She who was saved Because of them

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I can’t be trusted. They want me, But I won’t let them in They want to play with fire but I’m ice They want to coddle me but I am a warrior I don’t need them to save me, yet they are always there For some reason these new boys didn’t get the memo, I’m a force to be reckoned with, nobody messes with me unless they are ready for a fight. Little did I know that these two boys would work there way into my icy heart. Little did I know that by letting them in I would change my fate. Had I known, I would have run sooner

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Sealed Fates

Hello, my name is Aspen Snow. You may wonder why I am telling my story, the story of a true killer. I don’t deserve love for I am a slave of the ice and a monster of the Crystal Lake. I am a killer, and this the story of my parents‘ death, and the birth of the ice queen.

ɬɛŋ ყɛąཞʂ ąɠơ

“Mommy! Look at me! I’m going so fast!” I squeal as I shoot down the hill on my sled. I’m going so fast, I feel like I’m flying! I feel like I’m riding on the alphas back when he runs, I feel like I’m superwoman!

My mommy turns to me with her beautiful brown eyes wide and full of...fear, “Aspen! You have to slow down!” She screams, “Eric! Eric come quick!” Mommy calls for Daddy.

I don’t understand why Mommy looks so scared, I wasn’t being bad, I was having fun. My sled was shaking because I was going so fast and as I went down and down I got faster and faster until my hair whipped behind me and the cold wind hit my face. But as I reached the bottom of the hill, I didn’t slow down. Instead of slowing down, my sled sped up until I was shooting right towards the frozen lake. I screamed in fear. My Mommy and Daddy always tell me to stay away from the frozen lake, to never go high up on the hill when I sled because it’s dangerous.

It seems that I have broken both of these rules today.

My Mommy was screaming for Daddy to hurry as the sled skids to a stop on the frozen ice.

“Stay there Aspen, it’s okay, Daddy is coming.” She said from where she stood by the edge of the lake. I was in the dead center. I watched as Daddy came running to the edge next to Mommy, his eyes narrowed on me, and his body tensed as his wolf started to react to his and my Mommy’s panic.

“Aspen.” He bit out in worry, “It’s okay baby, it’ll be okay, can you do something for me?” He asked me, his voice was comforting for me and I instantly knew to trust him no matter what. I nodded my head to tell him yes, he smiled at me, but it wasn’t real, it was a scary smile full of fear, “Aspen, slowly get out of the sled,” he says and I look down at the ice, “No!” He shouts making me jump. My sudden movement caused the ice to crack and I tense in fear, “Don’t look down baby, look at me.” He tells me. I nod my head quickly and carefully, while staring at my Daddy, I step out of the sled.

I hear the ice crack under my feet and cry in fear. “Shhh, it’s okay, Aspen, you can do it, you are so strong Baby girl, just slowly walk to me.” He says soothingly. I nod my head again but the movement rattles me and I slip on the ice. I scream as my body slips around and I crash into the hard ice with a crack. My eyes widened as a spider web of cracks appeared under me, I held my breath as my Daddy grabbed my Mommy’s hand when she started to cry.

“Aspen, it’s okay, just stand up slowly.” Daddy’s voice cracks but he stares at me with strong eyes. I would have to be strong, my Daddy always said I was strong.

With a small huff, I slowly stood up just as my Daddy had told me. He smiled at me again but like before it wasn’t a real smile, it was a smile full of fear, “Okay, be careful with the broken ice and start walking slowly again.” He tells me. I nod my head once again but slower and start walking slowly, as I reach the end of the spiderwebbed ice, I step on a cracked piece and my entire body drops. I scream as I sink under the ice.

I hear my Mommy’s scared scream and my Daddy’s conceded shout as I sank under the surface of the water. I slowly started to go deeper and deeper into the lake, my body became numb as I went under and I knew that my body was shutting down.

I could breath, I couldn’t move. I was going to die!

“ყơų ῳıƖƖ ŋơɬ ɖıɛ, ყơų ῳıƖƖ ცɛƈıɱɛ ɱყ
ʂƖą۷ɛ.” A voice whispered. I shake my head and scream, but that causes water to gush into my mouth and I swallow it quickly, I didn’t want to be a servant or slave, I wanted my Mommy and Daddy, “ơɧ, ℘ơơཞ ƈɧıƖɖ, ყơų ʄɛƖƖ ıŋɬơ ɱų ཞɛąƖɱ, ąŋɖ ŋơῳ ყơų ąཞῳ ɱıŋɛ. ცųɬ ყơų ąཞῳ ყơųŋɠɛ, ʂơ ı ʂɧąƖ ɧą۷ɛ ℘ıɬყ ąŋɖ ɠཞąŋɬ ყơų ℘ąʂʂąɠῳ ɬɧıʂ ơŋƈɛ, ʝųʂɬ ŋơɬ ῳıɬɧơųɬ ɬɧɛ ƈųཞʂɛ ơʄ ɱყ ƙıʂʂ.” She screamed in my mind. I withered in pain as darkness consumed my sight and the cold but painfully into my skin.

I felt a hand grab into my arm, and I was suddenly being pulled to the surface of the water. I was yanked painfully to the surface and as my head broke to the surface I coughed, gasping and spluttering to breath. My body was burning and I started crying. Why did I hurt so bad, what was wrong with me!

My body was picked up and carried off the ice and onto land where I was wrapped in warmth.

“It’s okay, Aspen, it’s okay, you are safe now.” My Mommy’s voice soothes and my Daddy holds me tighter as I chatter. I slowly opened my eyes and my Mommy kissed my forehead, but as she did, her lips turned blue and her eyes widened. She dropped to the ground. My Daddy panicked and as he put me down, his lips turned blue as well, and just like Mommy he dropped to the ground.

I cried out as my parents started up at the sky, their hands clenched together. Their eyes didn’t blink, their body didn’t move. I crawled over to them and shook their bodies as best as I could, I didn’t know why they weren’t talking to me, why they were not moving, why they didn’t react when I cried out for them.

They didn’t say anything when I told them I loved them.

And that was how the gamma of our pack found me, curled around the body of my Mommy and Daddy, crying because I didn’t know what was wrong. Crying because I was cold and hurting. Crying because I didn’t know why my parents weren’t moving.

“Oh my God, they're dead.” The gamma whispered. “They are dead and you killed them!”

ʂɛ۷ɛŋ ყɛąཞʂ Ɩąɬɛཞ

And that’s the story of how I became cursed by the Crystal lake. The story of how I killed my parents. The story of how I became the werewolf ice queen.

Little did I know that this was only the begging of my own personal living hell.

Hello all! Welcome to my newest story, I hope you all enjoy, I have never written anything like this before so this is new to me, but hopefully you all love it just as much as I do writing it!

Until next time
-Mackenzie 💕❄️
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