUDE!!!" Damani exclaims to my brother and I shoot him an instinctive dirty look. I almost fucking died. Tears are in my eyes with how frightened I was. My hands are still freaking shaking. And he wants to go again. Boys.

"Are you okay?" One of the medics ask me and I nod my head unable to speak. "I need to hear your voice darling," the older lady tells me. "I...m...ok," my voice comes out dry and hoarse. She tells me to open my mouth and I obey. She flashes a Tiny flashlight down my throat and smiles at me, "Your throat is going to be fine no worries, it's just sore from all the screaming," I give her a thumbs up.


After my death-dealing experience, I decided to go to bed early. Three hours later there's a knock on my door. I try to tell them to come in but my throat is still sore. I swear Hunts is going to have a world of pain. I get up from my slumber and open the door for whoever it is behind it.

Evelyn walks in with her blond hair nicely curled and work attire. I guess she had business to attend to today. She's almost fifty but she looks not a day over forty. I invite her in and I lunge for my bed.

"Hey baby, you okay?" She asks me and I just roll my eyes at her and point to my throat. For a second she gets concerned but then I tell her the best way I could that I will be fine.

"Great, cuz you're gonna need it, Sweet H," she says gleefully. I beckon her to continue, "I got a call a few days back from the Snyder's team, and today I had a meeting with one of them. Zack wants to see you act out a scene with the male lead. They said that he's looking for on-screen chemistry. However, the part is yours. You Got It!" Evelyn jumps in happiness and I watch her in utter shock.

Her excitement fills the room and soon my two siblings are in the frame of my door. "What's with all the celebration?" Huntley asks and Evelyn tells him. His eyes widen and he reaches to pull me in a bone-crushing hug. Tove congratulates me on my first huge movie role and I beam silently in my exhilaration.

"You meet with him Monday,"


Evelyn Lawson

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