His Ruthless Desire

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"Make me," she clutched his hairs in her hands. "I didn't hear you beg, Senorita," he nibbled at her bud. "I can't take this anymore," she whimpered under him. Taimur smirked and kept stroking her sensitive bud with his hand. "Taimur," she moaned in delight. " What are the magic words?" he asked. "Please, make me come," Eva couldn't resist anymore. He was driving her to the edge and was denying the release. She was going insane at his torture. Taimur Al Jahaan was the most ruthless man that ever walked on Earth and she was his plaything. He held Eva against her will and drove her crazy with his teasing and pleasing. "Taimur, please make me come" Eva knew he won't let her come until she didn't beg to him taking his name. He was obsessed with making her say his name.

Romance / Drama
Aliza Jabri
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“You are hurting me,” she said trying to free herself from his grip. He had her against the wall and her back against. He was twisting her hand at her back.

She cried with pain and tried harder to free herself but to no avail. She was hardly a match for his strength. He was ruthless and now he was angry too. Raw rage was emitting from his body and he was by every moment twisting her hand more.

“You slut, what did you think I won’t know what your master’s put you up to, the moment you walked into my office that day I knew you were up to something”. He whispered into her ear and bit her earlobe.

“Please leave me, I beg you. You are just being delusional. I am not working for anyone”. She pleaded to him, she knew well if she didn’t make him believe her, he would kill her.

“No my little bird, you can’t deceive me anymore. I have your teammates in my custody. And they will pay for sure for their deeds. And you, my angel, will pay the biggest price. You think you can fool around me and I will never know. I will make you disappear from the face of Earth and your masters won’t be able to do a thing”. He was pressing hard against her body, pushing her into the wall she was hardly able to breathe. She was sure he would carry out his threat at this very moment and she won’t be able to do anything.

She was choking, she tried to push him back. She knew if she remained in this position for a few more minutes she would suffocate. The pain was shooting through her arm. Tears started to roll out of her eyes, she was still struggling to push him away without any success.

When she was about to pass out he turned her towards him and crushed her mouth with his. It was the first time he kissed her on her lips, it was demanding and punishing. He was biting on her lips, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth tasting her ravishing her. She was so exhausted she couldn’t even resist this sudden sexual assault. His whole body was pressed against her and she didn’t know why but she felt aroused.

He withdrew suddenly, he was looking into her eyes where he could see the hunger to keep going. He gave her a smirk then his hands traveled from her waist to her hairs, he coiled her hair around his palm and pulled them backward. She felt a sudden pain and a little cry released from her mouth but it converted into a moan when he started kissing her neck. He was rough and he was also biting the tender flesh on her neck and shoulders.

Eva was surprised why she didn’t feel repelled instead she arched her head giving him more access. A knot started to form in her abdomen and when she thought she was going to explode he withdrew, she begged him to continue with her gapes. But he was Malik Taimur; he was not born to please anyone else but himself.

“Liked it my little slut”? He asked her, looking into her icy blue eyes, which held a promise to drown him in them.

“Please Taimur” she pleaded again, ” Please don’t stop”.

He gave out a wicked laugh, “No not yet, mon angel, I will punish you, in ways you can’t even imagine. But I will never let you go. You are mine now, mine to love, mine to punish, mine to hate. And I promise you, you won’t like any of the above things”. His Jade green eyes burned down through the cool icy blue of hers. She could see the rage in them and she knew her life was going to be hell from this moment.

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