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Forever Mine

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Audrey: He was my best friend and then he was my whole world. I thought I was going to spend my life with him and then he chose drugs over me. Noah: She was like oxygen, I couldn't breathe without her. I loved her more than anything in this world. Drugs tore us apart but she always remained the most addictive

Romance / Drama
Melissa Nicole
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Chapter 1

Audrey October 2014

I woke up to the sound of screaming. You would think that would scare a person but, I’m so used to it by now I’ll be able to fall back asleep any minute.

I hear my stepdad call my mom a dirty whore and some other horrible names before I hear a loud crash. Maybe I should go see what that was, I wouldn't be surprised if he pushed my mom again or broke another tv. Bruce Halford is the definition of a piece of shit.

Things used to be so good until my dad died in a work accident when I was 9, we went broke and mom completely fell apart. She started drinking and going out a lot to take her mind off of my dad. When I was 11 she met Bruce, he put on such a good act that I even thought he was a good guy. Man, I was wrong! Bruce has money, he owns some sort of big company. I don't know much more than that because I really don't give a fuck. He always has sketchy guys coming around the house though, he also never talks about his job. I'm sure whatever he does to make this much money isn't legal.

Anyways, he helped my mom and me get out of debt. convinced my mom to move us into his massive, depressing house. Once we got settled BOOM he showed us his true colours and they are the colour of pure shit. He is absolutely horrible to my mom but she takes every bit of it because she doesn't want to be thrown out on our asses. I know mom and I would be fine without Bruce but he has mom so brainwashed she really believes we wouldn't survive without him. That's what we're doing, surviving because we sure as fuck aren't living.

The only good thing in my life is Noah Fox. We have been best friends since we were old enough to walk, our moms grew up together. His mom was killed by a drunk driver when he was 15. It was heartbreaking, Noah was obviously devastated, his dad left town for a while so Noah came and stayed with us. I was very surprised Bruce let him stay, but to be honest, Bruce is terrified of Noah. Which he should be. At only 17 now Noah is already over 6ft tall, Bruce looks like a hobbit next to him.

After Noah's mom died he stayed with me a whole summer on an air mattress beside my bed, well actually by the last 2 weeks he was with us he slept in my bed with me. That was when we both stopped being stubborn and became more then friends. I have loved Noah as long as I can remember, we just had such a perfect friendship we were afraid to ruin that.

It became impossible not to show my true feelings for him, Noah is perfect. He is the most heartbreakingly beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes on. He's got jet black hair that is always long enough to just fall over his piercing blue eyes. He still has the awkward teenage lanky body but I think it suits him beautifully. Even though Noah isn't crazy buff he is very fit, he has a mean temper on him too, he has never lost his temper on me though. He is incredibly protective over me, that's why I don't tell him everything about Bruce. Noah would kill for me and I can't let him do that. I can't risk him getting caught and being taken away from me. A night like tonight when I hear crashing and screaming coming from downstairs, I crave Noah beside me but instead I close my eyes and count down the minutes until I get to see Noah tomorrow morning for school.

Its 8 am, I am waiting outside for Noah to come pick me up. It is a crisp fall day, which is my favourite weather. I love sweater weather! I am wearing an oversized knit grey sweater paired with my usual black leggings. I have a pair of burgundy Air Force 1 sneakers on and a matching toque. My naturally long wavy, dirty blonde hair flows down my back.

As I hear Noah's clunker of a truck coming around the block, I get a rush of excitement. It doesn't matter that I have been dating Noah for 2 years already and have known him my whole life, I still get fucking butterflies with him. His rusty grey truck pulls up around the large trees surrounding Bruce's house. Noah has been working with a construction company for the last year, he is making pretty good money and trying to save up for a new truck but for now, he's got this old ass truck which I honestly love... it's just so him, so Noah.

Noah hops out of the truck and walks over to me looking me up and down with his signature sexy smirk on his face. "Come here baby," he says as I run into his arms. God, he smells good, he always smells so fresh with just a hint of cigarettes and something sweet like vanilla. He's wearing the black hoodie that I love so much on him and some grey joggers, (fuck me, he looks good in those pants). "I missed you so much", I whisper into his chest. Noah stiffens and reaches down to tilt my chin so I'm looking into his hypnotic eyes. "What's wrong baby", he frowns as he studies my face. Fuck I should have known he would know somethings wrong. Noah always knows how I'm feeling even when I don't say anything. "Nothing babe, I'm fine. Just tired, I didn't sleep well last night", I try and reassure him. "Was Bruce drunk again last night? I swear to god Audrey that prick is on his last fucking life". He's got the look of pure hatred in his eyes as he says Bruce's name. "It's okay Noah, really I'm fine. He was just drunk and yelling nonsense at my mom but I swear he didn't even come near me'', I promised. "You would tell me if he hurt you or even looked at you wrong right"? Of course, I wanted to tell him everything, of course, I wanted to tell him that when Bruce gets really drunk he comes into my room and ''mistakes'' me as my mom, while I just lay there and pretend I'm sleeping because I have learned the worst thing to do is to tell Bruce no. The last time I did, he tied me down and whipped me so hard on my back with his leather belt I was bleeding. I want to tell Noah all of this, but as I said before, he would rip Bruce to pieces with his bare hands. Not like he doesn't deserve it but I can't let Noah get in trouble because of me. So instead I lie to him " yes baby, I would tell you if he hurt me". "Good, no one will ever hurt you on my watch", he says as he hugs me possessively. I love how possessive he is with me, some girls don't like being controlled but it makes me feel safe and cared for.

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