The New Girls: A Story Of Love And Drama

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Jakob, Jake the Dog, Knuckles, and Leo are all roommates who have a good time together despite their differences. But when new girls, Fluttershy, Lady Rainicorn, Sonia, and Raven Queen move in next door, the guys find themselves in love with each of the girls and trying to get their attention. But little do they know is that the girls aren't at all what they seem. And their love and affection for them may be the key in tearing their friendship apart...

Romance / Drama
Jake Dracula
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Boys Living To Hyperdrive

Our story begins on a bright summer's day. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and there wasnt a single cloud in the sky.

In a small apartment, there were 4 boys sitting on the couch and playing a video game.

The first boy had sky blue hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a red shirt with black sleeves, blue shorts, and black and red shoes. His name is Jakob.

The second boy was a mutant turtle with blue eyes and had a blue mask. His name is Leonardo, or Leo for short.

The second boy is a red echidna with purple eyes, and was wearing white gloves, and red, yellow, and gray shoes. His name is Knuckles.

The last boy was a yellow dog with white and black eyes. His name is Jake the Dog.

These boys lived alone for the longest time and they were great friends. They did absolutely everything together and nothing ever could break them apart.

In fact, ever since they were each kids they have been hanging out as bachelors together and they enjoyed not loving anyone.

"Ha, yes! Another Victory Royale!" Knuckles said victoriously. "Beat that, Turtle Freak!"

"Oh, I'll beat that alright." Leo said with a smirk. "Just watch me."

As Leo and Knuckles were playing against each other in the game they were playing, Jakob and Jake were in the kitchen.

"Care for another soda, Jake?" Jakob asked as he went to open the fridge.

Jake just smiled. "Oh, don't you know it!"

Jakob then took a Mountain Dew and handed it to Jake and he then took it and drank it.

"Thanks, man." Jake said with a smile.

Jakob smiled back. "No problem, dude."

Leo and Knuckles suddenly came into the kitchen.

"Of course you beat me again!" Leo said angrily. "How are you so good at Fortnite?"

Knuckles just shrugged."It's just how I roll, dude. I'm too good at video games." He said with a smirk.

Jakob smiled as he saw them. "There they are! Care for a drink?"

"Oh, yes please. You've got any Coca-Cola?" Leo asked.

"Sorry, Leo. This is a Pepsi house." Jakob said with a smirk. "If you want a soda, it's either a Pepsi or Mountain Dew."

Leo scowled at Jakob, but Knuckles just put a hand on his shoulder. "It's alright, Leo. I'll have a Pepsi, please." He said.

Leo just groaned. "I guess I'll just have a Mountain Dew." He said.

Jakob smiled. "Coming right up."

Jakob then took out a Mtn Dew and a Pepsi and handed them to Leo and Knuckles.

"Man, I'm having the time of my life right now. Jake said with a smile. "You guys are the best friends ever!"

"You said it, Jake." Jakob said. "I would never ask for anything more than this."

When Jakob said that, Leo then looked down in sadness.

Knuckles quickly noticed it. "Why the long face, Leo?"

Leo just sighed. "Don't you guys ever think that this life is a bit... I don't know... boring?"

Jake was a bit surprised that he asked this. "What the hell do you mean, man? This life is perfect!" He said.

"Well, yeah. But don't you ever feel like there's something more for us out there?" Leo asked with a shrug.

Jakob scoffed. "What, like love? Sorry, bro. But I've already rode that train and got off at the wrong station." He said

Leo was confused by what Jakob meant by that. "Jake, translate?" He said as he looked at the yellow dog.

"He means he was in love once before, but it got broken." He said.

"Yeah, you know about that dude." The light blue haired boy said defensively. "It should've been obvious!"

"Well, sorry I don't understand your stupid analogies!" Leo said with a sarcastic tone and he crossed his arms.

"Hey, guys! Let's not fight about this, okay?" Knuckles said as he got in between them. "We've got too much to live for. We don't need love!"

"Exactly!" Jake said with a smirk. "Because we've already got the perfect life!"

"And we're living it at hyperdrive!" Jakob said with a smirk.

At the cue, music began to play and they began to sing:

Jakob: "Going fast makes me feel alive.
My heart beats in hyper drive."

Jake: "Do you think you can win?
Only if I lose.
Just let destiny choose."

Boys: "I can hear you breathin'.
I can see you comin'."

Knuckles: cI can feel the wind.
It's blowing me around."

Leo: "Take a shot at me
runnin' side by side.
It's a blur... as I go by."

Boys: "I can hear you breathin'.
I can see you comin'.
I can feel the wind.
It's blowing me around.
See the sun arising.
Fire in the sky.
Greatness thrusts
itself into our lives."

When the song was over, the boys high fived each other as they were happy that they had each other's friendship. And nothing could break them apart.

But little did they know, was that soon they would meet a couple girls that will change there lives forever. And not in a good way.

Song is called "Hyperdrive" from Yu Gi Oh 5ds

Jakob belongs to me

TMNT 2012 belongs to Nickelodeon

Sonic X belongs to Sega

Adventure Time belongs to Cartoon Network

All rights reserved

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