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A story of Flynn who lost his girlfriend in a motorbike accident 10 years ago who will become a CEO of an entertainment company and due to the success of his venture, he decided to hire a secretary. Amy who is is born unhealthy and suffered from heart failure was given a chance to live a normal life 10 years ago before she was employed, possesses all Kim's actions, personalities, attributes and even her interest's. Flynn will find himself falling in love with Amy as they spent their time together as co-workers but he is still not ready to enter into another relationship. As Amy discovers a big secret behind Kim's accident and will put the case to an end between the culprit and to give Flynn a closure. Author's note: @missemle Disclaimer: Please note that this is a work of fiction, unless otherwise indicated, all the names, events, character's, places, business and incidents in this book are either the product of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - The beginning

Summer of 2015, Kim on her short shorts, black baggy sweater, black combat boots and her medium length hair in shade of chestnut, on the field riding her black motorbike while Flynn is on the side admiring her cheerful presence.

The thrill on her face is endless when she is riding.

The effort that she put into, when doing her stunts on the field that even in one mistake, can risk her safety and even her own life, but that didn’t scare her even for a bit. None of those shake her, she fear of loosing for sure but in her determination, when she say she win, she would.

Her boastful personality captivates Flynn heart even if he feels like he is on one sided love; loving her while she is loving her bike.

A girl with a spice is what he call’s her most of the time which he is proud of, as how can a short lady ride a bike that is bigger and hefly than the rider.

Some night, they both took for a stroll far from the city full of lights, where the thoroughfare is pitch black and trees are dark trunks against the bluish charcoal sky.

Kim clasp around Flynn corse, looked up gazing the countless luminous points in the night sky and the grayscale waxing gibbous in motion while navigating ceaseless.

Trees are rustling along with the sound of the motorbike exhaust that he is driving. “Where are we going?” he ask in his delighted face while holding Kim’s palm. The smile on his face is comforting and full of compassion like a burning wood in a fireplace. Warm enough for her to feel secure, safe and loved.

The tank is full enough for them to navigate the endless path with no destination, running pass the limit 130kms per hour which making the engine blistering in heat and the sound of revving up that they apathetic.

He just drive towards nowhere as long as he knows that he is filling Kim with happiness.

They are both young and no responsibilities that even avoid few road rules while strolling.

Driving passed the limit, driving under influence of alcohol and not wearing a helmet.

Pass three or four in the morning before the sunrise when they usually arrived home and head to sleep of course their parents are concern but as long as they know they are together, everything is acceptable.

A relationship that everyone in the campus admire; no fights, no conflicts, no cheating, supportive boyfriend and their closeness which are binding two people into one.

She sometimes participate on a road racing middle of the night on a non busy road somewhere far from the town. Illegal racing is what they call. Racer varies between two to five. Some days is triumph and some is deprived but heat between the racer cannot conceal.

Ladies riders does not aim for money or trophy but respect. Just like gaining the highest rank in a gang that will lead the pack where no one tends to argue but instead acolyte.

Flynn tends to drift Kim away from the conflicts and would always stay with her whenever she hits the road, not as a passenger but a supporter but out of ten, one will lead to a fight.

Not a couple fight but a rider’s fight.

Loser’s tend to refuse and request for rematch usually are being discussed but once a defeat is declared the other pack wont budge.


While Flynn is on his shift and Kim is waiting by the track field, pass 8pm the other pack asked for rematch hoping to bring back their honor from their defeat.

Kim accepted the rematch and they all head far from the town where police are nowhere to be found.

On her motorbike running 150+ mph beating her opponent by 3 seconds winning twofold leaving the other pack upset.

She left the racing location and head towards Flynn.

Kim’s opponent wont accept their defeat so they chase her as fast as they could. Kim noticed the lights toward her direction coming from the back and observe for few meter’s while constantly checking her shoulder.

Upon observing there she saw five motorbikes atleast behind her, getting closer and closer so she tightened her grip to the throttle running 135+ mph trying to avoid the other bikes from getting closer.

Heading near to the intersection, Kim prepares to drift and with her focus her phone rang which she manage to answer “Hey! Flynn”.

“Hey! Kim. Sorry I missed your calls, were so busy earlier...”

One of the bike from behind managed to catch up and just before the intersection, she missed the red light.

Kim tries to hold the brake but instead of gradual, she pulled it in full. Her body was thrown out from her bike after skidding and rolled to the ground causing crash in gore.

Wheels, fenders, fairings, muffler, swingarm cover, panels and huggers, all its parts were shattered into pieces.

"Through the crushed armour, red lights flashing in a dark circumferent accompanied by a high pitch of siren. It is nagging and accusatary like it was nothing but a melody”.


What do you think happened to Kim?

Please let me know by leaving your comment below.

If youre liking the story so far please leave your review so I can improve my writings. Gracias!

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