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February 2017, writing little late. Finally i started talking with you. I asked to Zara, what she want. She said why don't you ask yourself. I said go ahead give her phone i will talk. Finally she handedover phone to zoya. It was mutual usable phone of everyone. I started talk with you. Aoa. Kya hal, kya kar rahi. Parhai kasi ja rahi. Aur kj? Ne. Acha Ok bye Bye kdr Ap busy han na, mn jata Nae mn nae busy Hum nay pori raat baat ke. Tum kya chahti mn asa pocha. Tm nu jawab dia kis baray mn Mn bola shadi k baray mn. Tm keti jo ghar walay chahain gy Mein tum sy insist kia k tum batao. U said Gkd forbid ager papa nae manyn to? Umer: i wish that would be last day of my life. Mn b chahta tha ap sy ho. Aaan chahty thy u replied. Chahta tha na subha bataun ga saboot don ga. Fir hum sy subha tak baat ke aur pata b nae chala. Mn tum sy bola mjy msg karna aak aur fir ap exams deny chali gae.

Romance / Mystery
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